Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My La Chaumière de Briarwood
(Dressed in Holiday & "Christmas" Style)

Sweet Peeps...

Just a quick note to thank you ALL for the kind and loving comments left for me as my family and I honored the first anniversary of the passing of my beloved Gramma. That was a rough day. Knowing she is in heaven (and is no longer blinded by Glaucoma) helped us all celebrate her life and legacy with joy! Thank you again.

OK...onto some fun stuff!

I promised you all some pictures of my La Chaumière de Briarwood (My Briarwood Cottage) decorated for Christmas and here is just a small glimpse. I promise to show more pictures including some close-up shots soon. Also, I snapped some pics on just HOW I get my Christmas Tree to look like it does. I learned some amazing tricks while at MARKET when I once owned a brick and mortar gift shoppe. I'll be posting those pictures in a day or so!

Because I paint pink roses many people mistakenly believe that is all I decorate with. I love pink. I always have. But, I much prefer for each little treasured find (and creation) to have a place of honor in my home instead of having it all over the place. Besides...when you paint the stuff you don't always want to see it in your face every day. Even though I LOVE what I do, for me, I think it's a bit arrogant to have only my own things around me. I love to mix my own work up with things fashioned and designed by other artisans!

(and the vintage cupboards)

Because I have soooo many things to choose from for my Christmas decorating I sometimes struggle with just what to put out. My personal thought is that this sweet old cupboard is WAY overdone...but, I've been swamped with work (a good thing!) and the thought of removing ALL the dishes and replacing them with Christmas themed ones...well, I decided NOT TO! :) So, I left them in place and decorated around them. Maybe next year!

(Made New with Vintage Finds)

Also, this year I've gifted to my sweet girl many little mementos from her childhood (I have saved some things back for her big brother, too). I have more RED than I will ever use and they both love to "deck the halls" with traditional Christmas colors. The thought of waiting until I'm gone and having them rummage through all my JUNQUE makes me nervous. I'd much rather see them both use and enjoy all the things their Momma has loved (and decorated with) over the years. The really special things I've saved back and still use in my home. I'll be showing some of them later this week.

Sweet & Lovely

I found this old compote a couple of years ago and fell it love with it. It isn't an expensive piece...probably from Napco...for sure made in Japan in the 1950's or so. I filled it up with a hand- tatted doily, a frosted pink rose, new and older bulbs and my favorite hand painted Hearts from Germany.

Shop Discount Stores
Great Finds To Be Found

This darling glass jar was found at ROSS for $14.99. I love it! I filled it up with extra pink and gold bulbs~ My favorite part of the jar can be found on the front. Hanging from the lid is the silver Angel I won in a blog drawing from Martha at Martha's Favorites.

(this darling little Christmas Angel
just called out to me!)

I have NEVER decorated my home at Christmas the same way! Each December I put my favorite keepsakes out, give some once dearly loved finds away and then add some new (and even more OLD) into the mix. It's the ONLY WAY I can manage all the decorative treasures I have. If I buy something new then something else has to go.

These days I purchase ONLY what I love and skip on everything else.

(made by my Brandon's kindergarten hand 1986)

Over the years my children fashioned many "presents" for me. Many were paper-based and those are in their respective keepsake boxes. When they were really small they made Christmas Ornaments for their daddy and I. Our son, Brandon, made this tiny pine cone tree on a bed of fluffy "snow" in 1986 while in Kindergarten. I've put it out for 23 years now. Where have the years gone? Sniff.

Soooo much more to share with you before the season is over...stay tuned. You just have to see my outside decorations...my Mr. AGPMAN is amazing...I think you are going to LOVE how he transforms our home with sparkling, bright lights~ More soon...

Blessings to you as you remember that all that glitters is not gold! I encourage you to make room for Him...Rebecca


Laura said...

Miss Rebecca- You are such a talented , special lady.

I love your photos of your home- and I chuckled because I too just 'decorated' around things.

I'll keep watching for more pictures!


Anonymous said...

Ooo-la-la! So pretty, Rebecca! thanks for showing us! ♥

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca, I love the little handmade things the kids make thru the years..I lost my skinny tree and a bunch of lights, Coca~Cola lights and ornaments & my brand new tree in a fire about 2 years ago..so I am trying to replace them. Hard to find Santa Ornaments now...I wanted to thank you for being such a sweet mentor for me this year....you have helped & encouraged me, and I appreciate it so...
Hugs, glenda

Jocelyn said...

