Thursday, August 13, 2015

~Miss Autumn and her Paper Pattern Skirt~

I love love love the Harvest time of the year and I'm so happy it's around the corner.  It was time to spruce up my booth today and so I spent the evening working on new displays and removing some of the old and bringing in some new...  I always love the changing of the seasons and I start out trying something new if at all possible...

Just a quick post about my little mannequin.  I dressed her in a skirt made of old paper patterns with lots of layers and ruffles.  I used a crocheted doily for a collar and burlap as a modified vest.  Vintage silk ribbon was used for her waistband.  It was tattered and worn and simply fabulous.  The original paper wrapping for the ribbon was used to fashion her Miss Autumn banner.  

She was so much fun to make and I think she'll be a real conversation piece.

This next week I travel to Tennessee to help my sister with her estate sale.  She closed her shop and they are downsizing and selling their home.  Big job ahead...

We are bringing the vintage counter from the late 1800's back with us...  Remember I told you we are modifying it for our kitchen island.  By the way...our wood flooring goes in this weekend.  The last of the projects before the kitchen is completely finished except for the island.  We are beyond excited.  The nightmare is finally almost OVAHHHHH and we are both actually still ALIVE.  

Will share more will you soon.  Can't wait to show you the big reveal!

Love to you...


Bente said...

I love miss Autumn. She looks so perfect. The dress is beautiful.
Hugs from here

RachelD said...

Oh, Rebecca! You DO beat ALL! How do you think of such absolutely perfect creations, with each and every facet and stitch a little secret bit of whimsy all its own.

As I read, I named her Miss Simplicity Butterick, for the two most used in my growing up years, by my mother and our Town Seamstress, and by my own clumsy fingers for a few pieces in "Home Ec" before I and our teacher subtly and simultaneously decided I was destined to be a wonderful cook, and let's focus on THAT, shall we?

She's just the epitome of a gracious lady, with her ruffly skirts and crocheted collar, and I simply marvel at your talents and smarts.

And for Autumn---she's so reminiscent of the lazy leaves and even the dried cornshucks---if they'd been routed through Dior's establishment for a little sophistication and class. Talk about an eye-catcher! You'll be too busy fending off compliments and beggings-to-buy that you'll put her behind glass.

And the Island! Just that one superb piece would be a centerpiece, but to be FINISHED!! I think of you every day, working away toward that magnificent goal, and boy, is the light getting bright in that tunnel! Your DH is one in a billion, for all that time and talent and PATIENCE, as well, and I'm just so pleased for this completion of such a treasured dream.

We're all done but a tiny bit of drawer-lining and shelf-hanging---a tiny wicker one to hold a wee gift or two (pink, of course---one a snazzy convertible driven by the irresistible Sally, friend of Charlie Brown---in that Elvis-Caddy pink of the Fifties, chosen because, "It will go." Both figuratively and literally, I suppose--who knows what secrets lurk in the mind of a seven-year-old).

Sis is visiting for a week, and we cooked supper together in my new kitchen, and she's doing a special dish tonight, with me as sous chef. What fun.


Lisa said...

She is beautiful! So clever of you to make her skirt out of patterns!
Enjoy your trip and time spent with your sister. Can't wait to see what you do with the counter!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Your mannequin looks really lovely; you always are full of ideas and I can see your Grandma smile from heaven.
That is a hand full for your sister. Good luck for all involved and in bringing the counter home safely.

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