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My sweet La Chaumière de Briarwood looks best when she is dressed for Autumn...  Just the style of our nearly 50 year old home ushers in a timeless look of simple beauty and charm.

Several years ago I found three antique/vintage Tell City Ladder Back Chairs at a local Oklahoma thrift store.  I desperately needed four and found another one up in Missouri (my late Momma and I made the four hour trip up north to get it and then back home again!)...  If I remember right I paid only $28.00 each for the first three...but then had to paid five times that for the fourth one.  Still a great deal as the chairs are now highly sought after and getting harder to find all the time!

Anything with the TELL CITY logo has gone up in price and I'm sure will continue to go up in years to come!

I love the way the chairs look in our breakfast room.  I painted them black and then heavily distressed them so the original maple stain color lightly shows through.

I've often wished I had two more chairs for extra seating...just haven't wanted to drop the cash!

Every once in a while I get online to just LOOK and SEE!  Incredibly I found another sweet chair like the four I already have on FB Marketplace (Oklahoma/local)!
Guess how much?

The silly thing was only $20!

The chair had been on Marketplace for 15 hours when I saw it...I couldn't believe it wasn't already SOLD!  I contacted the seller immediately and my Mr. AGPMan picked it up after work!


On a whim I decided to check eBay just to SEE if I could possibly find ONE MORE!

Well...I actually found TWO MORE...

But guess how much?

A WHOPPING $600 for two...or $300 each!

I just very nearly GASPED out loud!

I knew the chairs were valuable...just not THAT valuable.  To be fair, I also found another one that was quite a bit less...but it had some damage to it!  They were all in Nebraska and even tho the hubby grew up there...we certainly weren't planning a trip north anytime soon.  Wouldn't have paid that much anyway!

I hope in the future to snag one more chair for an equally amazing price.

Sometimes great deals take patience!

Today is our 41st anniversary!  WHAT?

I can't believe it.  In case you forgot (or are new here OR haven't followed along in a bit...) Here is our wedding photo taken on September 8, 1978!

What's the secret to our success of living together and not killing each other for nearly 15,000 days?
(14,975 to be exact!)

Love, Respect, Passion, Faith, Trust, Hope, Hard Work, Good Choices, Sound Financial Decisions, Great Kids, Fun, Date Night, Laughter, Good Health 

Hope you are having an awesome Sunday.  After celebrating our marriage last night with a beautiful dinner out and breakfast this morning...we are doing some Fall planting and having homemade vegetable soup for a calm, quiet dinner.

Loving my simple life.

Love to you...



NanaDiana said...

I am just tickled to see a post from you. I am not in blogland nearly as much now that I am working full time again. That will end before too long. I am glad to see that you are back blogging -you were one of the first blogs I followed and I loved watching you evolve through the years with all your decorating and creative projects.
Happy Fall & Happy Anniversary. We just celebrated 44 years! Can't believe it. xo Diana

Sue said...

I am so happy to see you posting again, Rebecca, I have read your previous post, giving thanks with you for your health returning, prayers for complete healing.
I am so sorry for the loss of your mother.

Sue said...

OH! I forgot to wish you and your dh a very happy anniversary, my sweetie and I celebrated our anniversary this past week also.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Oh, the best and most wanted things might take a long search but in the end it is always worth it!
LOVE the ingredients you both tossed into those 'short' 41 years.
We're trailing right behind you with almost 36 years... and in GOD we trust for adding some more time to that. Every day is a GIFT, considering Pieter's serious heart condition but the expensive meds are keeping him alive + lots of prayers.

Theresa said...

Oh honey, those chairs are gorgeous! I had no idea chairs were worth SO much! You sure had a good find on that one to add to yours, $20 GREAT PRICE. Happy 41st Anniversary dear friend, HUGS!

Deanna said...

Wonderful post! Congrats on anni. That's a milestone. You two make a beautiful looking couple. Enjoyed visiting your place today. Last night I was going down memory lane and came across some pics of my Grandparents celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary. They looked so much older than we younguns.
God bless,

Junkchiccottage said...

Love the chairs. Don't you love FB market place I have found a few neat treasures on there. Happy Anniversary. We celebrate our 38 on the 12th. Oh how the time goes so fast.
Big Hugs,

Roosterhead Designs said...

Such a lovely post!!! Happy belated Anniversary~
I enjoyed the peek into your beautiful home and to see your wonderful breakfast area! It is so pretty and inviting~ Your secret to a successful marriage is a sound, tried and true one : ) karen o

Rose L said...

Happy anniversary to such a loving couple. What a find with that chair. I had married my husband in May of 1976 and he was my soul mate. He passed into the Lords arms in 2012. I now have allowed a new love into my life and he is such a blessing to me. God has given me love twice!

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