You do such beautiful work. The decorating is lovely.

Lisa said...

I love it all! How beautiful! The pinecone is sweet! My mom has one my nephew gave her for her decor last year and she loves it! I hope you are having a great time decorating!
Hugs, Lisa

Ana said...

Hi sweet Rebecca,
I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved grandmother. I lost both my grandmothers too soon also, but all the wonderful memories I have of them are still fresh in my mind and I cherish that more than anything. Keep those wonderful memories of her in your heart always. Tons of love to you dear freind.

Oh! But before I go...let me just tell you how beautiful your cottage looks. Love all the pink. Oh so very sweet.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

It is beautiful Rebecca. If only I had the storage space for ALL of the Christmas decorations that I come across. I have come to a point in my life, that less is more. I think that comes from just not having enough hours in the day. Even if I had all of the seasonal decorations that I long for I don't know when I would find the time to decorate.
So in the meantime I will vicariously live through all of my talented bloggie friends. :)
xxoo, Sue

Stacey said...

Rebecca, your home is just beautiful. I'm not sure I'd ever want to leave. ;)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Rebecca...

Oh my....isn't everything just delish! Love all the pretty pinks... :-) Of course. And, your little Brandon's tree..oh my. That is just tooo darn cute. What a pleasure it must be to get it out every year. I love it.

Have a wonderful week! So good to hear you're busy! What a good thing.


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Your home is so amazingly beautiful.
Your post is so heartfelt. Seems as though you treasure each and everything that you place in your home and I'm loving that. It's very sweet that you still put out ornaments made by your children.
Mine are packed away, now I'm thinking I should get them out.
Thanks for a beautiful reminder of what the season is all about.

Anonymous said...

I DO love all your feminine touches in decor and artistry. But I must ask...how does your Mr. AGP Man deal with living in all the frill and the pink and the white?!

Just wondering :o)

Barbara Jean said...

This is all so wonderfully, elegantly, beautiful.

What soft and serene surroundings.


thank you for sharing and inspiring us.


barbara jean

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh...And To The WONDERFUL Anonymous COMMENTER... (Why not use your real name?) Just wondering :0:

My husband handles the cream, white, pink and femininity just as he has handled everything in our 31 years of marriage. With dignity and grace and honesty.

Our home is warm and inviting and he isn't threatened by it's style or romantic charm.

That said...he did say a BIG FAT "NO" when I asked him if I could paint his outdoor workshop white and decorate the landscape with flowering bushes and roses.

I guess we all have room to grow. LOL

PS: Generally I do not post anonymous comments. This is the RARE exception.

Victorian1885 said...

Lovely Rebecca! Happy Holidays to you and your Family..


Julie Marie said...

Oooh Rebecca, I don't know where to begin... I know I need to go back another time or two to make sure I did not miss a thing! First off, you couldn't be arrogant if you tried!!! You should show your handmade treasures all over the place! That is so sweet you are giving your children some of your things to enjoy as well... I also loved your reply to Anonymous... from what I know about him from you, your Mr AGP is such a wonderful man... Ok, back to the post for another closer look... so pretty! Bisous... Julie Marie

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Rebecca, your Christmas decor is stunning. I love how you softened the bowl of ornaments with doilies. I hope I do not miss your tips on decorating the tree to be awesome - I have not had the "ah" factor yet with my trees.
Merry Christmas to you!

Lisa said...

I love all the pink Christmas. One day...sigh. :)

Miss Rhea said...

Just Gorgeous Rebecca !! Yummy !! My Hubby overlooks all of my "foof" too :) We are Blessed women !! :) Your pine cone that Brandon made is adorable :) And the sideboard is Lovely !! Not too much at all :) Hugs to YOU :)

Stephanie said...

I love to look at all the beauty on your blog. Your Christmas decorations are so beautiful.And your son's treasure is the best one of all.

I read the post about your grandmother... so sorry. I lost my Aunt this summer, she was as close to me as my mother. I think I'll miss her forever. But how lucky are we to have had such amazing women in our lives!

Hope said...

very beautiful and elegant.

