Monday, September 29, 2014



My Father had a passion for books.  Didn't matter what kind...he loved them all. 

I hope someday to own one or two of his most favorite...he had an amazing collection.
~*My FATHER...about 1993*~

Early this past Summer my Mother and I attended an amazing estate sale here in my town.  It was a family-run-sale (my favorite kind) and the contents of the home were incredible.  I scored a vintage Remington Typewriter, two amazing handmade vintage evening dresses (all hand stitched and dyed) and one of those large copper pots with perfectly placed patina.  I also snagged a ton of old books...about thirty or so.  Most of them had been stored away for at least fifty years or more and just seeing them made me think about my Dad.  He would have loved a sale like this one, and no doubt would have bought the same pick of books I had if given the chance.

As thrilled as I was over the Typewriter, clothing and old boiling pot, it was the books I was the most excited about.


Anyway, I purchased all of them for about $25.  It wasn't until I lugged them home (and had time to flip through them) that I realized the rarity of my find.

All the books are favorite is the BEAUTIFUL GEMS BOOK and the one you see above...THE BOY'S STORY BOOK from 1853.

It is so precious...

Lots of lovely black and white etchings, too.
BEAUTIFUL GEMS is about 120 years old and as crazy as it sounds I just love the smell of it.  The spine has some damage and some of the pictures inside are loose.  So, I'm planning on scanning a few of them and framing them up for my La Chaumière de Briarwood.

 My Father would have loved it best, too.

Hoping your day is wonderful and filled with lots of good things.

Only good things.



Ann said...

Those books are a treasure! I adore the feel and smell of old books too, nothing more precious from the past.

Unknown said...

I too love old books. The typeface, the leather covers, the smell. I'm a total book nerd! You have a great little collection of your own now.

White Lace and Promises said...

Those books are beautiful. Your dad's office looks very much like my daddy's. Books and books and books. Mama didn't do a great job of packing them up. They were put in a paper box in the storage building for "the grandchildren when they became preachers and teachers," which hasn't happened:) Rat poopie and teething and they were destroyed, boxes and boxes. So sad. I think we each got two or three. We sold most of the newer books because mama would buy us each one when she bought one. Treasures for sure!

NanaDiana said...

Well, that is something we have in common, Rebecca. My father also loved books...any kind of books but especially poetry books. I was lucky enough to get a couple of the ones he loved. He read to me when I was a child and I learned to read sitting on his lap. What wonderful memories you have there with those books. Imagine the little hands that held that children's book back 120 years ago and all the generations since. What a find!!!! xo Diana

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

Wow, What great finds! I love books too. I have quite the collection.

Amy Jo

Judy said...

Rebecca, Love the old books. I look for them too but they are really hard to find anymore as you know, especially ones with attractive covers. Rebecca, are you going to "bleu" in your home decorating now? I follow you on Pintrest and have of course notice the "bleu" you are pinning. I didn't realize there were so many blue items until you started pinning them but I have really enjoyed seeing them. I loved your pink but only limited it to one of my bedrooms. I know you are anxious to get the kitchen finished. Mr. AGP is doing such a great job. I've got lots of things I want done to my little house but it is so difficult to find someone who will do a "little job". They will build a whole house but won't do small changes that I can't do. I'm sure your readers have run into the same problem. I guess that's why more and more women like me are learning how to use power tools and doing it themselves. You will so appreciate your new makeover when it's finished and WE can hardly wait to see it. Bless you and Mr. AGP as you continue to live in this as you get your dream completed. judy

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