Friday, July 16, 2010


In early  February of 2008 I created this little blog of mine even though I didn't make my first Post for almost an entire year.  I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that I was a big fat chicken  afraid to venture out into such unknown territory and I'm quite sure if it wasn't for my sister, Jenny from JenX67, I would still be 'just talking about it'.  In January of 2009 I vowed to get my A Gathering Place (A Gathering of Thoughts) Blog going and now here I am 18 months later still enjoying every single moment of it.  

One of the things I've grown to love about Blogging are the fabulous Bloggers that I meet along the way.  Some are local peeps like Stacey from Poofing the Pillows (don't you just LOVE that name!) and then there is Ginger from Glitter and Roses and her daughter, Tammy from Tammy's Heart .  They are all lovely ladies and I'm excited to tell you they hail from the very place "where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain"!  

Another sweet lady who also lives not too terribly far from me is Miss Glenda from Serendipity Cottage.  Just recently Miss G sent me a sweet little box packed FULL of the most amazing ribbons, trims and laces.  I was more excited than I can say when I saw the treasures inside, but mostly I was taken back by her generosity.  Thank you Glenda!   I hope you will take the time to visit Glenda and the other Red-Earth lovin' ladies who all call the beautiful state of Oklahoma home!

Next I want to brag on another lovely blogger by the name of Donna.  Donna from Brynwood Needleworks is an amazing artisan.  I recently won a giveaway she was hosting and she gifted me with this BEAUTIFUL handmade strawberry sachet.  It is completely hand embroidered and is full of delicate ribbon-work.  Donna's work is absolutely stunning and I'm honored to have something fashioned by her talented hands.  Thank you soooo very much Miss D!

Also tucked inside the box from Donna was this charming little notepad with a tea theme.  I'm just crazy about it and couldn't wait to place it on top of my desk!  I hope you will take time out to visit this lovely blogger.  She has quite the following but I'm certain she's up for many more!  Thank you again, Donna!

Now...the next person I want to tell you all about is a blogger by the name of Mary B.  I've yet to meet Mary in person but I hope some day that will change!  Not too long ago Mary (who lives in Texas) visited my little booth space here in Oklahoma and after purchasing a pictorial sachet left me the sweet vintage heart molds you see above!  About a week ago I received this beautiful vintage framed needlepoint picture from her as well!  Aren't they lovely?  Thank you Mary B!  You bless me and the Light in your life shines on and on...

Thank you again so very much to these beautiful ladies who remembered me in such a thoughtful way.  I hope you'll find time to stop in and say hello.

I'm hoping to share with you a mini lampshade tutorial later this weekend (or early next week).  It's all about transforming something plain into something fan-tabulous!  Hope you'll stop back by when you can!

Blessings for another lovely Summer day!

Love to you~


mariondee-designs said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for popping bye and for leaving me such a wonderful compliment!I am truly humbled by your words and coming from someone as talented as you (as I am always in awe of your work)it means a lot to me. I love the little pressies you got in the mail, can't wait to see what you do with the vintage trims. And those shoes in your previous post are 2die4 girl! I wish I could paint like you but alas even when I was at school, many many,..many moons ago I would ruin anything I touched with paint! take care,Maryann

Patti said...

First of all, I must say, a view of Gordon MacRae singing those very words came vividly to mind.

Next, I, too, have found some wonderful, generous, precious gals through blogging. In fact, I did a post about that very thing yesterday. I mean, who would have ever thought you would find such sweet friendships via the internet?!

Finally, I think I have those exact same heart-shaped molds. They were my grandmother's. I have never used them, as I think of them as Jello molds, and I almost never make Jello. What do you use yours for?

Anyhow, have a lovely day,

Rose said...

