Sunday, August 6, 2017

~THOUGHTS ON A SUNDAY MORNING...Painting Our Upholstered Chairs~


Our trusty A/C Unit bit the dust this weekend and even though it's never a good time to shuck out hard-earned money on something so expensive...we knew this day was coming.  My Mr. AGP Man was in the Air/Heat biz many years ago and knows the business very well...  He has babied the A/C along for a long, long time.  Yesterday we bid her good-bye and a brand new (hopefully more efficient!) until will soon take her place.  We've opted to have our very, very old furnace replaced as well (in 2020 it would have been 50 years old!).  While we wait for installation it's going to be insufferable around here.  We'll be sleeping at our daughter's because last night we were absolutely miserable...

Anyway...before all this happened with the A/C I had long before decided to take the plunge and CHALK PAINT my living room chairs (upholstered).  Yeah...I know!  SCARY!  I've had the chairs for 13 years and they were still in beautiful condition.  No rips, tears, sags, etc.  But...I had grown tired (very tired!) of the Savoy-style black and white print and had tossed about having them reupholstered for at least a couple of years.  The chairs are fabulous and except for the flounce (skirt) I still really love them.  So...after a ton of research and gobs of reading, I jumped right in!
I have two matching chairs and opted to do one at a time.  I had my guy haul them inside and put paint cloths down (I used old, but clean, moving blankets) to protect my floors.  Doing one at a time will better help me determine the final cost and just how much paint each chair needed to be completely done.

Here are some photos of where I am after three coats.  I'm certain they will need FIVE COATS of watered down chalk paint before they are ready to be lightly sanded and waxed.  My plan is to add a vintage French image to the top-back area.  Nothing big or floral...maybe an old ad or something like that.  We'll see.

This is what the one chair I'm working on looks like after three coats.  Some places are still showing the Savoy print (flip side of cushion has yet to be done) and I suspect the chair will take at least another full day to dry before I can apply coat #4.

Opting to have the chair recovered ($400 quote on each one PLUS the fabric cost of $200 for each one!) made me sick.  I'd rather purchase new chairs.  So, opting to try the chalk paint was sort of a no-brainer for me!  I'll be out the cost of the paint if I absolutely hate the outcome...I figure it will take 1 1/2 quarts to do one chair.  About $50-$60.  
I'll also be out lots of labor.


The process is slow and slower.  But, I'd rather be out TIME vs. $$$$.

I'll share more pics later this week of how the chair came out!  OK?
Here's what I did!

I first cleaned the chair by giving it a thorough vacuum and then sprayed the entire thing with a good mist of water
Next I started with the paint.  I did NOT water it down.  I opted instead to dip my chalk brush (a must have!) into the paint and then the BRUSH TIP into a bowl of water.  The paint went on great and the first coat soaked right in.  That's what you want it to do.  You want the paint to penetrate the fabric vs. sitting on top of it. Lots of thin coats vs. thick ones!

I waited 24 hours between coats to give the paint a chance to dry.  The second coat covered a lot more of the Savoy print and the third even more.  Not all the coats are even so by the time I apply the fifth one I'm hoping I'll be done and the chair will be reading for a light sanding, wax and image transfer.

I used LOWE'S Valspar Chalky Paint in the colorway of Kid Glove only because I was too lazy to drive 15 miles away to buy Annie Sloan.  Kid Glove is a white color and I like it.  I've used it once before on a project and had good results (not a chair, but a dresser). It is $29, but it is three ounces short of a full quart.  So far I've used one container for the three coats!  I did a test run on a scrap of the Savoy fabric and I knew ahead of time it was going to take at least five coats.  Keep in my mind my chairs are good sized chairs.  Yours might take more or less.

I can't wait to show you the final reveal.  Hoping to have the one chair finished later this week.


Today I'm thanking God for two good hands, a good strong back, healing neck AND a house that right now feels super hot on the inside.  I'm trying my best to live my best life and be positive and grateful in all things.  I'm very aware some people do not have houses or even chairs to paint.

God is good.  




Deanna said...

Blessings 2 U. I have never sat on painted upholstered furniture. I have no idea what that feels like or wears. Many are painting their fabrics. Hope it all works out for you. Looking forward to your finished projects. Does the paint cause an effect like a tanned hide? Curious how this goes. Sorry 'bout the cooler. That hurts.

Coolers are worth their weight in gold especially during the heat of the summer. So sorry about the cooler dying.
All the best,

NanaDiana said...

I have a settee that I painted with regular latex paint almost 15 or 16 years ago. It has held up beautifully. It was ORANGE and I painted it white. I used watered down latex and sanded between coats. I think it only took 2 coats with the latex plus a bit of touch up. I never sealed it because the latex paint was eggshell and had just a bit of sheen to it. I have wiped it off so many times from spills, and drips and fingerprints and it is still holding up. Hope you have the same kind of luck with yours! So far-so good, it looks like! xo Diana

Rose L said...

I am hoping it comes out nice. Looking forward to the finished product. I wonder how well painted furniture wears? I also wonder if it is comfortable to sit on. Guess we shall find out.

Theresa said...

BOO HOO on the replacement of your heat/air units but YEAH on saving money on those gorgeous chairs! Can't wait to see the final beauties:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Debby Ray said...

We had to replace our old heat/AC unit last summer. It was was old as the house...32 years old! Major expense but sooo efficient! I have heard of painting upholstered chairs but have never gotten so brave. They are going to look beautiful, no doubt...can't wait to see the finished product!

Debby Ray said...

Been through that heat/AC unit thing last spring...the unit was as old as the house which was 32 years...the new one is so much more efficient! I have heard about being able to paint upholstered furniture never have been brave enough. I am looking forward to seeing the final results!

Unknown said...

You did an incredible job! Thanks for sharing your journey! Connie Farthing Mia Bella Designs

Unknown said...

You did an incredible job! Thanks for sharing your journey! Connie Farthing Mia Bella Designs

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