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I can't really say for sure when it was I first fell in love with vintage Train Cases, but from an early age  I found myself drawn to them...  No doubt, at least in part, it's because my paternal grandmother always traveled with one to Southern California during her rare visits with our family.
 She didn't come to our home very often, only a handful of times that I can recall.  She preferred to live alone and liked it.  Still, I looked forward to her visits and accompanying my father to the bus station (her only means of travel) to pick her up.  I couldn't wait to carry her outdated and well-worn luggage back to our car for it smelled of perfumed talc and and dime-store cologne.  Lavender, I think.
 I've refurbished and refashioned vintage train cases for years now.   I shared with you back in 2009 I first decided to paint a vintage train case back in 1997 after seeing some luggage painted in a painting/craft book (see below).  
The inside of the suitcases were never shown, although some very complicated directions were given for lining one.  After reading them through I quickly abandoned the idea and never thought about it again for about five years.  Today the rest is history.  You can read more HERE.
I've lost count just how many Cases I've transformed to date.  I only know that each one is fun to create even though they take many, many hours to complete.
 I choose to only do a few each year because of the cost and time involved.  Still...when one is finally finished I already start dreaming
of what the next one will look like.
 This latest Case is a new style for me to makeover!  It's very petite and instead of painting it white, off white or my favorite shade of pink (custom matched from a wall paper sample many years ago) I decided to try a little experiment.
Just for fun......................
My pink paint seemed too PINK (say it isn't so!) and yet my soft white paint seemed too, well, white!  I got this brainiac idea to use two parts off white paint and one part pink paint and mix it all together.  What I got was this fabulous pale pink color that I'm just in LOVE with.  Still my pink...just softer!
After base painting the outside and letting it cure I decided to try lining this Case with French Net Lace.   Certainly more costly than cottons...but I think it turned out very romantic and pretty.  I'm so glad I decided to try something new and different for a change!  Added a vintage painted heart locket, some old ribbons and lace, vintage buttons, an old millinery flower/rose, a vintage skeleton key before moving to the artwork on the outside!

These days I do the hand painted roses last!  They are my favorite part!

This one MIGHT go on eBay...or I might just put it on my A Gathering Place website (SOLD...thank you, M!)  Not sure yet!  Either way it will find a new home soon!

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Such fun!  Hope you'll check out all the FABULOUS offerings!  Such talent out there and soo much inspiration1
Happy Friday!

Love to you...


Anne said...

Your suitcase is beautiful! I love how you turn something ordinary into a work of art! Your roses are so pretty!!!!!!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rebecca soooo very beautiful!! I love all of the sweet details that you put in to everything that you do ~


Theresa said...

So beautiful! Wouldn't that make a nice gift for a bride to put here treasures in? Yep, I think so! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Loved that story about your sweet paternal Grandmother! That talcum and 'cheap' cologne does reveal a lot about them...
You did a marvelous job on it!
Hugs to you,

Julie Marie said...

Oh Rebecca, that is your prettiest one yet!... I love the soft color
and the inside is just exquisite!... My mama always carried a train case on our travels... my niece inherited it... and you are right, they carry such precious memories inside as well... xoxo Julie Marie

Mari said...

Ohhh dear Rebecca, this train of yours is simply stunning! Love all the beautiful fluffy roses you have painted ;) ahhh

Big Smiles~

Lululiz said...

Gorgeous! The colour is perfect, what a happy marriage of your two favourites. Aah, and the sweet roses, they are just stunning. Beautifully finished interior as well, I'd say that makes it an absolute winner.

Trisha said...

I love hearing about the memories of your grandma and her luggage. It's funny the particular things we remember! Your work is always beautiful...enjoy your weekend!


Okio B Designs said...

I love traincases too! They have a very Audrey Hepburn feel to me. I love the first photo - it's so pretty. And your post reminded me I have a half painted suitcase to get back to. Hope it comes out as pretty as yours!


Anonymous said...

I can just see this sitting on a guest table at a vintage wedding filled with little lacy packages of birdseed or for a shower filled with truseau items. I had a giant version of this (a trunk) at my wedding that my mom transformed for me. It was next to the guest table for the guests to put their gifts in. I love seeing transformatons like these. Your heart is evident in your art, that is for sure.

Your Craft Book said...

Rebecca, Your roses become more beautiful with each year. I also love the more muted color and I love the delicate interior, blessings, Maureen

Dolores said...

So beautiful!!! The owner's of these beautiful works of art are so lucky!!!

Michele said...

Hi Rebecca ~~~ You are amazing and your suitcase turned out soooo beautiful. You are super talented with painting your roses too. Truly you have a gift from God. :)

Pearl 13.1

White Lace and Promises said...

I'd love to have just a fraction of your talent-a teeny bit!

I was telling one of my customers today about your blog. She loves shabby and Romantic Homes Mag. Told her you were featured from time to time. She is high-end and was impressed that I knew someone of your status:) She thinks she knows you. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is sooo beautiful, Rebecca! I don't know why the only adjective that ever comes to mind when describing your work is dreaamy, but it is.

Positively dreamy! There. Maybe I haven't put those two together yet:D

Have a blessed weekend, Rebecca!

Donna said...

So gorgeous! It is truly a work of art and I can see the thought you put into each piece you create.

Barbara Jean said...

All sooo beautiful sweetie.
(just as adorable and sweet as you are!!)

Once again, your little note has blessed me.
What a gift you are.

Blessings my friend

PS I tried to re-do the inside of a little case. Boy is that a LOT of work!!! Admire your cases all the more now. =)

Barbara Jean said...

All sooo beautiful sweetie.
(just as adorable and sweet as you are!!)

Once again, your little note has blessed me.
What a gift you are.

Blessings my friend

PS I tried to re-do the inside of a little case. Boy is that a LOT of work!!! Admire your cases all the more now. =)

Deanna said...

Love your work! This is beautiful.

May you have a terrific week-end,

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Having made a few of these over the years Rebecca I know how many hours go into producing something so beautiful. Your latest case is perfectly divine and I love this soft shade of pink.
Thank you for sharing this at Shabbilicious Friday.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How beautiful, Rebecca! I wish I had the talent of painting ~ roses or anything!

Unknown said...

Let me just say; stunning.
Thanks for sharing.

Ann said...

Lovely - you have perfected your romantic style to new heights! What lovely cases that will become someone's new heirloom.

Kadee Willow said...

Oh, my heavens! As if the exterior wasn't beautiful enough, the way you finish the inside is just amazing! I can only imagine the time and patience it takes to complete this! The attention to details says so much about your level of creativity!!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

So pretty! I love the transformation. Visiting from FNF.


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