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About Age 8

Not long after I penned my first blog post I shared a little story about my paternal grandmother, Bethel Maude.  Of all the things I've ever written it's a personal favorite.  It's been close to three years now since I wrote about my feelings for the woman my father simply called Mother.  She passed away when I was not quite a teenager and even though she was only seventy-two when she died she truly seemed ancient to me at the time.
With Her Sisters

I've been really busy these past two weeks working in my studio and when I'm task oriented my mind rarely wonders about.  Too focused on what I'm creating to think much about anything else, I suppose.  But this week my grandmother came to me more times than I can say...  Although I have only a handful of memories of her we have even less photographs.  A few pictures taken when she was young and only one or two as she grew older.  I made a mental note to track the photos down, but in the meantime she continually returned to my mind. 
 2nd on the right - About Age 15

The more I worked the more overwhelmed I grew. Seriously...I couldn't shake the thought of her and it was getting to the point I was feeling frustrated.  I was working on a pink rose cupcake design that included a pedestal cake plate with a glass cloche and I absolutely couldn't concentrate.  Since cloches of all kinds remain crazy-popular I've wanted to incorporate one into some new altered art paper goods for a while now...  So why then did my grandmother keep coming back to my mind again and again...
About Age 17

Finally, late this afternoon I decided to hunt down the only pictures I have... I found them tucked away in a drawer with other special things that belonged to my father.  As I picked up the century old photographs I knew instantly why my grandmother's presence was all about me and I felt a bit ashamed for pushing her aside.  No doubt working on the cloche card design caused me to visit days of long ago.  I had forgotten how my grandmother loved hats as an older woman, but when she was a young girl and a teenager she was rarely seen without a cloche...  In all the photographs I personally own only the one below, taken around the time she married my grandfather, is she seen without one.
About Age 18

What I wouldn't give to sit down with a cup of tea and share the day with the grandmother who left my earthly presence far too soon.  I would most certainly yap the hours away telling her all about my life, my children, my Miss K, and my beloved.  I'd tell her how much I love to create and take her all around my home and show her where I work, live and love...and then I would invite her to come live with me.

I would hope to pamper and treat her in a way I know for certain she was never was.  I would take her to lunch and we'd dine on a fine meal.  Then we'd visit a demure ladies boutique where I would purchase her a fine felt cloche (and one for me, too).  I would photograph her in style and make sure at least one picture was taken with me.  I'd squeeze her hand, tell her she looked beautiful and how much I loved spending time with her.  When the evening hours settled in and all grew quite inside my La Chaumière I would snuggle up next to her and listen, really listen as she opened up her heart.  I'd ask her to tell me about her deep, lasting faith, her childhood hopes and dreams, her loves, her passions, her joys, fears, my father as a child and all about the life she had lived....

And the one she'd longed to...


Blessings as you get real with the ones you love~

Love to you...


NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful post honoring this wonderful woman. How funny that she always wore a cloche hat! Even through all these years and everything that separates you I can feel that you are still connected. xo Diana

KatyDidStitches said...

A beautiful tribute, this post, as well as your original one...which I had not read before today. It broke my heart a little...thinking about what might have been. thing I noticed...your Grandma was TALL! As the one whose head is always sticking up above everybody else, I saw that right away. And she looks fab in her cloche!


Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

Such a sweet post, I had some great women in my life also. My grandmothers were complete opposites and I learned so much from both! Thank you for sharing, I have 2 of my nana's hats and love them. Di@cottage-wishes.

Unknown said...

What a loving tribute to a wonderful lady. Grandmothers are so special. Hugs.

Yasmin Smith said...

This was a lovely post,Rebecca.A warm, loving one....your grand-
mother was a pretty lady, no wonder
you all have such good looks on both sides of the family! Isn't is funny how years and years have passed and still she reaches out to you through mysterious ways!! Of course trying to work with cloches brought a whisper from her
of "remember me! remember me!"...
I had two wonderful grandmothers, too...both died when I was in my early 20's, but I remember them as each being special to me and one of my most treasured things is a crocheted bedspread my maternal grandmother made. Since she died at 84 years old in 1962, that would make it quite old, but it is still beautiful, just like she was!
One of the things I most admire about you, Rebecca, is your love of family and your devotion to all the members of don't see a lot of that in this day's time. I only hope my family feels a tiny bit of what you feel for yours when I am gone....!!' Have a happy week, my sweet friend.Francy

Sonya Badgley said...

