Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~~~~~SHABBY COTTAGE CHIC LIGHTING~~~~~ Old Light Fixtures Extraordinaire

(Probably from the 1930's or so)

Now that my Mr. AGPMan is face-deep in school I have made it my mission to stay busy finishing up some of the little projects I've wanted to do for sometime now.  In order to help keep our lives flowing smoothly I plan ahead the things I want my guy to work on as that elusive free-time of his becomes available.  I've already gotten really good at making lists and prioritizing the things I hope to get finished on any given day.  Generally the two of us rest on Sunday and other than going to church we don't do a whole lot.  It's truly a no-work-day and we love it!  Our son-in-law, Micah, has graciously taken it upon himself to do our lawn-care and for this we are so grateful!  Additionally, our son, Brandon, has offered to come help his dad install all of our new windows once they all come in!

I'm tellin' you...the men in my life are simply amazing!
(Sweet Deal- $5.00 for the Pair)

Anyway...after finishing up several special orders yesterday I decided to scrounge around in our garage in hopes of finding a pair of old wall lamps I planned on making over.  I purchased them last Fall, but totally forgot about them until last Saturday!  I'd tossed them into an old box of spare lamp parts my guy uses for lamp-repair jobs.  Can't you believe they were only $5 for the pair????


Here is the picture of my bedroom I showed you yesterday...  I think the Lights will look fabulous placed on each side of the picture, don't you?
(I'm soooo Impatient!)

After cleaning and priming the old fixtures I used VALSPAR spray paint in Churchill Vanilla for both Sconces.  As soon as they are fully dried/cured I'll distress them for that fabulous shabby cottage chic charm I just can't seem to get away from!  Each Sconce will need new candle covers and I'll be using the flame-style bulbs for gentle lighting!  My Mr. AGPMan is going to rewire them on Saturday and hang them in place!  I'm so excited!  I don't want them hard-wired into the wall and so he'll transform them into the kind that can be plugged into a socket.
(Romantic Lighting at it's Best!)

An off/on switch will be added to the side of each light making it possible to turn them on and off while reading, etc.  Isn't that great?  I also have ruched cord covers that match the paint on my walls so the cords won't stick out.  They won't really show anyway because of the pillows, but I still hate seeing white (or brown!) cords all over the place!

Aren't they fabulous?

Here's the paint can in case you want to try it out for yourself!  I LOVE IT!

Hope you are having a glorious Tuesday!  

Love to you...


Sherri B. said...

Those will be a perfect reading light beside the bed. Thanks for showing us the kind of paint you use, it is very helpful. xo

Rita said...

I love those beautiful light fixtures. So pretty painted out! Enjoy them!

Deanna said...

Sweet Tuesday Blessings to you!
FANTASTIC light fixtures that you have beautified with the spray.

KatyDidStitches said...

They're going to look great, Rebecca!

Sometime...when you have the time...I would love to know how you clean up your old metal pieces. How do you get rid of rust/oxidation/corrosion? Please don't tell me you sand it off...I hate sanding.


karen said...

They will be so pretty. I have the hardest time finding the right lamp for bedside. I am changing lamps all the time. I think I will try a wall one.Thanks for the idea.

Dolores said...

I've always been so in love with wall sconces, yours are wonderful!!!! I love how they'll be connected to the wall....

Unknown said...

Molto belle le lampade realizzate... devono essere decisamente belle oltre, come dici tu ideali per una camera da letto visto che devono far una luce riposante!!
Spero che riuscite a capire la mia lingua visto che vi seguo grazie all traduttore Google

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca- Those will be gorgeous by your bed. I have been thinking about that here too. I love that type of light...it is so much easier than a table top lamp. Can't wait to see it! Hugs- Diana

Stacey said...

Your home is truly a girly dream!

Kimmie said...

I adore your blog~!


Spray paint it my "friend"! You have a lovely bedroom and what a deal on the lace bed skirt.

chateau de fleurs said...

Such pretty sconces! they will be perfect. Thanks for stopping by again and yes maybe one day you can come out to visit our show, I know you would love it! XO Christie

Mariette said...

Dearest Rebecca,

You are truly blessed with the men in your life! So am I.
Did you ever think about that traincase and the business card tin?
I'm finishing my post about jobs that my worker bee has finished lately (with a hyperlink to your blog...). You can bet that I'm mighty proud of him for being able to do this again since his open heart surgery on September 3...

Lots of love,


Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Sorry I left your blog's link in my comment as I JUST worked in into my blog...

Exchange Hosting Service said...

I am in love with those light fixtures!

Theresa said...

Beautiful, this is the second post this morning about painting! I can't wait for my husband to get up so we can paint!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I know full well it took you years and years to perfect your ability to redo items to the point that one wishes intensly that they belonged to them! That's me! These are adorable and yes, I will try your paint! But of course!!
Hugs and have a lovely day today and always!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Those are perfect for the bed. I do love wall sconces next to the bed. There is something very charming and unexpexted about them when they are next to a bed. Wall sconces are on my list when I re-do the bedroom. Whenever that may be :). I do know it is not going to be anytime soon. I must retire from that pesky job :) Just kidding about the job being pesky. Glad to have one and I do love my job but I am so ready to move on to other things now. The to-do list GROWING! :)
Hugs, Sue

CHERI said...

Love those sconces! Isn't it amazing what a coat of white spray paint can do??? Your bedroom is lovely...so soft, cozy, and feminine.

Unknown said...

Hi talented sweet Rebecca:
I love old sconces! They clean up so well! Your bedroom is such a romantic retreat!
When you get a chance, visit my blog post for today. Since you open your heart so much on here and share, I'd thought I'd give you a heads up on one of my shares. It was a hard post to write. I was up last night writing and crying but it was worth it.
Have a great weekend!!

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