Monday, June 1, 2015


Good Morning All...
~APRIL 2015...Remodel Close to being Complete!~

I thought I'd pop in and say and hello and just SEE if any of my old peeps are still bloggin'...  Life's been so busy for me the past two years that squeezing in time to do much more than WORK has been almost impossible.  I thought I'd catch you all up today on what's been going on with us and to see how you all are doing...

First...Happy JUNE and HAPPY SUMMER!  Can you even believe that almost half the year is already over?  Time is movin' on, isn't it?  I realize how FAST the months have passed by when I see that Hobby Lobby is beginning to stock the store shelves with Christmas.  WHAT?  Say it isn't so.  Not at all ready for that!!!!

If you've read my blog in the past then you know that in April or 2011 my hubby returned to school to finish up his one missing year of college.  He graduated with honors in December of 2012.  Very proud of him!  Then in early July of  the following year (2013) he was laid off from his longtime job (almost 17 years) at Xerox.  We were stunned by the termination and were grateful he was only out of work for seven months.  Going back to school in his 50's was tough, but it was absolutely the right move.  Without his degree in Computer Science he wouldn't have landed the job he now has with a local college (he's still loving it!!!). We have friends who have lost their jobs and are STILL looking for something permanent.That December my hubby lost his father and the following February (2014) my precious daddy slipped away to heaven...  In July of last year our daughter and her hubby moved in with us while they began the hunt for their first home.  None of us ever dreamed it would take so long for them to find the right HOUSE and I'm happy to say they are now moved in and on their way to building happy memories in their beautiful new home.  Secretly I'm hoping a sweet little baby will be on the horizon soon.  Still just have my Miss K and she will be 13 in November (I know...CRAZY!)...

Lots of life struggles, trials and heartbreak sprinkled with good days and even some measurable JOY!  Today My Mr. AGPMan and I are doing wonderful and I continue to be thankful for God's goodness to us.  We've survived some difficult days and by God's grace we've emerged to the other side of sorrow.

I share this with you because in the midst of all of the heartbreak, chaos, loss and schooling we've been chipping away at the kitchen renovation I've blogged on and off about for about four years.  I should have called it a "Downstairs Renovation" because that is what it became.  Couldn't begin the actual kitchen portion of the remodel until so many other things were done...  The tearing down and ripping out of the kitchen (laundry room and bath) took so long...  And I must add that when you lose your JOB in the middle of such a huge undertaking you DON'T go and spend money on projects until you have another one!!!!  Rebounding from being out of work was tough financially, but we've recovered by focusing on each new day as well as our long-term goals.
(See How The Fridge Sticks Out From the Doorway!)

During the renovation there were times when it all became overwhelming and I can honestly tell you I'm glad it's almost over.  We knew it would be at least a two-three year long project, but we never could have imagined all the things that would be tossed into the mix to mess up our timeline.  My hubby has done ALL the work (hundreds and hundreds of hours) except for installing the granite counter tops and our wood flooring.  He is also going to build me a custom island if the one we hope to purchase (a vintage drugstore counter) doesn't work out!  Staying on task (and working when our funds got LOW) has been challenging.  But, here we are nearing the end of the makeover journey and we are both on cloud nine and still happy we started it when we did.  We can see the light at the end of a long, long dark tunnel and we couldn't be happier our home will once again have order.  We still have some trim and wall painting to do, installing of our back splash and also the wood flooring.  But other than that we are pretty much done.  What is left is NOTHING compared to where we were even last January.


One thing I can tell you is that the vision for our kitchen remodel definitely changed since we first started it soooo many months ago!  We had to give up a few things as they just didn't work out with the final layout and design (namely a fabulous vent over the stove!).  But, overall I'm totally in love with the outcome even though the work to get to where we are today has been MORE than grueling!  I still love vintage, chic and all things French Country and Farmhouse.  But, I've moved away from having as much fluff around as I once did.  These days I favor a little 'less' for my kitchen instead.

So...if any of you out there are still interested I'm going to start showing you pictures of the process this week!   Not sure if they will inspire you or deter you, but either way I hope you will at least see that hard work does pay off.  Even if it takes longer to get something done than you might think.  During the process I constantly had to remind myself that the renovation was a journey...a project...and NOT a contest...
(Always hated that stupid thing!)

(Loving the new door trim, too!)

I'll be back later this week to show you more.  Sooo many pictures to go through...

May God Bless You All!

Love to you...


Unknown said...

I am so happy for you! It must be such a relief! I can't waity to see what it all looks like! Not sure if my temperment could take all the stress!
I have a new blog.

Bente said...

Wow, so much work, but it will turn out so beautiful. Look forward to see it finished.
Hugs from here

White Lace and Promises said...

Wow! Hard work but oh so beautiful! It is so you too! I'm glad your husband has found work and is happy. Since our last contact, we have moved to TN and without jobs. My husband is being contracted by a sales company but his salary is half what it was. He got a severance package, but it will only last a few weeks. He had a small retirement fund but surely don't want to dabble into that. No one wants to hire 55 year old with no education even with years of experience. Pray for us. Glad things are looking up for ya'll.

