Friday, November 16, 2012


 I am happy to announce we have a WINNER of my





Congrats to Deanna!!!  She has a sweet, sweet blog and I hope you'll pay her a visit soon!  Please send me your mailing address Deanna so I can get your pretties off to you!

 Thank you all for joining in the fun.  I'll be having at least one more giveaway before Christmas so stay tuned for more!


On a personal note...

For those of you who have followed the Saga of my hubby returning to school, well...


He finished his ethics class with flying colors and has finally earned his degree in Computer Science.  Eighteen months of grueling work has finally come to an end.  I'm so grateful this day has finally arrived.   He did it.  HE DID IT!

Blessings and love to you...


Stephanie said...

YAY! Congratulations to the winner! She is getting a wonderful gift :)
Have a lovely day, Rebecca!


Linda said...

Oh Rebecca...I am so excited to hear that Deanna won the snowman pillow! I love Deanna..and she will love the pillow!

Congrats to your hubby on his completion of school! That is wonderful.

And Rebeccas...thanks so much for your sweet comment on my last post...and for the words of encouragement!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Congrats to Deanna and your hubby, Rebecca!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

Rebecca, I found you by reading your comment on Letters to Emily this morning. I too am a Preacher's Daughter and the wife of a retired Minister of Music. My faith, too is the most important thing to me. I would love for you to visit my blog when you have time. I look forward to more visits and beautiful things as a new follower on yours.

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Yeah, Deanna...
Beautiful Rebecca , as always.

Linda Breedlove said...

Congratulations to your winner... what a beautiful prize!!!
Also... congratulations to your husband! Well done!!!

Deanna said...

HURRAY!!!!!!! I am THRILLED to win this give away from you! Thank you!!! and I will get my address to you right away.

God bless you and may you have a super Thanksgiving,

Carolyn said...

AWESOME!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Just in time to really enjoy the holidays!! :D

Blessings! Carolyn

Blessings from Cindy said...

Congrats to Deanna and such WONDERFUL news about your hubby graduating! I am sure you are soooo proud & rightfully so! That is something special to be thankful for this holiday season!

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

How blessed Deanna is today!! I got my Merry Christmas pillow and I just LOVE it!! You do beautiful work.. Congratulations to you and your husband on a dream come true!

Amy Jo

NanaDiana said...

Congrats to Deanna AND your sweet husband. You must be over the moon excited! Time to CELEBRATE - AND- get all those odd jobs done! xo Diana

NanaNor's said...

Hi Sweetie, Congrat's to D on winning your adorable snowmen pillows. Congrat's to your hubby as well.
Have a splendid weekend.
Love, Noreen

Theresa said...

Congrats to the winners AND to your HUBBY and you:) Hard work has certainly paid off! Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!

Chris said...

Congratulations to Mr AGP! What a wonderful gift for your family this holiday season.

Ginger said...

So happy for you Mr AGP man has completed his schooling. Congratulations. I know it has been a long time coming.

Deanna said...

Rebecca, I messaged my address to you on facebook. I had tried to use my yahoo account and it wouldn't go through so I facebooked it to you.

Hope that went through.
Thank you again,

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Congratulations to your Hubby... What an accomplishment... I'm sure you're as proud as punch. I remember your story about encouraging him after the little delay in life.. Good for YOU!

Big huggies to you sweet girlie.. and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Congrats to your husband for making it through his study and earning his degree in Computer Science! Also congrats to Deanna for the lovely pillow.
Hugs to you,

annaKristianne said...

Dear Rebecca,

What a lovely pillow! Congratulations to Deanna. I'm sure she will enjoy the pillow =).

It's so encouraging to hear about how your husband earned his degree in Computer Science! One of my friends who attends UC Berkeley had to give up majoring in Computer Science. I completely understood. It's the one subject I've never been able to even approach! Special congratulations to your husband!

Thank you for the kind encouragement on my blog. It means a lot to me =).

Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!



Deanna said...

Dear Becky Sue,
The sweet give away arrived safe and sound. THANK YOU for this treat! I am delighted to receive this lovely pillow from you!!!

After Thanksgiving I will post about this and link back to your blog.

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