Monday, September 17, 2012


 Cakes have changed so much over the years, haven't they?  Today you can find cakes made in all shapes and sizes and you can even get them with your picture on the front.  I think my favorite cake-photo is the one you see above.  It's from my 1955 Woman's Home Companion Cookbook, a gift from my mother.  Something so simple and fresh about it!
Both my grown kids (Brandon and Adrienne) LOVE to cook and I'm constantly surprised by the fabulous food and deserts they create.  I'm no cooking schmuck...but they have both surpassed me with their talents in the kitchen.  I love to eat their food and look forward to the meals and dishes they prepare for my Mr. AGPMan and I.

Last week my daughter took an order from a friend to bake an unusual birthday cake.  She really had to put her thinking cap on with this one because they asked her to create something she had never done before.  Can you guess what the cake at the top is going to be?
If you guessed a Margarita Cake then you would be right!  Who would have EVER thought of making such a thing!
The Margarita Cake was flavored with a hint of lime (think key lime) and covered with a homemade vanilla fondant frosting!  I'm lovin' the SLICE of lime she made as an accent!  Adrienne sent a few pictures via her iPhone so they aren't too good.  :(  That said the CAKE was fabulous!  She brought her dad and I a small sampling of it and I couldn't believe how wonderful it was.  Homemade fondant frosting is NOTHING like what you buy in the can! 

Check out the pictures below of the long, long process!

Just had to brag on my girl!  She is amazing...



Didn't do much over the weekend except catch up on things that have sat idle on my 2-do-list for far too long!  Tomorrow I'll show you the FEW things I picked up junking in my town on Saturday.  Haven't had time to do any SERIOUS thrifting for a while now! 

Love to you...


Theresa said...

I love it and I bet it was YUMMY! Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

That cake sounds delicious--I love lime flavor. Cakes these days are amazing--when I watch "Cake Boss" I can hardly believe some of the things they make! I can't imagine paying so much for a cake..and then eating it. :)

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Adrienne did create a lovely Margarita cake! Quite creative for doing this one.
Hugs to you,

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Creativity runs in the family and the margarita cake looks awesome.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That really is special! I know everyone enjoyed it! How pretty!

Yasmin Smith said...

WOW!!! Love the cake...whatt a clever idea! Your little girl takes after her momma in the talent department, as well as the pretty looks department!! I bet the cake was a big "hit" at the party!!
Think she'd make one for my December son's birthday and ship it to him? He is INTO marguritas and parties and football games!!!
He'd love it!!
Have a happy day...I am still packing...not too happy but getting it done!!
Hugs and love you, Francy

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

How clever this is Rebecca! She did an awesome job on it!! My daughter just got engaged a few weeks ago, and they are thinking of a Halloween wedding. You should see the awesome cakes they make for that.


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