Dear Rebecca,
Such a lovely post about a lovely woman. I too, wish I could have had this time with my Grandmothers too. One of mine was gone way before I was born and the other died when I was just 3 1/2. I do remember sitting on her lap and how soft she was! My Mother was rather bony,so it was nice sitting on a soft Grandma! :) She a hardworking, soft spoken woman that was a fabulous cook and had such a hard life. She died of a heart attack (I think really of a broken heart).But my eldest sister (16 years older)has told me a lot about her. I'm grateful for that.

Now that I'm a Grandmother I want to make sure that I create memories with my little one and for him to know and remember that love that I have for him.

It's so important to remember loved ones. Thank you for sharing your Grandmother with us, dear girl.
Blessings and love,

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh how precious, Rebecca and I love her cloche hat! This is such a beautiful post!!

Carol said...

What a lovely tribute and taking us down memory lane to meet your Grandmother. I see a distinct resemblance--you both are beautiful women.

A couple weeks ago, my Little Miss "A" & I were shopping and she spotted a Cloche at Dillards. It looked stunning on her, but NO she decided a Fedora was more to her liking. Maybe Santa will just have to put one under the tree this year. The cloches are so elegant and such a fashion statement.

This Pink Peep is off to cloche card and sachet buying . I delayed shipping my 86 yr old cousin's gift off..she always hints about needing writing materials like cards. The Cupcake Cloche is over the top off I go to shop, shop, shop

Carol from
Good 'Ol Texas

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

What a harsh life your grandmother lived... And how come they ripped her 'love child' from her? She never got to raise him or what? Did her love die in WWI?
To be married that young was in itself hard to live up to. Especially at those days without any luxuries that helped doing the laundry or cooking... My what a strength they must have mustered up through faith in order to master all of that. And a cruel grandfather... Poor woman! Sure you would love to sooth her aching sould by pampering her with things she never could afford to enjoy for herself.
If there would not be a heaven after this earthly life; it would not be fair to most that lived... as they had no chances.
Love to you,


Ginger said...

Rebecca you should write books. You have such an eloquence with words. Your Grandmother would be so proud of you, you are such a loving, giving person. I too have wished I could have my Grandma back to ask her all kinds of questions about her life. I was lucky enough before mine passed to spend one entire day doing just that but now don't remember all she told me.
Beautiful tribute.

FredaB said...

Dear Rebecca

I went back and read your first post about your grandma and it brought tears to my eyes. What a hard life she had and to think we complain of small things today and we take it all for granted.

This is a good reminder of how far we have come. We should all remember how lucky we have it.



ps - my Father's name was William also.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Another precious post, sweet Rebecca. Yep, you made me goosebumpy in a good way, again today! :0)

Happy PS!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You never, ever cease to astound me with the beauty of your heart, Becky. This was such a loving tribute and a true blessing to read.

Love you...



joanne said...

I'm having trouble finding words through the tears in my eyes. I'm sure she would have loved the special day you planned for her. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that was heaven?

MunirGhiasuddin said...

I got to know my grand mother on my Dad's side really well, as in India older ladies who are widowed lived with their son and daughter in law. I knew my granma on my Moms side enough to understand that she did neat things. They both used to wear Sarees made of very delicate silk in gatherings and cotton Sarees at home. When the cotton Sarees used to get worn out a little they would tear them into two parts and use them as towels for their hair. Not an inch of waste. They both taught me how to use resources to the fullest. Your entry reminded me of my elders who left a lot of fond memories. Thanks!

Deanna said...

Such neat photos!!!!
Neat for you to have.

I have none of my Grandmothers when they were young. Only have a few of when my parents were young. My own family pictures are limited.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, tender and a reminder of how much we should all cherish those times with our older loved ones. They pass far to fast. The best lesson to treat our own grandchildren with such tenderness and attentiveness because those with be the moments they cherish most. You've brought back the memories of my own grandma, that worked way to hard, wore her, little house on the prairie style bonnet but always had time to rock me on her front porch.


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