Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I've always believed when one road ends, it's time to look ahead in a new direction.  As my hubby and I work on the last leg of our kitchen remodel, so comes the welcomed opportunity to return to creating, designing and decorating around the things I love.

Those things, too, have changed over the years.  Nothing truly stays the same for long, does it?
When I first started blogging it was all about my passion for painting cottage pink roses, my faith, selling my wares, the re-telling of precious tales about my Miss K (back in 2009 she was a wee girl of only seven), my Mr. AGPMan and the simple, sometimes complicated story of living our lives inside our La Chaumière de Briarwood...  Next month we will have called her home for 23 years~
As the years have pressed onward, so have we! Our lives are constantly evolving...new job in January 2014 for my hubby and with it came fresh opportunities to enjoy the things we've been blessed with.  I'm so grateful for a peaceful home, good friends and for over-the-top projects that are coming to an end.
Still...there are always things to do!  This morning as I surveyed my studio I realized she is in dire need of a facelift...  She needs to be de-floofed, cleaned up and returned to a more manageable space.  I continue to love all things vintage, I'm just working at achieving a bit more scaled back and refined look all across my home.  Our kitchen renovation has taken all of our focus for so long now and today I'm actually excited about paying some attention to the other rooms in our home...
This past weekend my Mr. AGPMan drove down to Dallas for the summer Wholesale Market.  Came back with wonderful ideas and tons of inspiration.  The talent behind the showrooms is simply incredible...  All the pictures I've shared with you (except the candles) are from one of my favorites...
Anyway...just wanted to say HELLO, catch you up on a few things and also say that LIFE IS STILL GOOD! 

Blessings and love to you...


20 North Ora said...

Beautiful showrooms!!


La De Da said...

Hey Rebecca,
I bet the show was amazing. Glad you had fun. Time has gone by so fast. I remember when handpainted pink roses were the hottest selling items on ebay. My, how things have changed. Wishing you a wonderful week.


Julie Marie said...

Hello sweet lady... I am not blogging much at all these days, but always good to see a post from you... yes, things have certainly changed since we met on our blogs back then... please give Miss K a hug and kiss from me... hope you are enjoying a beautiful Summer... xoxo... Julie Marie

Barb said...

Change is good.

It is sad sometimes but overall, I think it is good to move on. God is a God of the new.

I went through our home about three years ago and removed so much of the excess clutter. It seemed a bit odd at first but I find that I am enjoying less stuff out....much less stress. I totally overhauled my studio and it is such a haven now. I love it!

Hope your Fourth is blessed.


Jen said...

Nice to see you are blogging again Rebecca. I've been away for a month, so just catching up now. Your kitchen reno is just gorgeous! Wishing you all good things in the new direction you are taking.
Have a great day

White Lace and Promises said...

So good to see you writing again. I always love what you share. You are a dear friend that I've missed. It has taken some time for me to work through my grief and find joy again, but God is faithful. That's seems to be His message to me right now. Love your creations, always!

Shelia said...

I've missed you and glad you're going to be back! Yes, life changes as time goes on! Love everything you do!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm so happy to see that you are back and I can certainly understand how things can change and we have new priorities, changes and more meaningful direction. Sounds like you are on a good path. I can't wait to see your kitchen! And do tell us how Miss K is doing---she was such a precious part of your blog!

Thanks for your visit and I'm sorry it took so long to respond.

Jane xx

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