Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Update: OK....We are finally uploading and IF IF IF our electricity will stay on we should have a FEW things for you all to take a peek at on our website before the stroke of midnight! Getting in right under the wire! What a nightmare! Certainly didn't expect tornadoes this afternoon to yank out our power! Sure glad my house is still standing! Thank you for your patience... Rebecca

From earlier this evening...

We aren't 100% sure yet but we BELIEVE the worst part of the tornadoes have passed us by. My town (Edmond, OK) received damage just north of us...very scary! A few houses are destroyed and the roof is off at a local TARGET and a pizza place (Chuck-E-Cheese)! Power lines are down as well! For those of you who aren't familiar with tornados...well...it is pretty frightening! I'm from California originally...so I know all about earthquakes, too! At least with a tornado we get some warning... All of it is equally disturbing and again, SCARY! Presently we still have LOTS of rain and thundering storms. Just a warning we may have to shut everything down again... :(.

My hubbs is still working on uploading the website! Almost done! So sorry for the delay! We lost about 4 hours due to the storms...

Thank you for your care and concern....


Original Post Below:

Just a quick note before I shut down my computer...

A tornado just touched down near my home. I'm off for now...I'll post more soon!



Anonymous said...

Prayers for you and your family!

God bless, Lisa

Mary H said...

Yikes!! Please take care...with love & hugs, Mary

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Good grief Rebecca cannot evenstart to imagine how scary that would be.
Stay safe

Lyn xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe. My prayers go up for you.

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

God Bless you Rebecca, my prayers are with you all in harms way.
Keep Safe, Sharon

Heather Lyn said...

Be safe!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to know that your family is okay. I hope not too much damage has been left behind. Tornado's scare the dickens out of me. I'm a Bostonian/Maine girl. Noreaster's or hurricaines, no problem. Tornado's.. not a word can describe my fear of them. Glad your safe Rebecca & Oklahoman's.

Joyce said...

Yikes.....I heard about that today. We have have family in Edmond so when I heard about the tornado on the news and heard some of the areas it hit I realized it was near them.
I'm glad that everyone has fared well through that.
Earthquakes I am sure are scary.....
I'm orginally from the Midwest so we have been around tornados many times.....but having lived in LA for all these years.....now our issues are HURRICANES.
We were hit by one just this past September.
We will be getting a new roof this spring due to that crazy Gustav.....most of our neighbors are or have as well.
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are safe Reb!
I am utterly horrified of tornadoes. I pace the floor when the wind blows at night. It just really really scares me to death!
We came out OK over here in Ar. They were predicting strong winds but they weren't that bad. Thank you Jesus!
Can't wait to see your new goodies.

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