Thursday, July 29, 2010


~A Sweet New GiveAway Starts This Friday~

I'm excited to share with you that I will begin my Christmas in July Giveaway on Friday the 30th of July!  I'm barely getting it in before the end of the month because I've had a hoppin'-busy last 30 days!  I hope you'll come back and enter your sweet little self into the drawing!

Over the past month I've been busy working on new designs using some fabulous vintage graphics.  I'm always on the prowl for better, clearer versions of the images I've collected over the years as they are NOT all created equal.  I've come to understand that many of the old prints that today continue to peek our interest were sometimes reproduced using sub-standard versions of the original artwork.  

Take these graphics for instance...
Both of these Frances Brundage prints are versions of her original artwork.  The one on the bottom came from an old trade card and what I believe is closer to her original painting.  The cleaned-up version just above it is marketed a lot.  The babes face appears to me to be widened an/or shortened and her eyelashes look like spider legs.  I can see where both might be very desirable but there is a huge difference between the two.

Now...look at these...
Above are two more examples of the artwork of Miss Frances.  I actually think both of these versions are great but the one on the top I believe is closer to the coloring of her original work.
 The last example I'll show you are actually copies of one of my most favorites of all of Brundage's work.  The postcard on the top, although very, very old, was made using a copy of her work that came with several generations (copies) of the original print.  The image isn't clear and her eyes look incredibly dark and sad to me.  The one below it is fabulous as you can actually see her tiny eyelashes and detail in the beads around her neck.
I've made several sweet little pillows using the image from the postcard.  I finished a pillow earlier this week using the one with more clarity and I love how she came out.  She was nestled into a pretty pink rose frame...

Here's a peek...
I'll be back sometime tomorrow with details about the Giveaway!  Hope you have an awesome day!

Love to you~


Hazel said...

Beautiful. You are so creative. x

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dearest Rebecca:-)*

How enchanted and just beautiful is yor creations...
I know,God blessed you and you golden hands,my dear Friend!!!
Devine work!

My Love and many hugs for you,

Theresa said...

Oh Rebecca, beautiful images! I love those sweet faces! Your pillow is gorgeous:) You are one talented lady! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Good Morning Rebecca,
You have quite the discerning eye! Add that to your creativity and ingenuity and your potential is limitless. I love reading your blog and check it each morning to see what your mind and hands have lovingly created. You, my dear, are one awesome woman! Victoria Magazine needs to do a feature on you!!!
Many hugs, Laura
Hugs, Laura

Unknown said...

Good morning,
Those are the sweetest images..sweet little girl faces. I bow and declare I do not know how you get so much done. You are a busy little lady. And everything is so carefully and beautifully done. Thanks for stopping in and checking on me, and being such a good friend.
glenda xoxo

Anonymous said...

Morning Rebecca!
You have certainly opened my eyes to the really not so suttle differences in these vintage prints. In everyone I chose the right one but I would never have known why.... Thanks for the tutorial!!
Happy Day!

Patti said...

I love vintage images. And I love the beautiful pillows you made with them.

Have a lovely day, my dear,

Victorian1885 said...

Rebecca these new images are wonderful..can't wait to see what else you have created with them! Have a great day!


BrushedByAnAngel said...

I love Frances Brundage, she painted the sweetest faces and each illustration had the best details. I have a book on her work which I keep on my coffee table because it is so soothing to look through the pages. As much as I love to paint, I have the hardest time painting children's faces, it is very difficult to keep them soft and sweet. But Ms. Brundage did it so well.

I love reading your blog and your sewing handwork is beautiful - as well as your roses. With all that you do, you must be exhausted at the end of the day.

The French Bear said...

Beautiful, can't wait to see more!
Margaret B

Mari said...




ShirleyC said...

Your images are always so beautiful and serene. I just love your blog. It's a peaceful place to be in a hectic world.

Dogmom Diva said...

Rebecca, those are so sweet and beautiful. I will be back tomorrow. If I don't win I am going to treat myself to one or two..for my guest room..I am trying to pick up little things here and there in that style...The mother of sons, I figure after all these years I deserve a room in the house for ME.

GwendolynKay said...

I think all the images are lovely.. I tend to like the vibrant ones a little more. Love the pillow you made.
Blessings and hugs~

Tanza said...

Hi Sweet friend,
Adorable .. Sweetness .. and Ever soo precious !! LoVe all these images to pieces, and can't wait to see what your talented fingees do with them ..
Have a happy day playing sweet one ~
HuGs ~TeA~ xo

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You are absolutely amazing! I'm in awe.


Sheila :-)

Blondie's Journal said...

These cards are so charming and the pillow absolutely gorgeous. How talented you are, Rebecca! I'll definitely be back tomorrow! :-)


Dolores said...

Sweet and beautiful images!!! The pillow is gorgeous....
Looking forward to seeing what you create with the sweet little faces...

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca,
Love the last pillow you showed us. She is just delightful and so sweet. Your pillows are a work of Art!
Have a wonderful day! Big hugs, Elizabeth

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Gorgeous Images, and beautiful pillows! Can't wait to come back tomorrow to see what you have for us :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Rebecca,
All of this is too gorgeous for words...You are so incredibly talented!!!
AND I love your home at is beyond comprehension...
If you want, at Christmas time, I'd love to have you as a Guest Artist on my I Owe it All to Him Inspirational Blog...let me know if you want to be one.

AND, I hope you'll Link up to the new party on Sunday August can show anything you want and even use something that you've already posted for something else!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Rebecca,
Oh, that's awesome and I'll write an inspirational story to go with it (the house at Christmas.)

Also, if you have another picture and you'd like to be a guest artist sooner, just let me know which one...
It could be one of your pillows or something that I could write an inspirational story to go with...

Just let me know which one I should use and I can feature you in the next 2 weeks!
You can email me to tell me which pic at:

Scrapping With Sherry said...

I have been a papercrafter for over 10 years. However I just recently have been inspired by vintage items. This post was very interesting to me... Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

My name is Sherry and I am new to the Blogerrette Sorority. I wanted to come by and introduce myself. I am sorry that I missed the rush, but I have only been blogging for a few weeks! Looking forward to joining in on the fun to come with everyone. I would be honored if you would stop by my blog at Hope to see you there.

Take Care~ Sherry F.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Rebecca...I was just pressure you understand..but I was just wondering if possibly when you come to California? Could you bring your entire house, including your studio, your entire space where you sell lovely things so I can shop in it..and...just everything? Oh..and little granddaughter too? :)
Good heavens! That is exactly how I feel! I keep going back and looking at your photo's of the house...the changes...enlarging the photo''s just amazing.
I know you are used to it...but those of us who are's enough to make us hyperventilate!

That's it be too much trouble?
Love and hugs,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good grief!!! I meant to comment on your work with those lovely old precious post cards...
The things you accomplish are beyond amazing!
So very beautiful what you do with them.
Sending you hugs!

Ginger said...

You have such an eye for things. That is why you are so talented. Sorry I havent been around lately, I had a family reunion and I was really bummed out about that incident!!! But I have my big girl panties on again and here I am. Missed looking at all your beauties. Beautiful pillows. Off to your store.

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh my goodness that little girl is just beautiful! Her eyes are glowing and her sweet cherubic face! I've never seen such a lovely drawing of a child. Beautiful!

Rose said...

of all old pics my favorite is the ones with children. these are so pretty.

marciagd said...

I have admired & been inspired by your creations on E-bay & was delighted to 'stumble onto' your blog. What a treat, but this giveaway--WOW!! I look forward to learning from you through future posts. Thank you for sharing the beautiful graphics! Marcia

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