Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~SEEING RED - And What Not To Do On A Monday~

I expected yesterday to be a wonderful day.

And it was...

Until about 1:00pm.

It was at about that time that I decided to break my cardinal (pun intended!) rule and carry my lunch upstairs to work! I've been busy getting last minute orders off and didn't want to STOP to eat my TINY LITTLE MEAL (still on Weight Watchers here!) at the table.

I can just see our little Miss K shaking her finger at me as I DECIDED TO DO something that I do not allow her to do (that would be eat and drink upstairs!).

There are exactly twelve steps from my entryway to up upstairs hallway. On the 10th step I tripped over my own two feet which sent my VERY FULL glass of RED, RED, RED Crystal Lite Cherry Drink flying from one end of my landing to the other...

Somebody slap me!

Did I tell you it was red?

Did I say RED?


I spent the next 8 hours trying to get it out of my very pale beige carpet. I tried EVERY PRODUCT and finally just called the PROFESSIONALS to come out. Hours and hours and hours later all the carpet in my home is fresh and lovely again. And, unless you are looking you can't see the very faint, extremely light pink haze smack outside the door of our main upstairs bath. I wasn't expecting to have my carpets cleaned before Christmas but they sure do look wonderful now.


Word of advice.

When trying to detox yourself from carbonated beverages and rid caffeine from your body, please choose SOMETHING other than a red drink mix to aid you in your plight. You will save yourself, your carpet and your hubby from having a total meltdown (and from spending a couple hundred bucks, too!) during the most wonderful season of the year.

Today I'm having water.

Clear, beautiful, non-staining WATER!

Blessings to you as you stay focused on the things that matter...Rebecca


Lisa said...

I had to get up and clean up coffee off the floor in the middle of reading this!! Not my coffee or my child that carried it all over MY house! I have spent the week getting dog stains out of my carpet so I so get where you are coming from! I do hope you get your stain out!
Hugs, Lisa

Stacey said...

Oh bless your heart! Because of our dogs, we now only have a couple of rugs...everything is wood or tile. It's so much easier. I do totally understand what you were describing though. I used to always be amazed at what my youngest son would do to his carpet! Ick.

stefanie said...

Oh, I feel your pain, been there, done that..lol..but a least everything is fresh and clean

Miss Jean said...

Oh, goodness! That is something I would do. I'm glad the outcome was so good.

Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

I came to your blog via "Shabby Pink & Pretty" and "and Sew on.." I can relate and very much feel your pain. We moved into our brand new manufactured home 10 years ago. It had very nice beige carpets. A girl friend of a buddy of my son, was visiting and tipped over her bottle of Ruby Red Sprite. It was unnoticed for about 20 minutes or more. AND it NEVER came out. For the next 8 years until I removed the carpet, I had a very pretty pink spot in the middle of my beige carpet. I always joked that if I wanted to dye my carpet, I would just fill my carpet cleaner with Ruby Red Sprite and I could have a PINK carpet. Probably should have done it, instead of always trying to hide the spot with furniture. LOL I'm glad you were able to get most of the stain out.

Debra@CommonGround said...

I hear you.I like cranberry juice and Perrier, so does my cat. Last week I poured what I had left into my thermal cup that I keep water in by bedside at night. She has a naughty habit of drinking out of it when I'm not looking. Well, she knocked it over at 11:00 one night. Yes, also RED, so I got to clean our bedroom carpet then. such fun. But I DO have a Bissell carpet cleaner that does a really fantastic job. Just didn't want to have to do it at that hour!
Hope you are having a better day, today!
hugs and blessings,

Catherine said...

Oh my! At least you have nice clean carpets for Christmas! I say stick with the water - no staining and probably better for you than the red dye anyway.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

With 3 kitties in our household our carpets get shampooed quite routinely. We finally invested in our own steam shampooer, cheaper that way!!
Nice clean spring water..... Ahhhhhh...... so much nicer
& no red dyes & artificial flavorings!!
Merry Christmas!

Mr. AGP Man said...

I really only have one thing to say about the whole thing.


Did I say it wasn't me!



:-) :-) :-) :-)


Sandy said...

Red has got to be the worst. Once one of my lovely children spilled red kool-aid on gold shag carpeting. I know I'm dating myself. I tried everything and got desperate and grabbed the sani-foam for the bathroom. Worked beautifully. Merry Christmas and no more spills

Unknown said...

