Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Why is it every single time my Mr. AGPMan has to go out of town something happens????

Yesterday my guy left on a business trip and as fate would have it today our air conditioner broke down!!!  Can there be anything worse than the sweltering heat in an upstairs studio on a 100+ degree day?  At noon it was already 85 degrees in my home!  BAH!  My Miss Mollie the Molinator (that would be my wee little Yorkie who has put on a full pound this summer!) could barely move!


My childhood home in Cali never had ANY air conditioning!   I don't know how we survived! 
Want to know what I'm grateful for today?  A son-in-love who took his day off to come to the aid of his wifey's momma thus helping her out of red-hot jam!  He just installed a new Capacitor and I now hear the pleasant hummmmming of machinery!!!!!
Whoot!  Whoot! 
I feel some
coming on!

(FYI:  The guy scored some MAJOR points with his Pop-In-Love, too!)

Hope your Tuesday started better off than mine!  Thank heaven for happy endings!

(Slow Blogging Day!)


Love to you~


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Glad you got the air back on! My husband always does things like that for my parents. We don't have air--but we rarely need it. Have a good week:)

Anne said...

What a life saver!! I could never go without air in this heat.But I too grew up with no AC.I remember nights it was so hot it was hard to sleep.Not fan,no breeze it was awful!

Terra said...

Your son-in-love is a real gem, to help you keep cool. We don't want you to melt, like butter in a frying pan. Stay cool.

Marilyn said...

If I get a capacitor, will your sweet SIL come put it in an AC for me? He might have to get the rest of the parts, though, as I only have a small unit that helps me survive. One good thing, I'm sure we have less humidity than you do.♥♫

PS -I love my SIL, too. Only thing is, he's a city boy and hasn't learned to work with my John Deere! He absolutely must spend more time here. I'm a good teacher, really. Stay cool!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I don't know how we ever survived before AC. I think we just moved at a slower pace and took things a bit easier than we do now. Glad your sil came to the rescue-xo Diana

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a wonderful son-in-love, but he probably has a wonderful MIL to do that for, Rebecca! Thankfully it sounds like he's a handy guy. My hubby goes out of town on business about once a month and I am always afraid that something will happen when he's gone. So far {knock on wood}, I've been lucky!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Of all the air conditioner break downs we had; it was July or August! Great experience and it is so good for taking a shower and going back to a repaired and cooler environment. YES, we are spoiled and whine when it's no longer available...
Love and hugs to you,

White Lace and Promises said...

Stay cool, sweet girlie. I bid on the stamps. I may have missed them. Will take a look and rebid. I really want them.

pembrokeshire lass said...

I'm so glad that you got it sorted. Aren't sons in love wonderful?!! Mine spent yesterday afternoon putting up curtain poles for my new curtains and the other spent the day putting a roof on my husband's new workshed. Bless them!! Joan

Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

Oh no Rebecca I hope it is all fixed now make sure you put your feet up with a nice mug of iced tea and a cake of course. Tracy

Dolores said...

So glad you and your Yorkie are cooling off. This summer heat is awful!

Your SIL is a keeper!

Theresa said...

I had trouble with mine earlier this year after a lightening strike... not fun! Lucky you for having a talented SIL in the family to help you out! Happy you are once again Chillin'! Have a blessed day dear Rebecca, HUGS!

Yasmin Smith said...

Hi, Rebecca....having just had an AC repair guy out Monday to check on our ailing AC, I can appreciate what you were going through! 88 degrees in a bedroom at 8 o'clock at night?? Way too hot!! We didn't have a son-in-law to help us out, so we were several $$$$$ leaner when our guy left, but the cool air blowing through the ducts was probably worth every dime!!
I am happy your SIL could work the magic with yours and hope you are cool now as you create and go about daily chores!!
Didn't you know there is a little law that says when your maintance guy is not available, the wicked elves will be sure to break something down??? Happens every time!!
Big hugs, Francy

Vicki said...

Hi, Rebecca,
I am glad you got your air conditioner back up and running!! It gets so hot in Oklahoma just like here in Central Texas. Your son in law is a sweetheart for sure. Stay cool and have a good rest of the week, my friend~Vicki

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