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In the midst of the brokenness brought about by the recent passing of my mother, God has truly been faithful in one amazing, miraculous way.

He's restored her family.

I won't go into the back story because right now all that needs to be shared is that forgiveness has been sought and given, and most importantly...

Love has won.

Reconciliation was the cry of my mother's heart and she's witnessed restoration among her children from the best vantage point possible...



If you've lost a parent, then you know going though their home is probably the most difficult of all the things a child must do, save for maybe planning a funeral and burying them.  My mother had only meager fare.  As many of you may remember, my father was a clergyman and they lived on a very modest income.  When my dad died almost four years ago he left her with financial debt and almost nothing to live on, but his paltry social security.  She had no house, no savings, no investments and no retirement.  That said, she did have a few minor treasures and handmade heirlooms and all of her children longed to call them their own.

My siblings and I breathed in deep at what was before us when we walked into her tiny home.  While going through our mother's humble possessions we opted to leave the task of dividing up precious cedar chest keepsakes for last.  As we opened up the lid to the tattered trunk, the one that was years older than I am, we all knelt silently around it for each of us knew it held what meant the most to her...the best of all she had.  We didn't really know what we would find...what she had kept...all she had held closest to her heart.

Inside we found love letters from my father...written when in the Navy and she was pregnant with my oldest sister.  They had yet to be married a year.  He would miss her birth as he was out to sea...  She bore their first child alone.  

I can only imagine.

There were small quilts and outfits she'd made for each of her babies, our baby shoes, our favorite toys, her baby book and her mother's baby book.

Our original expertly crocheted baby bibs, bottle covers were there (very discolored and worn) along with old greeting cards, report cards, photos and so much more. 
ADRIENNE (daughter)

We also found our uniforms for Girl Scouts, Brownies and my brother's Boy Scout uniform in the bottom of the chest...everything was there...the belts, ties, sashes, socks, caps, berets, badges, pins, etc.  Everything.

My beautiful mother wasn't a hoarder...but she was a saver.  She saved the best of all she had and the very things she knew her children would want...

God Bless her.

My precious, niece, Bridgy, is ten and is in Girl Scouts today.  I sent my uniform home with my younger, sister, Jen, in hopes it would fit her and incredibly it does.  One more year and it would have probably been too small.  I can't begin to tell you the overwhelming JOY I carry in my heart seeing this beautiful, beautiful little girl wearing a part of me.  Yesterday she wore this very vintage uniform while selling GS Cookies for her local troop.  I don't know about you, but if I saw a young Scout today in a vintage uniform I would certainly buy MORE cookies than I had planned to buy!  She looked so precious! She is an amazing little girl and I'm thrilled to be a part of her life.  I'm praying for God to raise her up to become the woman one day He wants her to be!

I don't have a picture of me in my GS uniform, but, I do have one of my big sister and I taken in our uniforms back when she was a Girl Scout and I was a Brownie.  Amazingly, my Momma still had it after all these years...

I guess if I've learned one thing since my Mother's death it might be this...

Praying matters.

My Mother was a prayer warrior and she never stopped praying for those she loved, especially for her babies.  She prayed for years that her children would come together and stop squabbling over things that were not eternal.  We've always loved each other...I suppose the scars from life just run deep sometimes.

My brother-in-love, Rob, said it best~ 

"When that cedar chest was opened something spiritual happened!"

I believe he was right.  It was like the spirit of God was set free and His mighty hand passed over all four of us kids in a profound way.

I know today, without a shadow of a doubt, my beautiful Momma is at rest...

Thank you, Mom.  Even in death you have never stopped interceding to the Father for your children.  Thank you for saving back so much of our childhood for us and for allowing us to take a look back into your private life as a young wife and mother.  I want you to know your prayers mattered.

I hope if any of you reading this today, who might need to seek peace or restoration within friends or family, you will do it.  It takes courage and it is sometimes difficult.  But, with God's help, you can do it.

It's worth it.  I promise you, it is.

Love to you this beautiful Sunday...



Ann said...

