Saturday, July 28, 2012


 If you take 365 days and multiply it by twenty years you will have the number of days my Mr. AGPMan and I have lived in our Oklahoma home....7,300 days to be exact!  Today we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of living in our La Chaumière de Briarwood!  It doesn't seem possible that two decades have passed since we signed the closing papers on the only house we've ever owned...  I never dreamed we'd live here for so long or that so many changes in our lives would take place while living within her walls. 
The years have sped by in lightening speed.

I'm grateful this morning for so many happy memories and to live in a house our family lovingly built into a home.  Some years were better than others, but in retrospect they all were great years.  My favorite years will always be the ones when my children called the house on Briarwood their home.
They left us way too soon...

I wish I could show you a picture of our home today.  Her roof and shutters are now black (love it) but the massive heat related weather over the past two years has literally destroyed our lawn.  The removal of four trees on the left has turned our shade grass into nothing but dirt.  Next Spring we plan on installing a sprinkler system as well as replacing the grass with something more tolerant to the Oklahoma Summer heat.

Big thanks to my hubby, Steven, for working so incredibly hard over the years at maintaining and renovating our home into the beauty she is today!  I love her as much as I did back in 1992 when he sacrificed so much to purchase her for our family (I Love You!)...

Love to you...


Sherri B. said...

Your pretty home certainly shows the time, love and care you have put in to it. Just looking at the outside, one knows that inside is a big sweetheart...or two! xo

Marilyn said...

"Home" is a magical place and we are blessed to love the ones we have! May you have many more years of happiness in your home!

Many people here are decreasing the size of their green spaces and doing some creative landscaping with other materials. As a farmer's daughter I sometimes feel guilty for my green grass when farmers need water for their crops. One good thing is that it helps cool the space around my house, so I'll keep watering.♥♫

Theresa said...

Love multiplied X 20 years:) Many years of happiness in that sweet home!! Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca! Congratulations on living in your home over 7,000 days! I think your home is just beautiful and what wonderful memories it must hold for you and your hubby!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

NanaNor's said...

Hi, Your home is absolutely beautiful, she shines now with your love & care. I love seeing the transformation and yours is stunning. Our last home showed our love and we left her almost five years ago(of course still own her but the tenants don't ever take care of our nests like we do).
I doubt we'll be in this home that long as hubby doesn't like it(but I do). Thanks for sharing and you & your honey have done a wonderful job!
Hugs, Noreen

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Twenty years do pass very fast. We're in our home for 22 years by November... Can't believe that either.
Hope that the black roof choice is not carrying a significant energy penalty!
Heat gain through the roof consists of a major part of a home's cooling load.
Sending you love,

pembrokeshire lass said...

Oh many memories. Life flies by doesn't it and as you said, the children leave far too soon. Even with all the ups and downs we look back and sigh for nits passing. How the house has changed...just from looking at a couple of photos we can see that!...perhaps it's grown with you both. Hugs to you today! Joan

Anne said...

Congratulations! Your home is beautiful too!We bought our last home in 1992 and this would have been our 20th had we still been there.But God had other plans for us.I thought we would be there forever.Our lawn is sad looking too!At least it matches our neighbors LOL.

White Lace and Promises said...

Beautiful-at every phase. Hope you are feeling better:)

NanaDiana said...

How lucky to live in a home that you have always have raised your family there and have all the memories that are attached to the rooms and places in your house.

Blessings to you- and congrats to BOTH of you for all your work to make a house a home- xo Diana

Shirley said...

Hi Rebecca, We built started our home in fall of 1965 and finished it in 1966. The time flies so fast and I love looking at others peoples houses. Yours shows a lot of loving care. Everybody's yards are suffering. I am just thankful for our trees that shade our house on the extremely hot weather. It helps keep it cooler then it would without. I like your Christmas stockings in the previous post. Take care Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

theromanticrose said...

La tua casa è bellissima!Saluti,Rosetta

theromanticrose said...

La tua casa è bellissima!Saluti,Rosetta

Stacey said...

Wow, that's truly a home. We lived in our last house 12 years. Now that we are back in Texas, I hope this is forever.

Linda said...

I know how you feel about your lovely home. We lived in our last home for nearly 20 years and it was so much a part of our lives!

The grandkids loved that house too. The upstairs had two attic rooms that they liked to play in. I fixed one of them up into a playhouse room and they LOVED playing in there when they were little.

BUT...the house became more than we could keep up and had too much yard work for my we moved to a new home 5 years ago. Just a bit smaller, but no upstairs. (Just basement stairs)

The memories from the other house are still fresh though. And we have pictures of our family gatherings there. It just seemed like the right time for us to move to a house on the golf course so that my husband could enjoy that in his retirement. And I take the grandkids to the clubhouse pool in the summers.

Life is full of changes. Someday we may have to move from this house too. But until then I am enjoying it so much. I tell my husband all of the time how much I love the house he had built for us.

Happy 20 years in your Home Sweet Home!

Love, Linda

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Your home is much nicer now since it has seen the imagination of you and your hubby to make it the beauty it is today. If you love your home and have good neighbours, why would anyone want to move?

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Congratulations....that is a long and wonderful amount of years to be in one home. We moved here to Texas 13 years ago now....after living in Indianapolis for 33 years in the same home, raised out three daughters there, and they still go back and "visit" it whenever they get into town. They send me pictures whenever they do...I am sure they people who live there wonder what that is all about.
It is nice to see they have taken good care of meant a lot to I am sure your home does to you. But now TEXAS is our adopted home...and yes, we hope this is our last home too before going "home" to be with the Lord. We are retired and in our mid 70's now.
Much love to you and your family.


maria l. said...

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Mrs.C said...

So cozy & charming! I love how your doors are now white & the neutral color of the house paint. Have a lovely day~ Ivy Jane

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