Friday, May 11, 2012


Let me explain.

The junkin'-gene has always been alive and well inside me, but lately it's been in turbo-manic-mode.

I believe it's a brilliant madness, this tag-sale addiction of mine!


I was doing great until my sister Linda and I each hopped a plane to the West Coast last month for our brother's birthday.  We ended up dragging him all over Southern Cal  while begging to stop at every thrift store, swap-meet, resale shop and antique mall we passed by.  While Bill rolled his eyes, we, his two older (and wiser) sisters, swooned with dizzying delight.
We unabashedly love JUNQUE!

I had NO PLANS on going anywhere yesterday except for ducking into my nail salon for a quick mani-pedi combo.  I'm trying to get my new booth space ready and that means I have a lot of tagging and pricing to do.  Plus~ I'm wanting to make up some fresh white cotton pillows for sale and they take time...
But then while my nails were drying my cell phone rang and...and...and...well...

It's Linda!
Guess what I found today......................................?"
My big sister began to brag her head off tell me about all the fabulous things she snagged at a local thrift store and for the next ten minutes, I promise you, that sibling of mine never once drew a breath!  Now I'm just going to state for the record that Oklahoma has some great places to shop but I've NEVER seen better great junk than what's offered in the state of Tennessee.  I think all those aging country music singers have so much money that when they redecorate they toss out their fabulous old stuff and then my sister sneaks in and buys it all up.
 Anyway...after hearing about Linda's haul I told her how excited I was over all she had found.  Especially the
she STOLE for $5 each!
(she's going to use them for display in her own shoppe...more about this soon!)
Who gives AWAY FIVE MANNEQUINS anyway????

After we said our good[buys] Linda's great finds kept jumping through my head.  Even so, I decided to forgo a thrift store visit opting instead to just return home to start on those white pillows I told you about earlier...
Now...I promise you, I don't know HOW this happened
(I WAS feeling a bit dizzy),
but my car, all on it's own, started driving in the opposite direction of my home and without even realizing it the thing drove straight away to my favorite second-hand store and deposited me right by the front door!

(Tis true!)
  Want to know what was waiting there for me to find?  Just waiting to be rescued and transformed for my brand new booth space????
 Six vintage rockin'-out French Dining Room chairs for an itty-bitty price!  I've shown you pictures of them...five are standard chairs and one has arms!  They probably hail from the early 70's, but who knows?  Not sure what kind of fabric I'm going to use on the seats, but I'm drawn to the plain linen...  I might even make white cotton skirts for them...we'll see!


NOT TO BE OUTDONE or anything by my parent's
favorite oldest child...

And so I immediately dialed my sister's cell phone....

It's Beck!
Guess what I found today..................................?"

(I just love to brag!!!)

So who cares???  My newly found chairs MAY NOT be as good as Linda's FIVE MANNEQUINS~but, hey...they will surely sell and that means money in my piggy bank for my new kitchen remodel!!!

(I'm just sayin'....)

Now...see that white fencie/cabinet looking thingy above? Mr. AGPMan built it for me sometime back and I have yet to use it.  It's also going into my new booth space and used for display.  

Pretty cool, huh?  I love it's shabby-chic-ness! :)

Hope your day is wonderful!  I'm off to glue and clamp (yep, the hubster taught me to do that!) and then sand and paint!  Busy day ahead!

Love to you...


Connie said...

Beck, you want a story?!?!? Come over and read about my new toilet! Squeeeeeal... Long story, but worth reading.

I've quit junking due to an impending divorce—after 51 years no less—if I don't. I just can't bring another thing in this house. I have a vintage school desk that I've put on craigslist 3 times and can't sell it. It's going to a thrift store posthaste! If you lived in Idaho you'd snap it up in a second I think. Oh well....


Anonymous said...

Hehe.. the giddy in your tone.. too funny. Okay, I'm all about your sisterly brag and back and forth but I have to be honest, I'm loving your husbands shelf system the best-est! Yep, I have a place for it in my home should your booth get over crowded. It would be perfect to hold my bunnies! hugs. T

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Rebecca!

Oh I love those chairs!! That is just what I am looking for, for my dining room makeover!! I didn't realize you were opening another booth. How do you find the time to do all of this girl? Bless you!

Love your beautiful pictures of your home too!

Debbie xxoo

Julie Marie said...

Yay for you Rebecca!... and for Linda too... how fun that you can share each others "finds"... I love that you are truly happy for each other about them!... can't wait to see what you do with the chairs... xoxo Julie Marie

Deanna said...

Becky Sue,
God blesses you with great finds and then you put your hand to it and turn it into a jewel. A blessed and talented Lady you are!!!

I like this style of furniture. My childhood bedroom set (which my sis has) was french provincial and it has a place in my decorating heart.

Love your style,

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Rebecca...I just got back from California myself and didn't have a whole lot of time to do any shopping but we did get to go through a fabulous antique mall in San Juan Capistrano. It was huge and full of all kinds of goodies! I didn't get anything because there was no room left in my suitcase! I am just catching up on blogs and wanted to tell you how wonderful your home looks! Your remodel is so nice! I also love the antique bed that you it painted. Looks like you are on a roll!~Hugs, Patti

NanaNor's said...

So very cool, glad you have a sis to share your passion with! How neat that she will have a shop too, as long as it doesn't take your customers.
Happy Mother's Day my friend.

pembrokeshire lass said...

A lovely blog full of lovely things. I really loved the chairs. I hope all goes well with your new booth. Best wishes. Joan

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

You are not only sisters; you're twins in heart and soul! That is funny and it is almost as an invisible big hand from heaven made you GO there... I believe in those things, it's not just a coincidence. Who knows, your grandmothers and... and...
A big hug to you,


The Girl said...

Haha! Your sister is one lucky thing! So are you, in that way.
And that white cabinet is so cool!
By the way, your car started driving all on its own? I don't quite THINK so. Evil forces, maybe =P

Theresa said...

Oh you two are having too MUCH fun:) Love hearing ALL about your finds! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

You sure make me wish even more for the sister I never had. I can't believe HER buys...but, oh..yours are sweet, too!! Those old chairs are great...quite a find. That display piece is going to look awesome in your new space. Now...get sewing!!!! xo Diana

Blessed Serendipity said...

Those chairs are fabulous. It is so much fun junkin anyway, but when you have someone you love who loves to junk as much as you it must be heaven. I am looking forward to the post about the mannequins. Love your shelf piece that you found. I'd be tempted to keep that one.


Miss Gracie's House said...

You girls are having too much fun! Great finds those chairs will make them beautiful! The junkin' around here has been pretty slim-pickin's...I sure hope it picks up soon.
Happy Mother's Day!

EllenaElizabeth said...

Don't you just love seeing all the previous upholstery layers on those types of chairs. I had some like that, that I have recovered three times in 15 years. I ended up giving them to my daughter and re-doing them in white and green ticking. Very nice indeed. Wish I hadn't given them away now...LOL
I also LOVE that white waterfall set of shelves.....really nice.

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