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Whether it takes the form of a beautiful bouquet or a hastily picked florals from an obliging field, flowers never ever fail to delight us, do they?  My Mr. AGP Man gifts me with roses every year for Mother's Day...he's thoughtful and kind like that.  And now that my children are grown I always have an abundance of flowers this time of year!
I'm always happy to place them into pretty, unconventional containers and I've used this old glass and silver plated pitcher for many years now.  Eighteen roses fit perfectly inside and they last for several days if the water is routinely changed out.
I don't really remember when I started to air-dry my roses, but it was many years ago.  I guess I lose a couple days of fresh-flower-beauty when opting to dry my florals early, but this way I'm able to enjoy them for several years if I care for them properly.  They also can be used in making the most amazing potpourri for my home.
This sweet little bouquet started out as a bouquet of petite pink roses and they were dried over two years ago.

Easily preserved in bunches, I just secure the stems with rubber bands and hang upside down on S-shaped hooks.  In the right conditions (out of direct sun) they will dry in about 4 days depending on the the size and denseness of my blooms.

Did you know that potpourris were originally stored in ceramic jars and were only opened when someone used the room in which they had been placed?  They were positioned near a heat source (like a fireplace) and as they warmed up the lid was removed to release the fragrance.

We've come a long way today with scented products, haven't we?  Although I love candles (I only burn soy with led-free wicks!), I still love homemade potpourri. Every year I make at least one to three batches inside my kitchen, depending on the flowers I have available.  

Here's the recipe I use:

1 cup in rose petals & buds
1 cup mixed petals like pink, white (they turn creamy yellow) or red roses, larkspur or peony 
3/4 cup chopped bay or sweet gale leaves
4 teaspoons powdered orris root
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 drops essential oil (I use rose or lavender)**
2 drops rose or geranium oil**
A few whole roses for decoration

To the flowers add the fixatives and spices and other dry ingredients.  Gently mix with your hands or a wooden spoon.  Add oils and mix again with your hands.  Place your mixture into paper bags and loosely seal with twine.  Place in a cool, dry place and cure for 4-6 weeks, shaking occasionally.  ENJOY in pretty bowls and beautiful for gift giving for almost any celebration!

If you plan ahead you'll have several batches ready for the Christmas and Holiday season.
(Did I just say that?)

When my daughter was little we made potpourri together and it was a great bonding time for us and it didn't include eating a bunch of sugar!
(**Today I use Living Oils Essential Oils because I believe they are some of the best and purest oils available.)   

Have fun and experiment.  There are tons of recipes online so check it!

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Deanna said...

Nothing is prettier than roses and when they put off a scent of perfume, it is so lovely.
Your dried roses shaped really nice,

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Lovely roses in that special vase!
Enjoy them and the afterglow, the way you preserve them.

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Good morning Rebecca!
Your roses look so pretty! I, too, save my roses by drying them. I have two bowls of potpourri that I keep adding to. One is an antique chamber pot and the other is an antique plant pot on a pedestal. They are both overflowing with flowers and petals that I have been collecting for many years. When I do a major cleaning and vacuuming of the house, I add a few drops of rose or lavender oil (or both) to keep it smelling sweet and fragrant. I am pretty sure that I learned this trick from reading Victoria magazine!!
Today is going to be a glorious day here in Ontario with sunshine and temperatures in the 80s!! This is great weather for gardening and painting furniture!!
I hope you have an exquisite day!
Love and warm hugs, Laura

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