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Yesterday morning I stood squarely in front of our large picture frame window and peered out onto the ground that surrounds our beautiful La Chaumiere de Briarwood. I watched as an unexpected rain storm blanketed our tiny patch of land allowing the parched earth to drink in a few sips of refreshing, heaven-sent water.

The colorful Vinca growing in my mailbox planter have suffered greatly this year. Evidence of the scorching heat of yet another blazing hot, Oklahoma Summer. They were obviously welcoming the rain. The window box flowers, grown from the tiniest of Begonia plants, are finally starting to bloom after thirsting from too long a drought.


When I was a little girl I did not like the rain. It interrupted my day, maligned my plans for outdoor play and carelessly washed away my sidewalk chalk. These were great concerns for a child such as I. For I was one who lived only to breathe in the sunny California sky and bask in the warmth of her endless rays.

Back then I had no use for the rain...


But, today I choose to embrace it!

by Danny Lee

"Little Flowers never worry
When the wind begins to blow
And they never, never cry
When the rain begins to fall
Tho it's wet and oh so cold
Soon the sun will shine again
Then they'll smile unto the world
For their beauty to behold

When the clouds begin to gather
And the storm begins to blow
Little Flowers don't complain
Though they're tossing to and fro
Oh, I guess they've learned the secret
They don't fret because they know
If it never, ever rained
Then they'd never, never grow...."


Blessings to you as you seek to live out the truth even the little flowers of the earth know~ "If it never, ever rains, then we'll never, never grow!"~~Rebecca


blushing rose said...

Oh, how the last paragraph of your writings says it all ...

As a child I used to always ask God 'why' ... children don't always understand life. I'd pray that rosary, sometime sharing opposites end with my sister to meet in the middle ... & through the tears of questions learned ... where a little rain must fall, the sun will surely show.

We, too, were kissed with angel dews loud & strong last night. My beautiful blue flowers that outline my gardens yearly are literally dying from the lack of nourishment these past 2 weeks ... watering just didn't seem to help. I so will miss them as they add such a 'punch' to my 'beds', but will look forward to next spring.

Now I am 'perked' for the day .. Thank you once again, Rebecca. You have a beautiful day.

Love ya! TTFN ~Marydon

Laura said...

A beautiful serene post as usual. I know we are all suffering from the heat, but it feels especially hot where I live in South Texas.

Enjoy your day,


Stacey said...

Good Morning Rebecca. Hasn't the rain and cooler weather just been wonderful? I don't ever remember August like this!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca, I too love the rain! As I child I did not want it to rain either, for many of the same reasons you didn't... but nowadays it is so calming to have just a light patter of rain against the window and breathe in that heavenly smell... I adore your bunny stature and your flowers are all gorgeous! So fun to hear about what grows and does well in Oklahoma!... Bisous... Julie Marie PS LOVE all your treasures in your previous post!

Andrea said...

Beautiful post, dear friend! I, too, have come to love the rain in my grown-up years.

I love the song "Little Flowers." Several years ago, we had a children's choir that sang it. It always moved my heart and soul and still does.

May you have a lovely weekend!

I appreciate you! :)


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Hi Rebecca, we got some of that wonderful rain last night. Cooled things of for a little while. Now its humid again, but my grass was so thankful for the drops of rain that fell. Your flowers are so pretty and I loved your poem. Hope you have a blessed day.

Just A Girl said...

Hi Rebecca,

You are so lucky to have rain! We are sweltering here in Southern Cal. and there's just no escape. I often wonder about architects from the fifties and what were they thinking? No air in these little cottages. Oi!

I hope your lovely flowers had enough to drink ;-).

xoxo Cori

Unknown said...

Oh this is such a beautiful post Rebecca!!! I love the poem, the flowers, your words, everything! Your mailbox planter is so beautiful! I would love to do something like that with mine!

joanne said...

beautiful flowers Rebecca...enjoy your weekend sweetie..;p

Beach House 27 said...

Hi Rebecca -
Lucky OK - I love the rain. Love it.

Your sunny California sky is in trouble. It's unbelievably hot, 4 raging fires going on, and we're on limited rationed water that has taken lush landscaping and turned it into dry and browning.