Rebecca, It is taking a lot to keep me from sobbing right now reading your story of your precious Mama. Earthy treasures are never worth anything, your Mom was so right. The vintage uniform is perfect for her and I'm glad she knows the story. My Mom is 92 and we are dreading that day that you have had to meet but it sounds like the Holy Spirit is alive and at work healing old wounds, that's precious.

Terra said...

Peace and reconciliation in your family is a real blessing and I am sure your mom is smiling right now. The vintage Girl Scout uniform is a treasure.

White Lace and Promises said...

We are both so similar on so many levels. There were 4 children. There has been pain in the church. There has been enstrangment among us and finally reconciliation but not quite in the way we’d like. My heart hurts and prays for you. If you ever need to get it out, email me. Love from a kindred heart.

Kay G. said...

This post of all the things that you found in the cedar chest, put there so lovingly by your mother and your family coming back together has truly touched my heart today. God bless you and your family.
I only noticed your blog name, on the side of NANA Diana's blog, it was just by chance that I clicked on your name...or was that God who directed me to you, since HE KNOWS that we are about to lose someone close in our family?
Anyway, your love for your Mom comes through crystal clear and her love for all her family does too!

Buttercup said...

What a beautiful post and what a beautiful woman your mother must have been. Thank you for sharing your memories.

R's Rue said...


Ann said...

Dear Rebecca, Very sorry for the loss of your mom. We lost mom 3 years ago and I think of her daily and miss her so much. There are days I would give anything to have tea with her and chat like we used to. Every day I grow in appreciation of her as the most awesome and beautiful person she was. I have dreams of both mom and dad and feel their presence from above. We still have a connection with our loved ones in a different way. Time takes away the hurt and strengthens the love we feel. Take care and many blessings.

NanaDiana said...

Oh Rebecca, I sit here with tears in my eyes. We,too, know the gift of reconciliation in our family--it was 15 years in coming and overwhelming when it happened. The treasure in that Hope Chest was just that- the hope your mom had for the miracle of family healing here on earth. God bless you and your whole family- xo Diana

Curtains in My Tree said...

Thank you for sharing your family story.
I know besides me there are others who families have suffered this same story, maybe some of us are waiting on our family trunk to open spiritual.
Seems like half my family gets together then other have is mad and gone for years? I pray everyday for my family
Peace be with all of us

Deanna said...

Beautifully written...

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Yes, those are treasures that have been kept near your Mom's heart for over half a Century and now it comes back to you.
May indeed her prayers remain the bonding between those she loved the most while here on this earth.
My Mom always prayed for all of her Children. She had to sing in many anniversary masses with her choir so spent lots of time at Church. Also when she was on her bed for the dialysis trice a week, she prayed for her children. Now I continue to do that for her, for all of my siblings, that is six more of us. None of them go to Church and it no doubt has hurt my Mom tremendously. Now I can only continue to pray for healing that they may return to their heavenly Father following in Mom's footsteps as she no doubt continuous to do so from heaven down. Life indeed is too short for holding grudges but we cannot perform miracles. In 2016 I've literally crossed the Ocean for visiting with all six of them; I've come the extra mile and extended my hand. But by two that hand got rejected... now I only can pray!
You asked if I got the other comment on Google but I've never seen it...
I still have my blog current, you can leave a comment there, might be simpler.
Sending you hugs,

Susie said...

Rebecca, As a mother of four daughters, all I want is that they love one another and always be kind to each other. Your mother was a beautiful lady. The pain will each, the longing for one more hug, kiss and conversation will last. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

Cathy Edmondson said...

I am touched by this beautifully written story, with tears in my eyes. What a blessing to read about the legacy your mother left for her children. God knows what we need, even when we do not!
Proverbs 31
Blessings to you and your family

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Thank you for sharing, you bring a peace to those who grieve as you. You have been through so much and yet we all have to face those days ourselves. I pray for you and your family. I long to have had the love that you have been shown in all the years. You are blessed. Your sharing your heartache and pain is so close to so many of us. It is with great love I say to you. God Bless you and your family.

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