Thursday, May 23, 2013


Yesterday I took a break from watching the new coverage of the recent tornadoes here in Oklahoma.  The media, both local and national, are everywhere and the news-threads have been non-stop since the storms arrived.  I use the plural, storms, because there was more than one...several in fact.  The worst one of course being in Moore.  My heart continues to grow with pride as I watch the incredible men and women of our beautiful red earth state work to clean up as well as grieve.
At present my Mr. AGPMan and I attend a large non-denomination church here in Oklahoma City.  They have pledged 1.2 million dollars to help the displaced...  Such a huge donation from our congregation, but still just a mere drop in the bucket when you think of the 2 billion dollars estimated damage the tornadoes wrought.  Your giving is so needed.  If you plan on giving to the Red Cross don't forget to earmark your contribution "FOR OKLAHOMA".  Otherwise your gift(s) will go into their overall fund.
Thank you so much for your and most of all, LOVE!
 I took a break from news watching to work on some things for my booth this morning.  I just finished some new romantic pillows for my website and some sweet sachets, too.  Also worked on some tattered rose pins fashioned with vintage laces and trims. 

 Tattered Roses are all the rage right now and move really well in my new booth at Serendipity Market (Edmond, OK).  Perfect on headbands, clips, used on pillows, etc.  Fun to make, too!
 After sprucing things up yesterday in my booth I stopped by one of my favorite second-hand stores and found three panels of sheer-mist silk (with fabulous stripes) for $6.98 for the lot.
 They came from Charter Club and still had the original $40.00 price tags attached.  That was for EACH ONE...  That's $120.00 worth of silk for $6.98!  Eeeeek!
Can you say SCORE????  I used some of it on one of the pins at the top...  It's the one with the vintage rhinestone button in the center.  If you look closely you can see the silk peeking out in-between the lace-layers!
Many blessings to you all today.  Hope you're planning something memorial for the holiday weekend.  

Love to you...thank you again for your thoughts and prayers for Oklahoma. 


Terra said...

Lovely silk panels and cool price. So good your church is raising that huge amount to help storm victims. Churches are always in the front lines serving and helping in every way possible.

Mari said...

SCORE my friend ;) love your tattered rosé pins they are so dreamy ;)
I will continue to pray for Oklahoma sweetie~


Maggie said...

Hi Rebeccadear,
I'm so glad you've been inclined to post updates this week about your Oklahoma. I appreciate hearing about it, and getting your perspective. I'm so impressed with the determined, generous effort of your congregation to raise so much money, and I appreciate the reminder to make sure our Red Cross donations are carefully designated to help your beleaguered state.

And YES, what a Bloodhound Score you made with that SILK, woman!! Your sniffer is working good! I love your lacey roses--I want to make some, but I haven't mastered the technique (mine never turn out...wish I could watch you make one). I'm glad you can immerse yourself in some beautiful crafting, and get away from the heartache you're seeing on t.v.


Susan said...

Rebecca as usual your work is beautiful!
I am holding you and all of Oklahoma in my prayers. So much suffering in the news these days. I don't know if disasters and evil works are coming more frequently or I am just more sensitive to it, but my heart breaks for all the victims and their families.

Deanna said...

Becky Sue, You did it again!
I love the tattered rose pins.
I'd like to order one.
Will email.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

This tornado is horrible so much tragic loss and destruction. I know that the whole nation has been thinking about your area.

Your pins are lovely, you are very cleaver indeed, what a nice way to seek refuge.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Oklahoma is in my thoughts and prayers.

Your lace rose pins are just gorgeous! Do you sell them online somewhere? They are the prettiest ones I have seen. So much attention to detail!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Guess that somewhere inside your heart there MUST be a MAGNET of some sort for attracting you to such fabulous SALES.
Prayers and thoughts go out to Oklahoma. We had a Chamber of Commerce dinner meeting and one of the sponsors did mention all the victims in a touching way. Rightly so.
Hugs and happy weekend.

Anneke said...

i love your tattered rose and blog.
i still follow your work but i am not Always able to write something because i have a big eye problem.
but your work is serene and exclusif.
have a nice weekend and greetings from Ann

Anne said...

Rebecca sometimes you have to step away.I myself cannot continue to watch the coverage.I would be crying constantly.But I will continue to pray for all!Thank you for sharing your pretties it is just what I needed to see!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Once again so glad that all is fine with your family, but still understand how difficult it is to have such tragedy all around you! So happy to hear the mall you are in is OK too...Goodness girl, you ARE blessed! Love the rose pins


Unknown said...

I just love those Roses!! Gorgeous!!
A definite SUPER DEAL on the silk!!

Happy Crafting,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

A gift from The Lord to His sweet girl!



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