Wednesday, May 10, 2017

~MOLLIE and the HAWK~

Mollie at One Year

This post is a little unsettling, so please read carefully...  Our little dog, Mollie, is FINE, but had we not been watching our surroundings things could have turned out much differently.

I shared with you all sometime back that our Miss Mollie Girl, our 14.4 year old Yorkie, is dealing with some major health issues.  My Mr. AGP Man and I have wrestled for quite a while about how to deal with the inevitable, but we love her and as long as she's not in pain we are doing everything we can to make her life as wonderful as possible.  We know MoMo is living her last days so each one is a treasure.
Three Year Old Mollie

Mollie has her good days and days when she does little more than sleep.  Yesterday was a GREAT DAY for her.  She was spunky and alert and more like her old [young] self.  I love days like this when we cuddle and play a bit and she's excited about going outside.
Mollie in 2008-Ready for Vacation

Yesterday evening my Mr. worked hard out in the front yard and had just finished mowing and edging the lawn when dusk was almost upon him.  Mollie and I joined him outdoors for a few minutes as she still loves investigating and hunting for bugs (ugh!).  I freely allowed her to roam about in the front yard because she has never been one to wander off or go near the street.

While I was chatting with my husband he stopped for a second and said "Did you see that?"  I said "What was THAT?"  he quickly replied "THAT HUGE HAWK!"  The large bird had been circling above us before flying into one of our many low-hanging trees. As we watched the hawk we both immediately realized the bird was eyeing every move our little dog was making.
Mollie in the Snow - 2010

Honestly...I was totally freaked out and couldn't run fast enough towards our beautiful dog.  I scooped her up and ran back towards the safety of our front porch just as hawk came out from the branches and flew by us.

Because Mollie isn't much more than 4 pounds or so (thinner than her normal 5.5 weight) I keep a little shirt or lightweight sweater on her at all times.  Last night she was wearing a soft gray, almost white, t-shirt and combined with her light colored hair (which today is quite silver), I'm sure she was easily seen.

Mollie was completely clueless as to what nearly happened to her.   After we came in (and calmed down) I googled "Hawks and Yorkies" and I was SHOCKED to see what came up.  I'm going to spare you the details of what I read...I'll let you look if you want to.

I just want to say PLEASE be careful with your animals.  Even those on leashes or living amongst citified homes are often visited by hawks searching for prey.

Today I have another reason to be thankful.

Love to you...



Deanna said...

Glad your fur baby is alright and safe in your arms. A friend of mine lost her pet to the country creatures. I hadn't given it any thought since I am citified. Think differently these days.

R's Rue said...


Debby Ray said...

Oh my, Rebecca! I totally know that this can happen and we actually thought it did once to our dear departed Hunter. We had seen a huge hawk circling and after a few minutes, we didn't know where Hunter went. When he reappeared, he had reddish colored streaks down his back (white fur) where we thought the hawk must have tried to snatch him up and put long scratches down his back (at least we thought so). After examining him, we found no scratches but couldn't figure out what the red lines were. After our relief that he was OK, we then realized where he was when the hawk swooped down and why the red steaks....he had gone underneath my Jeep which was having an issue with a leaky transmission....and yes, transmission fluid is RED. I am SO glad that your little Molly is just fine! I hope she has many more "good" days and continues to bring you joy!

Rose L said...

I had he same kind of event happen but with one of my cats. My Mooshoo would go into our backyard in the old house I lived in. She never left the yard. One day she was out and had come to the backdoor meowing to come back in. As I went to open it for her, a movement caught my eye and then BAM, a hawk crashed into the glass door so close to her and fell, tottering from the impact. I immediately opened the door and grabbed Mooshoo who was sniffing the hawk! After a few minutes as I held Mooshoo inside, the hawk recovered and flew off. Close call!!
She never was allowed outside again and here in my new home the cats have a catio to use, safe and secure. Three of my old neighbors lost cats to a great horned owl!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Oh my Lord! What a fate could have been for sweet Mollie!
Only God knows what happened on November 4, 2007 while we were at Church and potluck luncheon and coming home our beautiful, svelte Mama cat Spicy was gone. We searched and did all we could but in vain.
It breaks my heart, I have been so very depressed because of that.
Bringing Spicy home from Acapulco and after 9 months she was gone, just having been spayed so she never would have to give birth to kittens.
So cruel...
Glad you could prevent this!

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