Patty Patterson said...

I am impressed. You have to be very very brave to even attempt something like that. Your kitchen is beautiful. My favorite things are those slats you keep your plates in and that decorative scrolling thing above your light fixture. It's the details that really make things lovely - and your home is just lovely! You've covered every little detail.

Anonymous said...

I love the story about your husband's schooling and how that helped him get his new job. It's never too late, is it. God is always willing with a 'Yes' for us to flourish.

Thank you for this nice visit, Rebecca. And blessings for a happy new kitchen.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I am so glad things are moving along for you, Rebecca. Life is filled with challenges and painful times but we move on with the Lord's help. Your new kitchen is going to be fabulous. I love a white kitchen! I have had my heart set on doing over my oak kitchen {in white} but two years ago I hurt my back and so I am no longer able to do those things. No more painting for me unfortunately. Very disappointed! My hubby is not a handy man so I have to rely on others to do the work. Now we are thinking very seriously of downsizing so perhaps in our next place I'll get my white kitchen. I'm very happy you stopped by today. It was really lovely to hear from you again. Take care.

Blessings and hugs,

Mari said...

Well my sweet Friend, it's good to see you in blogland again :-)
Wow you have had a longgggg journey with your kitchen, but it's really looking good my friend....
I can hardly wait to see more pic's....I'm also loving your new frig.....but that farm style sink has stolen my little ole
Hope all is well sweet friend....


NanaDiana said...

I'm still here and read every word. I am so glad that things are moving along for you. I am typing blind as I cannot see a word that is being typed. I'll be back again! xo Diana

Lady Pamela said...

I am so excited to see Part 2. We are planning on our next stage of kitchen renovation the middle of next summer. That will be the new cabinets, sink and countertop. I am nervous, but excited.
Thanks for all the updates.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, you guys have been busy! It is all coming together:) Can't wait to see it finished! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Dear Rebecca,
Hallelujah!!! I am so happy for you that your kitchen and life! are returning to some semblance of normalness. I have checked in periodically over the last few months hoping for some word about your progress. Holy Cow!! I cannot imagine being in an upheaval such as yours for more than 3 years!! You are one patient lady!
I will be checking in every morning to see if you have posted a new entry!! I love what I have seen so far!!
Love and hugs, Laura from Ontario

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Rebecca that is amazing!!! You have my complete respect for sticking it out and seeing it through! I have thought of you so often over the last 18 months when I took a sabbatical from the blog world and decided to re-evaluate my life and goals for the future. So much had fallen apart for me and I needed to find my way back to church and reconnect with all the sweet people I had once worshiped with. My sister would often quote to me from Glaphre's book (which you so kindly sent to me long ago) and it would remind me that all things are possible with the Lord's help and friendship! I guess I had lost some of my faith in His love for me and I needed to rediscover that Love! I am so happy to find you healthy and happy and I look forward to stopping by more often and seeing what you two are up to in the coming months!
Love Tina xo

La De Da said...

Hey Rebecca,
So glad things are moving along for you. The kitchen is beautiful. I am so looking forward to more pics. Is that a farm sink I see? I would love to have one. Take care my friend.

Judy Ann Lincicum said...

Hi Rebecca, I've been following you on facebook, but it's so good to see you back on your beautiful blog. I love all the progress you have made and can't wait for the final reveal! Please promise lots of pics afterward, even if you only move the soap dish~ha ha! I, for one, will love seeing them for a long time to come. and if I were you, I would be sleeping, eating, bathing, working, and playing in this kitchen 24/7 until it finally sunk in that your kitchen was is not just a dream!
Good work, AGP man!

racheld said...


I followed you over from Mona's, because your comment was right above mine, and we've been in Kitchen Mode for a couple of months, now. I told her in the comment that you and I must be Kitchen Twins, but oh, how wrong I was----after seeing your work and demolition and changes and all the months that your Sweetie has been working so hard, and all the other changes and happenings in your life---I sound like a whiny baby, fussing about walking over boxes and lugs and bags strewn about since April.

Oh. My. What an undertaking you've undertooken, and how absolutely marvelous the results. Talk about a Jack of all Trades---does he cook and sky-dive and teach Sanscrit on the side? I've never seen an ordinary person go into every facet of a "build" with so much talent and knowledge. My Dad "built houses" and did renovations, but always had a crew of helpers for the plumbing and painting, etc.

Chris has worked tirelessly (we're quite some bit older than you two) with all the peripheral things---lining the back walls behind the cabinets with shower-liner, because it's a second kitchen in the basement, and then setting neat panels of it over the cabinets after they were put in, for they've been in for three weeks, and no countertops yet, plus we have guests coming for a week on Saturday. And when we visit, she and I COOK.

I've so enjoyed looking in on all your work and progress---so impressive I'm just stunned---and hope you'll have a look at our little kitchen---all Sweet-n-Low packet pink, and bright white. We even chose the same fridge---mine in white, with no ice-maker, since I've had a little under-the-counter model for about fifteen years.

Oh. My. Don't know when I've been so impressed by anything a blogger is doing. Wow.

rachel @ LAWN TEA

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