Monday, May 1, 2017


 Is it already 3:00 on Monday?  No way!  Ugh.  
Isn't it crazy how some days just slip away from you?  I have a tendency to gauge the success of my day by how much I've gotten done by noon.  

Well today must be an EPIC FAIL DAY because except for letting my Miss Mollie Dog out and going to physical therapy NOTHING on my growing to-do-list has been scratched off.

I remember when my children were young and we were always hustling and bustling somewhere.  Sometimes I miss those crazy days when I truly understood my role as a "MOM".
Gosh...I miss them a lot sometimes... bed is unmade (got up late!) and I haven't even thought about dinner.
I love that eating out is always an option excuse for ME when my days spin out of control...

But...since my Mr. AGP Man and I are back on low-carb eating dining-out is difficult for us.  The steroid injections I was given late last year assisted in helping me pack on about 20 pounds (inactivity too!).  My guy has gained about 15 [elle bees].  He said it was from 'sympathy eating'.  (ERRRR...) goal is to lose it all by mid summer.  We'll see!  Either that or I'll have to purchase new clothes.

  Yesterday I did finish the sign you see at the top and was thrilled when one of my long-time customers (going back to the old eBay days!) purchased it.  Thank you K.L.  Signs are all the rage right now, no-doubt because of the Fixer-Upper Show.

I'm bummed it's coming to an end.
Aren't you?

One last thing...I've been away for so long I'm wanting to join in some link-parties.  Can any of you tell me the best or most informative/exciting ones going on right now?  I'm having trouble navigating all the changes that have taken place in the blogging world since I've been gone.

Big hugs and huge thanks!

Love to you...





Deanna said...

Not able to keep up with all the neat link parties.
I am out of the loop.

NanaDiana said...

Great sign and I am so glad you sold it already. Whoo Hooo!!! I don't do the linky parties so I am not sure about that. I know Kim @ Savvy SL still has hers and I think it is every Wednesday. There are a few more but I don't know what's what there.

I hear you- I am trying to take off 30 pounds by the end of summer. I know I can do it--just wish it happened fast-like the pounds PILE on fast!

Have a good week, Rebecca. Keep at it- you will be right back in your element as soon as you get your name on a few of those link parties again. xo Diana

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