Friday, December 14, 2012


Busy morning for me as I work on finishing up special projects for last minute Christmas orders.  I'm always amazed and grateful for the business that comes my way year after year...  These are truly tough days in our economy and so I thank you all so very much for the biz.  You bless me.
 Yesterday I snapped a few more pics of my La Chaumière de Briarwood dressed in her Christmas best.  I've had so much fun decorating this year with our new wood floors and the opened-up-wall.  
 After owning it for a couple of years I finally decided to use the vintage tinsel I found at one of the estate sales I camped out at for days and days.  I love how it looks on our mini Christmas Tree.
We use this vintage vanity stool (with the tufted cushion removed) for extra seating when need be.  My Miss K routinely sits on it and it's become her chair!
I have a thing for chairs.  

I do.

They just find me and I'm happy to give them a new home.
This is the first time in years we've had a mirror over our fireplace.  I love the simple white floral wreath hanging in front of it so much that I decided to skip hanging my OVER-DONE Christmas Wreath up this year.  I also toned down ALL our Christmas Greens again this year...painting them out with my favorite soft white paint.  Last year I spray painted our big Tree.  This year I dry brushed tons more of her branches and now she's even whiter than before.  Love it!
 Our mantel's greenery was also brush painted.  I love Magnolias and I've had these for fifteen years.  This year they also received a wee bit of paint.
My Mr. AGPMan ended up making 22 large Christmas Tree Baskets and 14 small ones and they all $old but one.  Next year I plan on offering them on my website.  With all the problems with my hands this year I didn't do too much painting... :(  Sure miss it!  Next year will be BETTAH!
  Breakfast room is white, white and more white. 
A little outside view!
So there you have it for now...

Tomorrow I'll be finishing up the Christmas Goodies for our neighbors and friends.  Can't wait to show you the simple and INEXPENSIVE wrappings this year for our traditional Almond Brittle gift-giving!

Blessings today!

Love to you...


sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

Very Pretty indeed! Everything looks magazine worthy.

Amy Jo

theromanticrose said...

Rebecca,la tua casa è bellissima!Luccicante,radiosa,romantica!Adoro ipizzi,il bianco,le stelle!Tutto meraviglioso!Baci,Rosetta

Bente said...

Oh my. This is so very, very gorgeous. I love it soooo much.

Have beautiful days


Jenna said...

Hi Rebecca! You and Celestina have the most beautiful homes that I have ever seen...You both are so talented! I love all your white lace and the wreath on your mirror is gorgeous, your trees are fantastic and all the little spots filled with your pretty christmas decor are just beautiful :o) Merry Christmas! Hugs Jennifer

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your home looks gorgeous! I just love all the white. It looks like a winter wonderland!


It looks like a fairy house! Very pretty!!!
Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Your home is just gorgeous!! I love all the whites, you have a eye of how to make it all work. Just beautiful!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Rebecca, your home is so pretty and I love your little tree. Such lovely Rebecca touches everywhere! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful Christmas with those your love.

Christmas blessings,

White Lace and Promises said...

My sweet friend, thank you for the tour of your white Christmas. Your home would be a great bed and breakfast. The photos make me want to cuddle in a chair with a throw and a good book. Love it!

Theresa said...

Beauty ALL around your home! LOVE all of the white, so peaceful:) Have a blessed day dear Rebecca, HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

It is just beautiful, Rebecca. I hope next year your hands will be completely healed and you will be doing all the things you love to do. Meanwhile, what you have done here is gorgeous.

Looking forward to your almond-brittle wrapping. xo Diana

Linda said...

What a beautiful home you are blessed with...and you make it so lovely, and warm and welcoming.

May your Christmas be Beautiful!

Love, Linda

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Everything looks so lovely, Rebecca! I just love it all. Love the wreath over your mantel mirror. Your hutch and its little tree is gorgeous! Glad to hear you will have the wood tree baskets next year, too. I'll look to get one next year.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Rebecca, I love all the white and clear lights. Your expertise in home decor has made your house into a Victorian masterpiece.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
You are done with all your decorating quite early but that works well for your upcoming surgery too. Enjoy this romantic white setting. Your home did change a lot and it certainly will make you both beam for pride.
Hugs to you,

Barb said...

Just love it all....Miss R.

It is a vision in beautiful white.

Love, B

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Rebecca,

I was just telling someone else's blog I just can't get enough of peoples homes styled in whites and some pinks. Those colors will always pull me in!

Your home is gorgeous and I"m sure it's more interesting to look at in person. Wow, I just love it!


Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hola, Que hermoso hogar! El blanco es como magia' visual en la decoracion! Luce todo hermoso! Felicidades! Rose Marie

ShabbyESP said...

Oh Rebecca your home is so lovely!!!! I love your cottage white Christmas home you have created!!!'May god bless you and watch over you as you go through your surgery.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Much love
Suzann ~xoxo~
P.S. May your Christmas be cheery and bright!!!

Mouse said...

just like to pop in and wave helloooo :)
love your decorating for Christmas and a belated WHOOOO HOOOO for DH on his graduation ... so sorry I am sooo behind on everything this year too hopefully next year will be better as you say too :)
take care and Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful time and fantastic New Year too :) love mouse xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to get my 500 Christmas ministry letters and 70 donor ornaments mailed out- taking a little break to come visit as stuffing envelopes gets very boring! Nothing like waiting till the last minute!!

NEeded a bit of pretty and knew right where to come for a few peeks!

Oh it is so lovely Rebecca! Don't even know where to begin- you have done an awesome job!

I painted my tree white and I don't think my hubby will ever let me have a paint brush again! I put a drop cloth down but was vigorous in my dabbing branches and have little white dots all over the kitchen! It was cold and windy so made the unwise decision that the kitchen would do! Good thing it is do for a major redo one day!

be blessed

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