Sunday, November 10, 2013


Dear Blogger Friends...

It's been since the middle of October since I last shared a post with you.  I've wanted to check in more times than I can say~just to update you on what's been keeping me busy.  But, to be honest with you I've just felt incredibly unfocused and even a bit more than a bit depressed and vulnerable.  These past few months have been trying days in the life of my Mr. AGPMan and I, and even though we are both physically fine (thank-you, God!), we've faced some challenges just the same.

I've heard from many of you concerned about our well being and I can't begin to thank you for your words of support and kindness.  Your grace extended to us has meant so much.  You have prayed for us without asking the whys and through those prayers we've been blessed.  It's not been my intention to keep you in the dark, it's just some things are personal and best kept private (aka: internet free) until God reveals to us His plan for our lives.  When people ask me to pray for them I count it as a privilege and I'm honored to do so.  It's been enough for me to know that God knows the details...  So again...thank you for lifting us up to the Father.  

For those of you who are worried about our health, please don't be.  We are not ill (nor is our family) and we remain grateful for measurable inward peace in the midst of some uncertain days.  

We attend a large church in Oklahoma City and last March one of my favorite Christian singers, Sandi Patti, (also her home church) sang one of her newest songs (co-written with Wayne Watson) for our congregation.  I didn't know at the time how much the lyrics would mean to me only a couple of months later.  It's called "In The In-Between" and I've shared with you the lyrics below.  We've all faced days of wonderment and blessings and equally those in-between days of loss and concern.  I've been drawn to a place of comfort each time I'm reminded that what may seem big to me, in fact, isn't to God.

I continue to ask you to pray for my beloved Mr. AGPMan.  In thirty-five years of marriage I've never seen him more humbled and discouraged.  At the same time I want you to know he is a man of GREAT FAITH and we both know that God will reveal to us His purpose for this journey in His time.

Here is the video of Sandi singing alone with just the piano...  The words to her beautiful song follow.


I’ve seen some glorious days where I flew so much higher,
Much higher than I ever thought I would.
Soaring through the air I would declare
“Well isn’t God good, isn’t He good!”
And He was.  And He is.  And He always will be~
But in the in-between it’s hard for me to see.

In the in-between when everyday life happens.
And the fields of green belong to someone else.
In the in-between of what will be and what has been.
Jesus is a faithful friend in the in-between.

I’ve been unsure of myself, but even in the dark
I’m pretty sure that all is well and then I see
There in the mirror looking back at me
A work that is not everything that it will be.

‘Cause He was and He was and He always will be
Close beside and holding onto me.
In the in-between where everyday life happens
And the fields of green belong to someone else.
In the in-between of what will be and what has been
Jesus is a faithful friend, in the in-between.

Grace and mercy know no season.
There is no good reason why the best days might not be the days ahead
And in the in between when you have some time to dream
Your faith and strength will be restored
By the gracious Lord of the in between
Where everyday life happens
And the fields of green belong to someone else
In the in between what will be and what has been
Jesus is a faithful friend.
In the in between.
Jesus is a faithful friend.
In the in between.
(S. Patti/W. Watson)

Blessings to you.  Looking forward to better days.



Julie Marie said...

I've thought of you often Rebecca... and hoped all is well... or at least better... since I am not sure what is happening in your life, I am at a loss for words... this has been an incredibly hard year for my family and me as well, and like you, I have not posted about it... no physical illnesses to speak of here either, just alot of hurts and pain that need to heal... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

Tamara said...

I'm so glad that you're at peace. I'll be keeping you both in my prayers.

Blessings to you both.

Anonymous said...

The Hymn .

Through it all. I have learned to trust in Jesus. That is a beautiful hymn.

In situations that is all we can do . Trust in Him. Not people.

Most times wee have to go to the lowest of the lowest valleyes in life. To get back up onto the highest Mountains. Been there.

We have God and we must believe he is author of our life the beginning to the end. He is the only answer.
He also does not answer when we want him too.( Have had that too)

A dear brother in-law had has an

infection and every Specialist

has tried medically to get rid of this horrid fisting infection now being two years. It is not cancer they say.

So then he had three weeks a healing in summer. No pain. Was a wonderful days of seeing the light of life. To go places. See families. Sleep well. Start to eat. Smell the roses of life outside. We were with him.

So all would say. Oh he is healed Praise the Lord. Yes. Others would say. Are you sure he is healed? Some like doubting Thomas in the bible. Many are like that today. If jesus was real and I could see him. Touch his hem of his clothes. Yes, I would truly believe. Sound familar of this day and age. yet he says. I am the same today and forever.

Well it has come back his infection B.L. I would not say because our prayers were not faith or strong enough. Yet God says like a mustard seed your faith. That is very small. So that we all can do. Right. That is all he asks of us.

We are all unique in the eyes of God. After all he made us. He also wants us to not just talk about him but walk that walk. Like one may say not much of God verbal but where we have walked.
People will say. Oh she is a daughter or follwer of the Lord.

We are to Love him like you love your family. Gods love. That unspeakable joy.

So he also said in his word. Keep praying do not give up.Pray with out ceasing.

