Sunday, May 7, 2017

~THOUGHTS ON A SUNDAY MORNING...Recapturing Moments of Innocence~

 Last summer a new family moved into our neighborhood.  The original owners, who were probably the age my Mr. AGP Man and I are today, moved away about 15 years ago and have since passed on.  We called him The Bernina Man because he owned the sewing store in our town.  Their boys were grown and our relationship with them was friendly and cordial with lots of hand-waves and chatting at the mailbox!  The next set of owners were quiet people even though they were very kind.  Ms. D sadly passed away two years ago from cancer and her husband sold the house to the family that now calls it home.
One day while working up in my studio I heard an odd banging sound outside.  Because lots of renovations were being made to the house and grounds (some major ones in fact!) I dismissed it at first. kept on and on and so out of curiosity I peaked out from one of the room's two shuttered windows to see what was going on.  There was this thud, thud, thud noise and then sometimes a softer sound, like the scrambling of feet followed often by the sound of metal and then another thud.
(I knew it wasn't a power-tool or yard equipment because I know those sounds so well!!!)

It was then I saw three young boys bouncing and dribbling a nearly flat basketball.  Their scurrying around, followed by the familiar sound of a SWOOSH, made me smile big!  Children had finally re-entered our neighborhood after a very, very long absence.  My children have been out of high school for almost 15 years now and it's been about that long since we heard the wonderful sounds of childhood play.
I didn't know until I heard those young boys laughing how much I missed the sounds of innocence.  I began to long for the cuddles from my two babes...forever grown and settled into their adult lives.  Never to return again to the safety of their small twin beds, scattered puzzles, Legos and blanketed baby dolls.

In childhood, where we dwell in the world of carefree play, joy is found in a simple ride around a merry-go-round, the thrill of a push upon the seat of a rickety old swing or even in the bouncing of an under-inflated basketball.

It's magical...
Especially when we find we've grown beyond it.
 As I continue to heal from my injuries I've made it my mission to recapture some of the innocence I think I lost last year.  

I refuse to become bitter or angry over days lost or stolen health.

And so~I'm spending some time this week journeying back into the sweetness of my childhood.  I know it will be there I rediscover more about who I am
and also the person God desires me to become in the future.

"Lord of hopefulness, Lord of all joy,
Whose trust, ever childlike, no cares could destroy.
Be there at our waking, and give us, we pray,
Your bliss in our hearts, Lord, at the break of day."
(J. Struther)

Love to you...



Cathy Rowan said...

I am so happy you are blogging again. I love opening email and seeing your post. They are so encouraging to me. All my children are grown and gone with children of their own. You have gotten me excited to start crafting again in my late years. Thank you Rebecca. You never know how you touch lives of people you have never met.

Deanna said...

LOVE this post. The saying that you close with, the prayer is touching.
I miss the time era of my children when they were small. Miss it and embrace the memories.
Bitter sweet!
There would be a few things I would do different if I could, but can't.
So the memories I make today are a different opportunity!

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Rebecca, this is one of the most beautiful posts I have read in quite some time. I echo your sentiments completely. And I love the old photos that you have chosen. I'm so glad that you're back! Hugs, Sue

Rose L said...

Wherever I have lived there have always been children around so I got very used to the sounds. One house bordered the park so I definitely heard children a lot. Their laughter lifts us back into our memories.

Theresa said...

Sweet sounds of kids playing makes me smile too! I hope that you enjoy your day dear friend and pray that you feel ALL better soon! HUGS!

Jeannie B. said...

I am happy for you to have the sweet sounds of children playing nearby. Your wonderful attitude is encouraging….and wise.

Marme to 5 said...

I am so glad you are posting again, I have missed them and wondered how your are. My neighborhood is experiencing a revival just as yours. Our houses even look very similar. Me husband and I have done so much to our house over the years. He passed away 6 years ago and I have just had to pay someone to paint it...we always did that our selves, daughters helping and then boyfriends helping and future husbands! But I have a lovely young couple behind me..hoping for a baby and another young couple just moved next to me. It is wonderful to hear little giggles and play in their backyard. I live in a cove and 2 original families still live in the cove, I have been here 30+ years and love my house and yard. I am sure God has a reason why you have struggled with your health and he will show you the reasons in his own time and I know you know that too. That's why I love hearing from you again! Forge ahead!!

NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful post, Rebecca! I miss those years of a young family where there was always noise and confusion and dust and tears and smiles. I am glad you have some kids in your neighborhood again...AND....I am glad you are not bitter about the "lost year" you had to endure.
God bless you, Rebecca, and it so good to see you posting again!! xo Diana

Rebecca Nelson said...

TO ALL YOU LADIES... Thank you for stopping by...and more-so for not forgetting me. Today you have blessed me and I so grateful for your sweetness to me.

I've said it before.

GOSH...I've missed my life!

<3 Rebecca

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