Tara said...

what a beautiful post Rebecca! Your Christmas treasures are so delightful to the eye. I can not wait to see more pretty pinkness!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful place. I used to take all the china out and put only Christmas things in, but I am like you, I just decorate around them. I have to finish up all my Christmas gifts before I decorate. I can't afford to move anything til I finish. I have about 10 painting and journals drying and in line for finishing up.

Ginger said...

Rebecca, I see what you mean about your tree, I'm only fainting because it is sooooo beautiful. Looks like I need to add more to my tree.

I agree, the ones the kids make you when they were small are the most precious!! Love it all, can't wait to see more.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Rebecca, your husband sounds like mine; he's a good sport too! I love all your pinks and decorations. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing.


Dolores said...

Oh Rebecca, I love all the beauty/sweetness/softness, and love that your picturs show us, as they adorn your lovely home.

I too, love those specially crafted ornaments made by our children and grandchildren..... they always have a special place on our tree at Christmas.

God bless you!

The Feathered Nest said...

Rebecca!!!! Your home is like a magical winter wonderland!!! Your are so sweet to share your home with us ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Just A Girl said...

Hi Rebecca,
I read the anonymous comment and in my opinion it is a true man who can live with pink. It also helps if they're color blind as mine is...LOL!
All your pinks are so lovely and sweet. I've decided that pink is my favorite Christmas color out of all the colors on the color wheel.
It is after all a shade of red, is it not?
Have a peaceful evening sweet friend!
xoxo Cori

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, Trying to catchup on my blogs that I love to visit after being gone all last week from home.

I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Grandmother. Pray God's comfort around you and your family. Each time another friend or loved one goes home it gives me a bigger hunger for heaven- What a day that will be!

Your Christmas is just lovely! I think the dishes are wonderful in the hutch and wouldn't change a thing!



WOW...now I don't want to share my little Christmas decor...
Very beautiful.

June said...

Rebecca sweet, I'll be right over with my blankie. I want to sleep right under that beautiful tree of yours!!! I love your gorgeous cottage and I know it reflects the beauty oof BOTH of you! I've had people ask me how Dale likes living among all the florals and pastels. He loves our home and is secure in his manhood.lol I feel that if I have to go out the back door and smell the wonderful aroma of horse manure,he can put up with florals and pastels.
Hugs and love,

Sandra said...

Hi Rebecca. I love love your Christmas decor! It is truly beautiful! Stunning!
Have a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

Rebecca, everything is so pretty and elegant! Thank you for sharing your home and for inspiring me to get on with the decorating!


P.S. That is a gorgeous picture of Miss K in the white dress!

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

I read the first comment left to you... & kinda think your lovely man *puts up with it* because he LOVES his beautiful Wife... your home looks stunning, as yet I have to put up our tree. Every year I place the decorations my children made when they were little in their special places & it brings me so much joy just as the decorations & stocking I have bought from you have their special place. Loving this time of the year....

Lyn xxx

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

This is so pretty, serene and sophisticated, Rebecca. Thanks for letting us all peek at your pretties!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

cottagepinkperfection said...

Thanks for the tour, it was lovely. Can't wait to read your tips on decorating the tree. I need to get motivated!

God Bless!

Tanza said...

Good morning my sweet ~r~,
I just LoVE... LoVe... Love... your beautiful Christmas decor .. It's LoVely, and yes soo feminine and soft !! You've seen our Pink trees like this !! There is something about the PinKs and the CreAms that also call my name .. I soo could curl up right next to this beautiful tree of yours .. and dream .. It's just stunning .. and to those of you that worry about our hubbys, I think they LoVe it too !! I say if my garage is turned into a weight clanging , boxing gym .. my little cottage can be all I want it to be .. I've learned just don't touch or move (throwout) his tv., and chair, and all is good and pinky here .. hahaha .. you've truly inspired me again .. show more, pretty pleeezz .. this is just a tease I know !! Have I told you how much I LoVe and aDore sweet you lately .. you always tickle my heart !! Have a happy pinky kinda day ~
huggers ~tea~xo

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rebecca ~
Ohhhh my goodness your home is beautiful !
My hubby is like yours and is totally fine with the pinks, whites and feminine touches ~

A Southern Rose said...

I love all of your pink and cream Christmas decor. So soft and pretty. The little pinecone that your son made is precious. I think that I will post a few of my children's ornaments whenever I can start downloading pictures again. I haven't made the time to get my computer fixed yet. I'm slow with everything this year. Retail has been tough this year on my body. Not sure how much more I can take of it. I might be making a career change in the future.

