Friday, May 19, 2017


If you have something you are called to you do with your life, something that you haven't yet done, please hear me today!

Get up and go do it!

You have one life and one day you will long for the chance to do the very thing you were meant to do.  Today is the day to say yes!

Don't let this moment pass you by.  You have one life...

Make a big deal out of it!


A year ago today my Mr. AGP Man and I, along with our adult daughter, Adrienne, were in a terrible car accident that stole away a good portion of our lives.  I didn't know it then, but it would take the better part of a full year to recover and it changed me forever.

After months of painful physical therapy and spinal surgery last March, the pieces of my broken body and life have begun the reassembling process.

It's been hard.

But I'm determined to regain my strength and find new purpose and a fresh calling.

I've discovered that peace doesn't dwell in outward things.

It never did.
It lives within my soul.


To celebrate surviving one of the most challenging of all my years I'm eating
ice cream

Two scoops.

And...most importantly, I'm thanking God for giving me another chance to complete
the things still left undone.




Nonnie said...

Truer words never spoken! I have experienced my life changing in a split second as well and know that life is uncertain and today is the only day we have. So thankful with you for coming through and how wonderful that the Lord can use those tragedies to teach us what really matters. You are blessed!

Rose L said...

Physical therapy is painful but necessary. I have been recovering for a year now but not anything as serious as an auto accident! I just wish muscle would return so much faster than it has!

Cathy Rowan said...

Thank you for the reminder and AMEN! The older you get the sweeter the days become to you. I don't want to waste a minute!

Deanna said...

Am thankful you are on the mend.
Great post.
Fire recovery has taken us already 7 months to do and there's more to go through.
We are continually learning aren't we?
God bless and all the best,

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

This is so true Rebecca!! My husbands best friend just lost his mother, 13 year old nephew, and it looks like his dad won't make it either. And his uncle will be paralyzed.... all because of a car accident. I definitely am counting my blessings and trying to take pleasure in all the minutes I have💕

Rebecca Nelson said...

Tammy...That is so terrible to hear and I'm sorry for your friends. I do not know why God allows some things, I only know that somehow, through His grace, we make it through. May God be with you all. You are in my prayers. We are healing up...and I'm so thankful. Thank you SO MUCH for visiting me. <3

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