Saturday, April 15, 2017


Hey Friends...

Blessings to you this Good Friday!  I hope your day is wonderful and your weekend is full of passion as we celebrate the beauty of Easter.

As I make my way back into Blogland I want to share with a few personal thoughts..
Me, Sarah (DIL) & Adrienne (Daughter)

I have loved my little blog for so long, but when my Mr. AGPMan was laid off from his longtime job at Xerox in July of 2013 and then the subsequent passing of my Father in February 2014, well, I guess I felt the wind had blown out of my sails.  My Dad was often the source of my writing inspiration and his death left a huge gaping hole in my life.  Even though I know he's still with me in spirit there was just something about the absence of his physical presence that made me feel very alone.

Ultimately, the financial pressure and chaos of losing both a job and a parent took it's tole. To help bridge the money-gap I opted to take on a part-time job at the market where I have my booth.  Once my guy returned to full-time work (about 9 months later!) I guess I'd just grown accustomed to working outside my home.  After nearly four years I'm still there.  Sometimes I feel like I abandoned something I greatly loved for a fist-full of dollars and months and months of wandering in the wilderness.

I can't really say specifically what lit my desire to return to blogging, but I'm quite sure the accident I was in last May has had a great deal to do with it.  It caused me to seriously reflect upon my life and some of the choices I've made.

Most have been good.

But, not all.

I guess I still have some life-lessons to learn!


A few days ago while working at Serendipity, one of my long-time customers, Vickie (way back to e-bay days!), visited the store with her daughter.  I've had the pleasure of meeting several of my buyers this way and I'm thrilled to say so many of them have also become friends!  Here's a photo of the three of us!  It was such a JOY to meet the two of them in person...
Vickie, Me & Martha (her daughter)

Also...I hope to pass along some thoughts and MAYBE some inspiration as I've watched one of my children overcome obesity.  Never dreamed in a million years it would be a path my Mr. AGPMan and I would travel.  But, travel it we have. 

Of course...I still LOVE all things that are vintage...white...French...and gently loved.  Can't wait to show you more of what makes my heart sing.

Love to you...



NanaDiana said...

It is so so so good to see you back in the blogging world again. You have always been a breath of fresh air in the world of blogging and soon your voice will be reaching many people again. I am glad you have wandered all the way through the wilderness to find your way home again.

Wishing you a blessed Easter- xo Diana

Terra said...

Good to read your post and hear what has been going on in your life. Since the sudden death of my husband last year a lot of the zip has gone out of my interest in blogging, so I understand your thoughts.

NanaNor's said...

Dearest Rebecca, Sending you hugs and love on this Holy Saturday. So glad you are back and I understand how hard it is to lose a parent, amidst your other trials. I remember when my dad passed I felt like I was an orphan. Then when my older sister died 11 years ago, those feelings returned. Praying the Lord richly blesses you this Easter and that peace will overtake you.

pinkrosesandtecups said...

Hi Dear Rebecca! So glad to see you back!! Yes, life does throw us some curve balls at times that is for sure. Keep your chin up! Sending you best wishes for a lovely and blessed Easter.

Love, Debbie

Celestina Marie said...

Dearest Rebecca, How wonderful to see you here again and lovely as ever. Praying for your healing to be prompt along with many blessings for a very special Easter. Love and joys to you dear friend. xo

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Since I am new to your blog I am looking forward to what I missed from when you used to post!! It is lovely so far!

Rose L said...

Welcome back to blogland. I am not an avid blog poster, but do try to do it when inspired.
Do it as it feels good!

La De Da said...

Welcome back Ms. Rebecca, So glad you are doing better. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter.


Barbie said...

And I for one cannot wait to hear/read :o)

Lord Bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you!

Jeremiah 6:16

racheld said...

So glad to see you getting back to the regular rhythm of things, and glad that you had such a lovely Easter.

Looking forward to seeing you as often as possible!


La De Da said...

I almost forgot, any tips you may be able to provide concerning weight loss would be much appreciated. I am in big trouble when it comes to obesity. Have a great day. Vikki

Sheila said...

So glad to see your blogging again!
So grateful to see your smiling face.
Have Missed You and Your Blog.
Blessings from Florida!!

Jen said...

Like so many have said before me, its so good to see you post again Rebecca. I love that you not only share the good but the not so good as well...after all that is life.


Susan said...

Hi Rebecca, I know the pain of losing your dad. I lost mine in 2013 and I still miss him so much! I enjoyed your picture with the wide legs pants. I remember those days and disco days. Time goes by way to fast now. Take care.

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