So whatever your uncertainty is. Hang in there with him. Your Heavenly Father.

As a family we are hanging in there. Know matter what becomes of it with Brother in-law. We hold know blame on our Lord. One way or another. One day he will be healed our brother in-law and so others situations will be too. If it be now or later.It is all in Gods hands.
Sandy Patty had a first mariage at one time. She had to walk away from it years ago. She got called names. What a terrible Christian. yet through it all. She learned to trust in God. Not man or womean. It is him who choses us to go from the valley's to the highest mountain. Not Us.

He said. Still dies. You never know what to-morrow brings. Just as long as your ready to except what he has for us. And do not give heed to other's with bad comments.

Some answered prayers could be not what we think should happen. Others yes it is what we knew the holy spirit was saying. Finalizing it.

So Rebeca thank you for your post.

It is a good teaching for all of us. We do not run our lives. God does.

We have ears to hear and it is loud and clear in my ears in your blog. Your not going to tell all and that is fine. I tell mine as many Churches are praying once again for my brother in-law. Or I would not do this verbal.

Psalm 32 verse 8.

I will guide you along the best path for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.

How wonderful is that for you Rebecca and anyone else who is going through hard times.

Unknown said...

Keeping you both in my prayers, Rebecca. Just an f.y.i., my husband is a technology guy too like AGP man. He also has a ministry towards technology guys. He speaks their language and he is also strong in his love for the Lord. I'm telling you this in case he wants to contact a brother for prayer and conversation. Anything he talks about with my husband will stay confidential. I'm sure he has friends and all but sometimes it's easier to talk to someone outside of our immediate nuclei.
Is his contact information. Even if AGP man doesn't contact, Bill, we are still praying for you both.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Becky, I am standing with you and believing for you that blessings are YOURS, that means for both of you and together!

Loving you,

Sheila xoxoxoxox

Judy said...

Rebecca, The song by Sandy was indeed so fitting for most all of us In The In Between times of our lives. That's where I am now.I have been going through struggles of my own and I know everything will be just fine if I will let go and just let God have his complete way in my life. I have to step out and through that door he is holding wide open for me. He will not drag me through it nor will he push me. I have to willingly go through it knowing he is on the other side and will guide me with his perfect will. After 41 years of marriage I got a divorce a year and a half ago. Talk about a shocker. I have always been a stay at home wife and mother and now nothing to do. BUT, I moved to another state, recently bought a house and am finally letting God have his way with ALL my decisions. I didn't know how I was going to make through even one day and now it is a year and a half later. God is so good and I'm excited about the next chapter in my life....I hope all will be fine with you and Mr. AGP. Thanks for sharing and I will still keep you on my prayer list. Much love, Judy

lynn cockrell said...

Rebecca, I am so sorry to hear that you and your dear husband are going through some difficult times. Please know that, after reading your post, I have stopped to say a prayer for both of you. I have asked, especially, that God will lift your husband up and that he will not feel discouraged and defeated. From experience, I understand that bad things do sometimes happen to good Christian people. Our family is going through a very real health crisis and it affects every one of us. It is difficult to remain optimistic when you are in the in betweens, truly it is. May you and your husband find peace and comfort.

joanne said...

thinking of you and holding you close in prayer. That song really does say it all to me, I'm glad it gives you comfort.

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca- You know that I have been praying for you- for God to reveal exactly what lies ahead for you. We went through something very similar a few years ago and it is NOT easy and it is SCARY and it does test your faith. God bless you. I have listened to Patti Sandy sing this as I read/typed.

I would never have recognized her- I have not seen her in years. Her songs and music always fill my heart. God bless you- This too shall pass- xo Diana

LindaSonia said...

Thanks so much for sharing this hymn... I'm blessed.

Praying for you and your husband.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I was just going to drop you a note this weekend to see what was up!? Glad you that your health is fine, we have a saying in our family when we think something is bad we always say "Well, it's not cancer". Listen, whatever it is...This too shall pass...You WILL move on and out of the in between. Stay strong, count your blessings and see what the Lord has planned. And for goodness sakes keep blogging it is so good for you to stay connected and we miss you. The great thing is we are all here 24/7


Lady Pamela said...

I am glad you were able to post for us, let us know you are still with us. You have been and still are in my prayer journal. Hoping for great blessings for you,

jeanniemc said...

Thank you for sharing today..I almost cried and smiled at the same time as your words were so tender from your heart and
your love of the Lord is so evident..I so hope your AGP man hears good news soon..And the song, along with what Billy Graham had to say this week, really reminds us that Jesus is our true friend at all times...Wish I could send you a hot cinnamon roll to have with milk to make the day better :) Hugs, Jeannie

Mari said...

Hi sweetie, I'll keep praying for you and yours, I'm so happy to know that it's not your health, God is with you and will not abandon you or yours, it's that deep faith in him that will pull you through, I know this deep in my heart cause when I need him the most I know he carried me through ;-)
Sending you many blessing, peace of mind body and soul.

Big hugs to you~

Mary H said...


Mary H said...