When you reach, you may have someone do the same for you. all of these ladies and yourself made a connection and that's what it is all about. Sharing thought, ideas. everyone have a blessed Friday.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It is amazing how wonderful blog world is!! I have met so many amazing people and it has enriched my life so very much.
Love all your presents and can't wait to see you next post!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Isn't it just grand to be a girl?! ♥

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your honesty. I'm so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone to join our sweet group. This coming from a gal who has another blog on the back burner and is gathering the courage to step out into the sales world. The Ladies of the Blogging World are the best! Enjoy your weekend.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Janean said...

rebecca, i too was timid about posting at first. i didn't even understand what a blog WAS! i'm still amazed at how many very talented, funny, encouraging and sweet women are *out there* in blogland.

i'm off to read and see more!


Anonymous said...

You are indeed a sweet gift yourself! And a very big blessing to me! I hope your weekend is filled with love and care you've shown multiplied by 100!

Blondie's Journal said...


Your post reminded me so much of when I first started blogging. I was very timid as well, and it took me FOREVER to write a post...just so unsure of myself. The passing of time and the sweet ladies that came to my blog and actually liked what I had to say, well the rest is history and to this day, I get SO much enjoyment from visiting and getting to know so many wonderful gals. And I want to thank you, for stopping by and taking such a sweet interest in my blog. Your words are so heartfelt and honest. You are a truly genuine person!

So, I've rambled on and now I want to say that I love all of your treasures. The sachet is a real work of art. I am going to have to check out the links. Thanks so much.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! :-)


Unknown said...

G'morn, Rebecca ~ There is nothing more wonderful & beautiful than a 'giver' from the heart. Heart gifts are the best ever to receive ... what lovely gifts these precious ladies have given to so many.

Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

what beautiful gifts! Most beautiful, tho, is the wonderful gift of friendship. You are certaily blessed in that department, Becky N!

Unknown said...

Hi! I used one of your baby booty pictures in a blog about life is in the small details. I of course did a link back to you. If it bothers you though let me know I'll take it down! Thanks.:) Kari

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Such a sweet post. Truly bloggers are wonderful women from my experience. The ornaments arrived and are beautiful. As I can wait until Christmas - don't want to wish my life away, it will be a joy to place them on the pink themed tree in the guest room.
You are a very talented lady. :-)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dearest Rebecca:
What a lovely post. Thank you so much for the sweet things you said about me. I'm humbled and honored that you loved my handwork. My fondest dream is that someone, somewhere, someday will hold one of my pieces in their hand and wonder about the woman who created it. I find myself doing this with treasures from the past, and hope to be in the company of women (like you!) whose work is kept and held dear many years from now.
Blessings, my friend.

Mary B. said...

Rebecca, I emailed you separately but also want to thank you here for your precious words. It brought tears to my eyes. You have blessed me so many times on your blog through your faith that I wanted to give you something in return. I look forward to meeting you some day. You are a special person and touch many hearts. (Plus, your talents amaze me!)
Love, Mary B.

Ginger said...

What beautiful gifts you received. I will for sure visit the ladies you told us about. I too was hesitant about blogging, but I am so glad I did, I have met so many new friends and so many talented ladies. I am so blessed to have met YOU sweet R. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and Tammys. You're such a sweety. I finally posted about the Tea Book I am in. Have a wonderful weekend.


Lisa said...

Oh lucky you!!Blog friends are the best! Enjoy your super sweet new treasures!
Hugs, Lisa

Mosaic Magpie said...

I went to some yard sales today and after that post you did on redoing a lamp, I keep looking at all the lamps. Now I see I am going to have to look for lampshades when you post that tutorial next week.
Love to you,

Barbara Jean said...

Hey girl
Such a sweet post, and all those lovelies from such wonderful gals.

Speaking of wonderful, that is how you make me feel with your sweet comments. Thank you for blessing me.

hugs and happy summer


barbara jean

Is t he link up you were referring to the one with your dryer sheet roses/take off of my tea bag roses? I did see that and so sweet of you to mention me. Sweet is just who you are.

Stacey said...

Oh you are so sweet Rebecca. I couldn't agree with you more, blogging is just one of the best accidents I have ever stumbled across. :)

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