Friday, November 2, 2012


Oh gosh...I'm getting a LATE start on my blog post today!  Been BIZ-eeeeee working inside my studio and when I do the hours just run together...  You should see it...seriously!  Looks like a bomb went off inside it or one of our Oklahoma Tornadoes hit it or something...  Sometime tomorrow I'm going to have to get in there and clean it up.  Can't work in a mess!
I'm loving working with natural 100% linen as they take on the muted, soft shades of burlap with a softer more refined look.  I love how the colors look peaking out from underneath French Lace netting and other vintage laces finds...  The Stocking directly above was made with the sweetest vintage embroidered nearly white linen from the 1940's.  Impeccable work and I'm mesmerized by the nearly perfect stitching.  So glad I was finally able to use it on something special...  My heart is so happy when the work of another lady's hands can find new life and a new purpose so many years later!
This Stocking was fashioned with the same natural linen and layered with French laces and accented with my LAST vintage velvet pansy flower!  Comes with vintage Venise lace and a snowflake charm by the ruched ribbon...  Christmas jingle at the toe, too!
Here's a shot of all three of them together!  I've made two new Stockings for my own home this year and they are a mix of what you see...

Now...just in case you THINK I've abandoned my love for pink...Nope.  Nevahhhh....  Both of these pretty pink Stockings were made using vintage pink linen, vintage laces and trims and gorgeous vintage ribbon made from rayon...  The one on the left showcases vintage embroidery (a fabulous rose) stitched on almost white linen and the one on the right was made using vintage tufted eyelet cotton.  Both have tiny rosebud motifs and vintage buttons...swoooooooooooooooooon~
All the Stockings will be offered either on my A Gathering Place website OR eBay OR Etsy!  Haven't quite decided yet!  You can either go to the links above or at the top of my blog page!

Now...tomorrow Monday I'm going to start a sweet CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY so I hope you'll come back to see what's new!  Sure to be FUN and EXCITING!  I'm also going to be sharing some great TIPS later this next week on how you can fashion your own Christmas Stocking(s) without stress or worry!  Stay tuned for more!
Here are my latest Thrift Store Finds...

Last Tuesday I went back to OKCity (about 20 miles from my home) and visited one of my favorite thrift store shops!  What did I find...hmmm....
Well...remember earlier in the year when I snagged some Mikasa French Countryside Dinnerware for just a few bucks?  Well...incredibly the SAME STORE had more!  I'm on my way to having a complete service for twelve ON THE CHEAP!  This time I made off with EIGHT cups and saucers (they looked new and never used) and twelve dessert plates!  The C/S were $2.99 for four and the plates were $3.99 for six.
 I couldn't believe it....
 Now...the plates were not new looking but I've learned from experience you can clean up those utensil marks with ease...
When I was a young bride I tossed out some dishes I had because I couldn't get the gray markings off the plates and they looked terrible...  Thru a little goggle-digging I discovered that this product, ZUD, removes almost all of them.  I was able to get about 99% of the markings off each and every plate except for a teensy, weensy few that don't show up.  Isn't that great?  Got it at ACE HARDWARE but I'm sure you can find it just about anywhere!  A little water and a soft cloth and a bit of pressure and the marks fade away!  Just a wee bit is needed and I didn't notice ANY scratching to the plates!
 This afternoon I'm back in my studio to paint!  Gotta get back to my second love before those of you who keep writing and asking about more hand painted roses think I've lost my head and abandoned you all! ;)

More soon!  Hope your Friday is fab.

Love to you~


NanaDiana said...

Hi Rebecca- Your stocking are absolutely wonderful! You do such a gorgeous job and those fabrics are just GOR-GEOUS!!!!

Have you ever used Barkeeper's Friend instead of the ZUD? I like it even better and I used ZUD for years. You can get it at a hardware store or usually at Home Depot...sometimes bigger grocery stores carry it to- Love to you, my sweet friend- xo Diana

Rebecca Nelson said...