Dearest Rebecca: Yay, I figured out how to get back on! So, so happy to see your post and comment a bit to you. You and your family continue to be lifted up in prayer...and thank you for your continued support with prayer. Prayer is something that we can offer and do to help each other and always feel privileged to be able to do so.
You are matter whether we know the problem, God knows and He will help us. Your faithful attitudes and total giving up of the burden to the Lord is what He asks of us. Thank you for sharing and so very happy you both are well. Brighter skies ahead my friend and stay close to your family. Their love and support will carry you and well as each other. Much love and hugs. -Mary H. <3

Mouse said...

ohhhh lovely to see you post again .... wondered why it had been quiet and now I know why ... in betweeners describes our life at the moment as we are inbetween quite alot and don't know which way we are going either .... but as you say keep on and all will be revealed :)
(((hugs))) love mouse xxxx

Beth Niquette said...

Blessings to you, dear lady. ((hugs)) God is good. Thank the Lord for that. I am glad you are doing well, dear one.

La Petite Gallery said...

Glad to hear all is OK. I will pray that your wishes come true.
Blessings to you both. yvonne

Unknown said...

Rebecca, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It seems that many of us are in the in-between these days as our times are so uncertain. However, one thing is certain, that is our Heavenly Father who promised to care for us. You are a women of great faith and now it will grow even more as He leads you through these tough times. I will send you a big hug and prayers for you.

Theresa said...

Praying for each day to be better:) Love you sweet Rebecca!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

A beautiful song, thank you so much for sharing The In Between Rebecca.
Although I have visited in the past, I'm not commenting all the time when I do. I hope things work out and that by taking one day at a time there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for you both.
Thinking of you during this time of uncertainty.

Trisha said...

God Bless you Rebecca and your Mr. AGP man. So glad you know that God is the answer, whatever the question. Don't think we know anyone that is not going through some trial, for most of them it is medical, our hearts ache for them too, but, all we can do is pray for them. We will pray that God will give you peace. Blessings Trisha

Carolyn said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca. I have thought of you often in the past month and have prayed often. Been so concerned for you and your family. I also know you are all a family of great faith and walk closely with Him. Knowing this I know even in the darkest valleys, you know He is to always be trusted. I pray that you remain strong and in peace.

Love you girlie and will continue to pray.

Carolyn said...

Dear Rebecca! I just saw your comment on my daughter's blog! I seriously almost started crying!! I'm busy praying for you ...and you've been busy praying for me! :) I look forward to the day we actually meet in person in heaven! Thank you for all your kind words, my friend!

Love you!

Jen said...

Still keeping both of you in my prayers.
Stay strong

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Dearest Rebecca,

I have been thinking of you sweet friend, and wondering how you and your hubby are doing. Happy to know that you are both well, and that there is no illness, but sad nonetheless to know that there are dark clouds overhead. I will continue with prayers for you both, and hope someday soon, those dark clouds will be lifted, and bright sunshine will fill your hearts. Thinking of you always.....

Love to you,
Debbie xo

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

I looked for your blog I ran down all the others to see what you had to say.. So maybe I needed the in between...

Thank you for sharing, I pray for you and yours.. to be blessed in what ever way you need blessed...
with huge heart I send to you Hugs..

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

Hi Rebecca,

This is very touching. I am sorry about your troubles. It is true we all have the in between days. I am praying for your family.

Amy Jo

Unknown said...

Wanted to check in on you and so glad I did. Oh those in-betweens will later be the sweetest times with God as He walked us through. Been there and will probably be there again as life can be such a journey. I asked God how can I encourage today? What profound words can I say....ugh,there's my flesh getting in the way. (didn't even mean for that to rhyme) God loves you and your AGP man. It's beyond words. Love and blessings to you! Christy

Susie Q said...

My hubby and I have had many darks days in the past few years. I can't say it's this, that, or the other.....just hard. Deep inner struggles and well as visible ones. God spoke to us through many ways that He wanted us to be Joshua and Caleb people. To see that He was marching before us into new territory. Yes, there were some battles ahead but He was at our side. We are to be people of a 'good report'. We can take this land, God is with us! And so I pray for you two; that God will give you hearts that are strong and very courageous. You are His and He is with you. Not always by feeling but always by faith.

Unknown said...

Dear one:
I am SO glad to hear it's not health related. I have been praying. I have also dealt with some blows this past year and have dealt with depression too. Anyway, my mailbox is always open towards YOU as you have always been a caring and giving internet friend to me. So, with that, know that I think of you often, was worried and have been praying!!!

White Lace and Promises said...

I haven't been blogging lately and did not see this. I have been in an in-between time too. Thanks for sharing.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I heard a sermon years ago about the seasons of our life. And it has helped me understand when I have a season of sadness or a season of change. We keep going and come out of it into another season and God helps us through it all. I'm keeping you both in my prayers. Sweet hugs, Diane

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

My Dear Rebecca...

If I remember right your posts aren't published until you review them... I wept reading your post.. I know that there are none who don't face challenges is life... And, at the same time, I know how strong your faith is and my heart is breaking for you and your sweetheart. I'm glad to know your family is safe and well... and I will be praying for you... You've brought me so much joy over the years... just reading your posts of faith and inspiration..

God bless you darling girl..

With lots of love,

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