Thursday, February 12, 2015



The weather was sooo nice in Oklahoma today I actually did some work outside in our backyard. it is, barely the middle of February, and I'm already wanting Spring to hurry up and get here.

Now...I'm not too much of a blue person.  But, I've grown to love it a wee bit more over the past couple years because it's so crazy popular!  Think it will surpass pink?  (Not for me!)

 Anyway...thought I'd pop in today and show you the photos of a table I purchased yesterday at a local thrift.  I was already starting to paint it when I remembered to snap some pictures...that's what happens when you get out of practice with blogging.

I used to have my camera in my hands all the time.  Now I use my phone as I'm trying to learn all I can about my new Cannon Camera before I actually take any pictures to SHOW!

So...if you're thinking about painting something in the near future then try chalk paint...I'm always happy with the outcome!

Hope you all are doing fabuloso!  Little by little my life is getting back to normal after a pretty tough year!

Love to you...


Shabby chic Sandy said...

The table looks great. I paint all the time--in the house. I love to paint! I love this color too--for me it ties with pink :) Of course I also have a thing for dusty purple right now too :)

Theresa said...

OH SO beautiful:) I am wanting to use that color to make a Spring update in my house! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Phyllis said...

I'm not a fan of pink so I love the blue table. I'll have to try that chalk paint.

Mari said...

Your table turned out beautiful Rebeecca....
Glad to hear your starting to get better....
Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day...


La De Da said...

Beautiful job on the table. I plan to try chalk paint this Spring. For Christmas a couple of years ago, I received a high end Canon camera. You will love it, they take great pics. There's so much to learn, I plan to take a class to really learn more about it. Have a blessed week.

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Good morning Rebecca,
You are so lucky to be able to get out and paint!! We are enjoying a sunny but cold -40 with the wind chill morning!
I love the blue table; it is soft and pretty.
It does take a while to get back to normal when you have a heavy year. Just keep doing things that lift you up and before you know it you will be soaring through the blue skies again!
Much love and warm hugs from Laura in cold and sunny Ontario Canada.
p.s. I am patiently awaiting your kitchen reveal.

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

Beautiful! as always. I love the pillow too.

Amy Jo

Donatella said...

Bellissimo Rebecca!! Sei bravissima, ti seguo con piacere.

White Lace and Promises said...

I love the pop of color in your booth!

NanaDiana said...

I was away most of the winter and sick---back now and just came to look you up. I miss your posts! Love to you- Diana

La Petite Gallery said...

I can't handle deep blues, but this is soft and nice. Can't wait for the ground to dry up to plant my climbing roses, then I can gather them this summer..
while I may

Judy said...

Rebecca, You haven't posted on your blog in quite a while now but of course you know that. I know you are a busy, busy lady and am thrilled for your success BUT we out here in blog land would love to know how the kitchen redo is coming along. I am so anxious to see the end result. How is the booth coming along? I don't see how you do it all, makes me tired just trying to keep up with what you do. hahah Hope all is well with you and your family. Blessings, judy

Rebecca Nelson said...

I plan on updating you on our kitchen remodel this summer. It's been a long, long, LONG ONE MAN SHOW project and we are glad it is almost done.

Not everything came out as planned or dreamed, but we are happy and overjoyed with the ending results. A few things to tweak and then the reveal. I promise...when it's ready I'll share.

Miss you all. Will catch up soon!


Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hi Rebecca,
So glad to hear this info. I am looking forward to seeing the final results!!
Love and hugs, Laura

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