Oh, Rebecca, how awful! Hindsight is 20/20, but we do learn from our mistakes, don't we?

At least your carpets are fresh and clean for the upcoming festivities and I'm sure you'll take pleasure in that!

Enjoy your clean carpets!


Cherished Treasures said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca,
Happens to me all the time. I have MD and am alway tripping. My drink usually goes flying all over furniture & walls too. Still haven't learned to keep it at the kitchen table though. My drink of choice is iced tea, so the spots are beige.
My husband drinks hot green tea and leaves the bag with string and tab hanging over the side of the cup, sits his cup on my lovely antique embroidered & cutwork tablecloths, instant stain when the tea wicks out of the cup onto the cloth.
Have a Very Merry Sparkling Clean Christmas. :)
Hugs, Carol B.

cottagepinkperfection said...

Aww, I am sorry! A case of "Do as I say, and not as I do." Hope you didn't get hurt. You are so funny telling it though. I got rid of all the carpeting when I decided to get my chocolate lab, who by the way would always track in mud and God knows what else. Now I have all hardwood and ceramic tile and love, love it. Makes clean up a breeze. I would definitely stick with water.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my Rebecca,did you say RED(LOL).Poor you I know how I would feel as well.As far as any kind of drink with fake sugar or real I dont consume it,lol.I have water.Water is much better for you when your trying to loose.I was never big on sodas maybe a pepsi once in a great while.I found out several years ago after my husband died that loosing weight wasnt a big problem if you just told your self what foods are good and what arent.I eat all whole grains and fruit.I never have any white bread pasta or anything else.Also eating a few meals a day is better than skipping meals.Just a bit of advice I found out to work with me.Im just eating now like I should,no weight problems at all.I Wish you luck with that.

Take care dont go falling again.Im a cluts.Heres what happend to me on sunday,well not to me but one of my clumsy things I never understand(LOL).I have candles in my windows each and every window.So I went to pull the blind up in the morning at one of the windows,it fell down and chopped I mean chopped off my globe inside the candle.I got the glass out but couldnt put another one back it cause the rest of it wouldnt come out.

Anyway I feel like I just wrote a book on your comments here,LOL.Do have a great rest of the week, Rebecca(i love writing that name LOL)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

One of the things that matters is RED STAINS on my carpet. I wonder if I spilled a LARGE, A VERY LARGE, glass of red Koolaid,....
:) No...now that is not nice.
(Our capet needs to be spilled on!!)
I know this is your very busy time of year! I am off to see what you have been making...
Orders? you take orders?

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I love your hubby's comment. That sounds like mine...glad I didn't do it! We have tile everywhere except bedrooms...which no food goes to, however, now we have a dog...so you know!

BECKY said...

Oh Rebecca! I know just how you feel. We had just sprung for our lovely new carpet, and I had our first Keeper's meeting with the girls...rubber stamping...can you see where this is going??? Well, my Maddy is super neat when it comes to crafting, so I didn't even think about a drop cloth or anything. Some of my stamping supplies are kind of old and one of the girls decided to use a RED stamp pad...a BLOOD RED stamp pad that had begun to deteriorate unbeknownst to me!! After all the kids were gone I was cleaning up and to my horror discovered little red flecks of stamp pad in a foot radius that had been mushed into my BRAND NEW CARPET IN MY FORMAL DINING ROOM!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I managed to pick up some of the flecks, and then tried to clean the ink, and of course, I, too, have little pink circles!!!

Guess it is kinda like the first scratch or ding on your new car...it has to happen...but I had only had this carpet for about a week!! Anyway...lesson learned here, too!!

And water is much better for you anyway, right??!! LOL!!!

Blessings and hugs, sweet gal!!

chicroses said...

Just read what your Mr AGP man said..funny! I hope that suttle pink doesnt bother you to much from now on. I would like to have all hardwood floors...we have tile and we still havent sealed the grout...I am on WW also..hard sometimes..just wanted to let you know that I posted a pic of my and my hubby in 1972 at xmas on my blog. I have a laptop with new pic place..and it is so easy to grab them now..so Im hoping after xmas I can do more with my blog..so if you have a little time to see my blog go there??its silly

Rebecca Nelson said...