I have used that as well and like it equally as much! I use BKF on my sink and my pans the most. Both are WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing! xo~R

Yasmin Smith said...

Hi, Rebecca...those burlap stockings are gorgeous and just what I am looking for because my new bedroom is a mocha colorand I want one to hang in there. These LOOK to have a pinkish/brown tone to I correct??? Please let me know!!
Of course the pink ones always steal my heart,too!!! You have made some lovely ones!!
What a "steal" you got with the china!! You are always so lucky to find such bargins!! Thanks for the tip on how to remove utensil scratch marks!!
Well, back to packing for me. I hope you have a great weekend....
Sending love and hugs...Francy

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

The stockings are just beautiful, Rebecca! You do such a great job on them and I love the embellishments with the laces and trims. It looks like you found some wonderful pieces are the thrift store. I wasn't so lucky last trip, but it was kind of crowded so I felt like I couldn't take the time to look like I usually do.

Jocelyn said...

Wow what gorgeous stockings. YOU are SO talented AND creative! And thanks so much for the Zud hint. I've left many a plate at the thrift store because they had the gray streaks. This is something I will have to try.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey
Gosh I have missed you! Your stockings are just lovely. Not sure which ones I like more but you know me I usually lean toward pink.
Hope you can get your studio back in order.
Love ya

Marilyn said...

So you're going to clean tomorrow? Wish I would be home so I could take care of my chaos! I think that is most of my problem...only home long enough to make a mess, but never there to clean up afterwards. Gorgeous stockings and I am 'green' seeing those prices on your dishes. I still think our thrift stores have the mistaken idea that they are a retail store, not one selling donated items!♥♫

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca,
You make the most gorgeous and dreamy stockings and they are like no other. You give them a special touch that is so unique and I think it comes from the love and gratitude that you have for everything that you create.
Lucky you to find those wonderful dishes. I've also tried Barkeepers Friend and it works too!


Old Time Cindy said...

Of course your stockings are gorgeous, you do beautiful work. Great buy on the dishes...I enjoy buying white dishes and mixing them up.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

This post makes for happy reading and I'm so glad for you! Each and every time you amaze me with your incredible design in recycling the gorgeous old lace into something really pretty and worthy. Your Grandmother must be smiling down from heaven. You got your Master's Degree long time ago. So talented and you present it in a nice way, understandable and humble. Thanks for the tip on the ZUD too. Those pieces were a steal.
Happy weekend to you girl,

Anne said...

Wow Rebecca those stockings are beautiful!!!Great find on those dishes too!

Jenna said...

Hi Rebecca! your stockings are so pretty, you sure do know how to bring fabrics together in such a delicate way :o) I especially like the pink ones! ZUD, I definitely need me some zud. My husband has a bit of a heavy hand when it comes to cutting food so we never use the good dishes except on holiday's and then I keep reminding him...I know that's terrible but I want the good dishes to last for years to come, to be passed down. Anyway, our everyday dishes look like so bad so I think zud just might do the trick :o) Have a nice weekend! hugs Jennifer

Ginger said...

You are getting me in the Christmas spirit. Stockings are all gorgeous and have never heard of Zud but need to try it. Have a great weekend.

sharon's shabby creations said...

I am in love with your stocking!! They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done!!

Hugs Sharon

Kit said...

Oh my!! So very pretty. You sure have a touch. :) Kit

Joolz said...

The stockings are so lovely. I love all your beautiful laces on them. You've given me inspiration to make some! xx

Deanna said...

Becky Sue, You are an inspiration!
Love the stockings and your dishes sparkle. The stockings are gorgeous!!!

Isn't it neat to be blessed with affordable treasures from the thrift shops? Amen.

God bless,
d from the KS Flint Hills

Barb said...

R.....I am drooling my socks off. Just beyond gorgeous!!!!!!

I am sooo in the mood for Christmas.

xo B

Angela said...

Your linen stockings are absolutely stunning!
I love the lace you used on them, handmade lace, you are so brave to use them..
You have a good eye for bargains and you're lucky to complete your tea set.

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