Monday, July 10, 2017

~I JUST LOVE MY HAPPY LIFE...with a Wee Bit of CHAOS!~

Well...what do they say about having the best-laid-plans?  OMGOSH!  Everyday I think I'm going to get back here and type out a few lines and then my crazy-busy life takes ovahhhh and things take a nose dive.

I love chaos.
Don't you? either!
Anyway...our Fourth of July was GREAT and I love being around my kids.  They've grown up to be the most amazing [[ADULT]] human beings.  I'm such a happy momma!

I've been working on my studio and trying to purge and reorganize my stash of fabulous finds.  My Mr AGP Man has done his magic once again and has worked tirelessly refurbishing some of the things I USED to love.  I promise to share pictures soon of where I create.  So much has changed even though I smile when I look back on old pictures of my workplace.

Finished this sweet vintage lace pillow for a longtime customer.  I still, and always will, love working with vintage and tattered laces and old millinery finds.  Gives me so much joy to work with my hands nearly pain free.  I'm sooo grateful.  Can't begin to tell you how much.'s something that will surely convince you that my life here in Middle-America isn't perfect!

At 3:30 today I left my La Chaumière de Briarwood bound for the eye doctor.  My new glasses are NOT working right so I need an adjustment (or whatever!).  I get into my SUV on this nearly 100 degree day and it won't start.  SERIOUSLY?  Soo....I sit there for a second trying to get the thing to turn over before realizing I had just walked through water and the sprinkler wasn't on.  Our sewer-check-valve had spilled my washing machine water all over the front yard.  I get out of the car, go back inside, call the hubbs and BEG ask him to come home early.  He's says OK (yipeee!) and 30 minutes later he walks in the door.  I'm at my computer when I hear this "What's wrong with the air conditioner?"  (As IF I would know!)  I respond with a "Umm...Hi Baber...don't know!  What's it NOT doing?  I just now noticed it was kinda gettin' hot in here!"  Hubbs then goes outside and realizes the A/C isn't working.  WHAT?  (Thankfully he was in the business many, many years ago and knows the trade.)  So...the man of my dreams (sickening, I know!) proceeds to change out the capacitor (we always have one on hand because it's gone out before!) while still in his dress shirt...whizzes me off to the eye doctor just before they close at 5pm then we hurry back home so he can check out the water problemo and jump my SUV!

Exciting life we have, isn't it?  All this in 1.75 hours.  WHEW! 

Promise to be back soon with something!!  And hopefully with less drama and more pictures!  :)




ShineHandicraft said...

The vintage pillow looking very nice...looking sweet..thanks

Judy said...

Rebecca, Your life sounds so normal to me. And when it rains, it pours! Hopefully you got all that "stuff" out of the way for the week and can get back to "normal"......whatever that is. Have a beautiful day!! Judy in (hot and humid) Arkansas

imsovintage said...

All of those life things have new meaning after a long period of difficult health don't they! I find they are almost exciting because I'm here to experience them! LOL!! How's that for a Pollyanna attitude?

Your things are so beautiful and I look so forward to seeing them!

Carol said...

I love your pictures! Sorry to hear of all the problems, but thankful that your hubby was able to handle most of them.

Rose L said...

Those kind of problems are not fun at all. No good to have a car break down or electricity go out or A/C go kerplunk (especially on a hot day) or to lock yourself out of the car...all stressful for me!

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