To My Mr. AGPMan:

I'm glad it wasn't you, too! Otherwise I'd be a widow.

xoYour Baber


You poor thing, I'm sorry but if there was a brighter side at least it turned a light pink color (; I was just visiting Becky @ Sweet Cottage Dreams and saw your beautiful pillow she won, I was hoping that you had one for sale, but I don't see any ): Will you have anymore or maybe I missed some??

Dolores said...

Goodness, I'm so happy to hear you didn't hurt yourself, other than your 'feelings'..... Lesson learned, I betcha you won't carry red drinks on the carpet again.
Glad the stain came out.....


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Wouldn't you know it? Whenever you spill something, it is always red or brown!
I have learned my lesson the hard way too with iced tea by the bed.
My kitty likes to jump up on the nightstand and then on the bed, so she took the iced tea with her.
What a mess. I had to call in the pros myself.
Glad it came up.

June said...

Oh sweetie I'm so sorry. Not a fun thing to deal with when you're trying to get work done and this close to the holidays. When things like this happened to any of the children I would (and still do) ask, 'what did you learn from this'? Oh, do they ever hate that! So Rebecca...
hugs to you dear one.

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

We need to ban red drinks from the house. Ban them I tell you! No red drinks allowed!
:) :) :) :)
xxoo, Sue

Sheryl said...

We never expect these things to happen to us. My small house had the kitchen next to the living room. My microwave was located next to the doorway. I heated up a bowl of chili one day and when I pulled it out, it slipped from my hand. The microwave pan hit the floor bottom down, but a geyser of chili went up and right down on my pale blue carpet. Ewwwwwww!

At least you didn't have to replace the carpet which would have surely been more than a couple of hundred dollars!


Martha's Favorites said...

I am so sorry. That is the last thing someone needs during the holidays. Well, tomorrow is another day and His mercies are new every morning! Blessings, Martha

Laura said...

Falling and spilling something is a pretty humbling experience, isn't it?

And then, I feel like I want to cry...

I hope and pray that you have a very blessed holiday Rebecca.


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Ouch! Poor Rebecca.....darn, there just isn't time for this kind of crisis right now, is there? We had the SAME cardinal rule when my girl lived at home. She knew the rule.....it had been enforced her entire life. No food could be taken from the kitchen.....Yep......red KOOL AID! Same problem. She still remembers that day.....and NOT with fondness either.... I have discovered my best friend......it's a shop vac. I know they have special machines for this kind of thing, but my little shop vac works just fine. I add a bit of water and begin the vacuuming process. My carpet is seven years old now with nary a stain.....It just doesn't work to try to blot it and this gets everything right out. I've used Spot Shot before the shop vac before too....it says, on the can, not to, I don't know why...??? So, there's one of my favorite house-ie tips!

I'm glad you had success in the removal department!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh, Rebecca.........I wanted to thank you for your note about getting so many things accomplished.......and that depression can be the flip side......I so appreciate your sharing that with me....I am quite a happy-go-lucky girl most of the time, but sometimes that dark pit wants to gobble me up....


Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

omg! ohhhhhhhh. sinking. it can ruin a day, huh? at least you don't drink wine. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh my words... I would have just dropped to my knees right there. Isn't that jus the way it is. Short story... I bought and paid for my first car. A brand new hyundai. Loved my little sedan. Went up to Maine from New Hampshire to visit my brother-cousin and his wife, my childhood friend. Got there mid day, pulled in the drive way and we had a nice visit. We all went to bed. Brother gets up at 4 am to go hunting.

now... me and my sister in law are in the house cooking (thanksgiving week) all day. We hadn't gone outside as yet.

Brother comes home, "ahem... T.... have you been outside today".

Me... no why?...

he says.. "I think you should come outside. I know it's real cold but you need to".

My SIL just turns and says... "What did you do?".

I giggle not realizing... oh wait .. that is his shame face.

I say:... Nooooooo you didn't ... my heart sunk! TIM.. you didn't.. tell me you didn't.... and he turns to look at me and says... "tell me it's a rental okay"

YEP... smacked right into my little hyundai with his BRAND NEW FORD PICKUP TRUCk..... can you imagine.. what are the odds.

Well, I hugged him and got hold of his ear and gave him a good twist let me tell you. OY

Cinnamonstitch said...

I have the best product , it will get EVERY stain out Even Permanent Marker From your new pretty couch that your 2 year old thought was a coloring book :(
It is called "FOLEX", Pet accidents, children accidents, even MOM accidents.
Have a safe and Merry Christmas

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