Sunday, May 27, 2012


Dear God...

Just for a moment, Lord, I want to pull away from my crazy-busy everyday life and tell you something...

You know I'm always coming and going and my head is constantly full of what I think is the latest, greatest, um...whatever!

My mind is seldom quite.

Seems I'm always thinking about the

Things I want to do~
Places I want to go~
People I want to see~
Thoughts I want to say~

I struggle sometimes to put you first even though in my heart I really want to.
(That stubborn love of yours never lets go of me, does it?)
Still you remain a gentleman, never forcing your way into my life demanding my attention.  Even when I mess up and you end up dead-last on my list you still welcome me back with open arms into your holy presence.

Thank you for your protective love that doesn't wait to receive before it gives.

What a blessed woman I am!  I just want to tell you today how very, very much
I love you back.


 Love to you...


Grace said...

LOVE this!
And the quote, "the teacher is always quiet during the test", is now etched in my mind so that I can share that with someone who needs those words one day.

Happy Sunday Morning to You Rebecca.

In Him,

Susie said...

Rebecca, Shamefully , I have done or felt the same. I do love God and I have know since I was child that He is my best friend. Always there, always the same,never changing....but loving me inspite of my faults. Thank you for this post. Smiles, Susie

Unknown said...

I love the Test 101. May I borrow it for a class I am teaching on creativity?
Such a good message. Thank you.

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

I think of a lot of us who are creative and crafty have minds that run a million miles a second and have to-do lists that are unending. When I feel guilty for not putting God first, I just ask for forgiveness, then I remember that He made me this way and knows exactly how my mind works. He knows its hard for me to be still and He loves me and is patient with me anyway. Nevertheless, I know when my priorities are way out of whack and I really need to direct my spirit back to that quiet place where I must be still and know that HE IS GOD.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Beautiful sentiment Rebecca! thank you, and have a blessed day.

Debbie xo

NanaDiana said...

That is a prayer we should all memorize, Rebecca. There is so much truth in every word you wrote- Blessings- xo Diana

White Lace and Promises said...

Don't you love the way our Father draws us to Himself. When we get too busy for Him, He places within us a Holy ache for Him. So glad we have a God who loves us enough to seek us out. Thanks for the reminder;)

Sonya Badgley said...

Dear Rebecca,
I think this prayer is for all of us. We just take for granted the ones that we love the most-and especially our Lord. I thank Him so much for His grace that He pours over us. He knows our hearts and knows how our minds are busy with everyday life and yet He waits quietly for us. I LOVE HIM for that.
Wonderful post and reminder, thank you dear girl.
Hugs and love,

Theresa said...

SWEET, the teacher is always quiet during a test:) Thanks for sharing this important message! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

Michele said...

Rebecca ~ Beautiful prayer ~ I think I want to cry ~ in a good way though. I too have experienced the character trait of God as being a gentleman. HE TRULY IS. Amen.

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