Thursday, June 4, 2015


Today, more pictures of our kitchen renovation!  This weekend we are painting the walls (Sherwin Williams CREAMY) and installing the back splash if all goes right.  Several things to still do...  Drawer Pulls, Hand Scraped Wood Flooring, Back Splash and the biggest thing, the ISLAND.

Even though I don't particulary like it, the island you see above saved us from losing our minds.  We purchased it at SAM'S and it had just enough storage for a few utensils and pans, etc.  I'm moving it to my studio when our new one is in place!

My Mr. AGPMan is either going to build a custom island for us OR we might purchase the vintage counter my sister has in her Tennessee Shoppe (sadly, she's closing it!)

Either way, the temporary island/cart will be replaced with something!

We also want a stove/oven something like this...but honestly~just can't afford it right now.  It's something like $3,500! :(  Eeek.  I'll be thinking about THAT for a while...
Here are a few more pictures of the work behind the scenes...

We saved a few thousands of dollars by purchasing ready-made cabinets that my hubby then customized.  He added extensions on the top, trim and then crown molding.  Also, every cabinet joint was filled in, sanded, primed and painted so you can't see even one seam!

We lived with this kind of chaos for quite a while...  Did a lot of crock-pot cooking and grilling.  Almost all my pots, pans and dishes were packed away in boxes in our garage.
~MAY 2014~

When my guy lost his job with the big red X in July of 2013 everything we were working on ground to a halt for a while.  I remember when we started to put up the green board/sheet rock almost 9 months later (and after returning to work!).  I actually THOUGHT we were almost done.
(silly girl)

This is a very shot taken very early on in the process.  In this picture we are removing sheet rock from what was the downstairs bathroom.  This wall is now a doorway into my hubby's office...just to the right of the fridge...

The area to the left was my laundry room and my hubby is standing in what was the pantry (see the frame hanging down...that was the doorjamb.)

This photo is the same area (right corner) you see if the picture above.  The door was repositioned to the left side and now leads to a downstairs bath and laundry room!

Of all the things I chose I'm really happy with this Kohler Cast Iron Sink.  It was a pricey decision (about $1,000), but I love it.  One thing I wouldn't compromise on...
~Hidden Trash Cans~

My hubby and I both wanted hidden trash cans (trash/recycle).  The last door we have to do is this one.  We wrongly purchased a cabinet with drawers so it had to be modified for a door.  The door will look like drawers...  Love this!

OK...enough for today.  I'll be back again soon to show you more.  Maybe after we've painted and maybe the back splash has been started.

My hubby and I have learned many things during this remodel/renovation process that I hope to share with those of you who are considering such an undertaking...

More soon...

Love to you~ 


Stacey said...

It looks amazing! I love your cabinets and that sink. Your ideas for the island will be just perfect.

Unknown said...

WOW! That looks so amazing. So fresh and bright. There was so much hard work, but it sure was worth it! Our kitchen needs to be brightened up.

racheld said...

How lovely to have you visit and join LAWN TEA! You are most generous and kind, especially from all your experience and talent and been-there-done-that-and-a-year-more. Oh, My. I still cannot express my admiration and awe.

Here I am, your newest follower. I could almost say groupie, disciple, acolyte, Moonie, abject novice. Our little project pales to one of Jupiter's moons. And since we're WAY past the promised deadline promised by the brisk young woman who kept repeating, "No problem at ALL. It's such a SMALL job," until the SMALL kinda became insulting---I still repeat: I don't know how you did it.

To use an old Southern expression: "Y'All DO beat ALL!"


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love how far you have come, Rebecca. I am sorry your sister is closing her shop but boy-oh-boy that would make a GREAT island!!!! Hope things move along quickly for you now. It is so nice to see you back to posting on a regular basis. xo Diana

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, what a treat to see you tonight and thank you for visiting. Looks like you two have certainly been busy and it looks amazing. I know the work too well but in the end it will be so worth it and all the trouble spots along the way.
Last May I painted all my kitchen cabinets and it gave the whole room a complete lift from the oak. Along with new counters, flooring and the rest it is done and we are so enjoying it. My hubby retired March 1st and we are loving life and God is so good. Larry consults now in his expertise and loving it. I am still creating away and painting everyday.

Have fun as you continue the reno. The island idea will be perfect. Love your pics. Have a wonderful weekend ahead dear friend and again so nice to see you and thanks for your sweet comment.
Love to you, CM

Unknown said...

Wow! Glad I decided to check your blog. How far you and your hubby have come with your kitchen and the tenacity and hard work is paying off! I love the farmhouse sink. Keep posting those pics, what an inspiration!

Barb said...

Rebecca, you will survive the renovation. We have had our new kitchen for two years now....impossible! It took six months and I surely thought I would lose my mind. Everything you are going through will be worth it.

I am so sorry about Kathy. Sending a prayer to our Father for your comfort.

So good to see you again. I have missed you, too!

My love,

Deanna said...

She's looking gorgeous! It won't be long now.

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