Can't wait to see more pictures!

Lee Laurie

Lee Laurie

Unknown said...

G'morn, sweet Rebecca ~ WOW!! My husband sleeps on pink sheets, under roses galore quilting amongst soft pink walls, pink roses curtains, pink roses border ceiling trim, soft crystal & pink chandeliers & lighting throughout our room ... adorned by tons of rose art & plates ... nothing like sleeping on/in a bed of roses!

Gosh! I guess this person wouldn't like OUR home at all ... because it is not that un-similar to yours. Wait until they see our Christmas decor.

Neither here nor there, I am so sorry that someone was so shallow to waste your time & space. Your home is breathtakingly gorgeous. This is sad ....

Your tree, I gasped! is nearly like mine! Everything, as always, is exquisite, your decorating touch is phenomenal, so peaceful, so elegant, so charming.

Have a beautiful day, my sweet friend. Hugs of love, Marydon

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rebecca dear. I have thoroughly
enjoyed looking over your exquisite living room decorated for the holidays!! It is just a dream room!!!! All that sweet white and your little treasures amongst it. You have collected some wonderful things but it is YOU who has put the heart into it all. You are amazing, my friend!!
I, too, gave some of my old ornaments and treasures to my grand
daughters when they were here for the Thanksgiving holidays...and to the three little ones I gave your gorgeous pink ornaments. They were
all three sooo charmed with them.
I will be watching for more "glam"
from you soon!
Take care..Hugs from Francy

Barb said...

Rebecca, lovely and charming....just like YOU!

Love, Barb ♥

Mollye said...

Hi Rebecca, Well girl it is 2:30 and Punkin will be home in a little over an hour and I still am in my PJ's because i've been a decorating lunatic all day, but it is sure beginning to look like Christmas around here. Your decorations are amazing and so soft, femme and just beautiful and gentle. My hubby puts up with my bouts of glam and girlishness too even though he is of the Camo attire and I think he secretly enjoys my femme touches. Otherwise why would he ever come out of those deer woods. I am excited to see what else you do. Happy hugs, Mollye

Anonymous said...

First.... I Love your MERRY CHRISTMAS HEADER.. lovely.

Second, I love your tree. It's full, pretty & beckons for attention from all who set their eyes upon her. Very pretty indeed!

We used to put extra brances in on some of the empty spots to give it a fuller appearance. Then some garland mixed with homemade, cranberries & popcorn, along with lights... it's a fat plump tree!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Rebecca, you have no idea how proud I was when I bought my first sweet item from you. It has been years now..but I am so proud of everything I own that has your name on it. My tiny cross stitch Christmas tree pillow will come out today...THANK YOU, Rebecca! I appreciate your talent and you. You have been a joy in my life!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I read this post and ALL the comments. It seems to me the anonymous commentor was simply curious about how the man in your life lives in this beautiful, romantic world you've created. It seems very innocent to me and NOTHING comes off rude about the comment at all.

Some people just dont get natural curiosity I guess.

You're website and your home are simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you when I left my comment about your living room dressed up for the holidays...
my husband does not mind my PINK either and my house is full of it, and all sorts of little girly-girl "pretties". He just asks that I not try to decorate HIS room upstairs over the garage...he has all of his collections in there..sports cars, motorcycles, race boats...you get it...LOL
He even is patient enough to "come see" when I call him to come and look at what you have done now, and grins when I tell him I wish he was more like Mr.AGP.....handy around the house!! But he does bring me morning coffee in bed, AND
does other kind things like that!!
I liked your demonstration on how you decorate your tree, too..clever
girl!! No wonder it looks so FULL!!
Have a fun weekend coming up...Love, Francy

Rebecca Nelson said...

To: Shabby Vintage Bliss~ Ms. Heather...The Paint in my Family Room is called Drifting Dune D21-2 by LOWE'S. It is soft, creamy AND DREAMY and I absolutely LOVE IT.

Annette Smith said...

Hi Rebecca, I just had to comment on your blog, and especially the wonderful Christmas decorations. You encourage me to do more with my own decorating just have to continue to collect what I would need to even get close to how wonderful yours looks.
Thank you so much for sharing with us, I do love visiting your blog

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