We put a diverter on the washing machine to reroute the water into the yard (must use bio degradeable suds) and I run the shower water into buckets while I'm waiting for it to warm up and use it to hand water the yard.

It's so crazy -


June said...

Hi sweet Rebecca,
As usual, I am loving your post today. Your flowers and planters are lovely and I bet they did love that rain. I have always loved rainy days. I get so excited when a storm is blowing in and I know the rain will soon come. I HATE snow however, and I live where we get a little over three feet in winter. Yuk!!!

Vicki said...

Hello, Rebecca,
Your flowers are so pretty. I have always been very fond of periwinkles and always try to grow some in my garden. I never knew my maternal grandmother, she died about the time I was born, but my mother told me that periwinkles were her favorites. I grow them as a tribute to my grandmother. I am so glad you are getting some rain. We need rain badly here in central Texas, too. We have had a scorcher of a summer. Happy Friday and have a great weekend! Vicki

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, What a beautiful post. I love rain at this stage of my life too and we sure have needed it here for so long. Your flowers are gorgeous. Had a few rain drops on Thursday morning and it was so welcomed. Our summer has been so very hot, as you know too well.

Yes, I love that white stone like rooster and I really want a few more white ones. I may have to just spray paint some.
Sure enjoyed catching up with your posts. How wonderful the box of treasure you recieved. You are so deserving and I know you are blessed by your dear friends generous gift. Each item so special, especially those sewing drawers. I love to paint them and they are getting harder to find.

Take good care, have a nice weekend and blessings to you and yours always.
Love ya, Celestina Marie

Candy said...

What a sweet poem and I love your story telling. We too, have gotten a bit of rain. The flowers are gone and now the trees are showing their pain. Everyday another wakes with yellowing leaves only to be brown the next. If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray...oh how our land needs healing.
Thanks for stopping by today. I am a bear of little brain (as Pooh says) and I am finally recognizing those that visit fairly regular. Your soft sweet picture just goes with your blog...peaceful. Thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is now 7:30 p.m. est... It is really raining hard. We have had so much rain this summer....
Know what I don't like??? When you know it is percipitating outside & ya' don't hear it... hence... snowing.
Hubby always said when he is driving a truck as long as you can hear the spray you are o.k. It is whn you no longer hear it & it is on the windshield... hence... ice.
Just some winter thoughts about snow & ice & snizzle(snow/drizzle)!!
Love Ya',

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Hi Rebecca, I love the flowers in your garden, it makes me think of England back home......

I really miss my wonderful plants, it is too hot here in Florida and the ground is sand, not good for plants......

I hope you had a wonderful summer, even with the rain.......

Unknown said...

We got a bit of rain here, too. It'a always nice to get a little rain to make the grass stay green without having to water so much.
I enjoyed your post...glenda

Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Absolutely beautiful Rebecca! I wish it would rain here! We do need it. Have a wonderful weekend.


Just A Girl said...

Hi Rebecca,
I know exactly where Hacienda Heights is.I used to live in West Covina and took a tole painting class at Carousel Crafts. I think the store was on Hacienda Blvd? I'm now in Anaheim, but still not close enough to the ocean...I used to live in San Diego.
How long ago did you leave S. Cal.? I think the H.H. you knew is probably so different from what it is now. There's a huge Buddhist Temple and the entire area is considered to be holy ground.
Your lucky to have Central AC. When I came home from Disney this afternoon it was 88 degrees in my cottage...not very pleasant at all.

xoxo Cori

DollsAndSpooks said...

i love the rain. i live in a tropical country and it always feel cooler after the rain. i also bathe in the rain when i can, its lots of fun!

Tara said...

We got the littlest bit of a rain shower here after a dry spell. I just LOVE that smell. It's one of the best things about summer. I actually don't mind rain every now and then. By the time fall comes around, I'm missing it. Come February though, I'm hating it! We get lots of it here in the northwest! Hope you have a loveleigh weekend Rebecca!

Barb said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for coming over and commenting about the Rooster Party. Did you see my white rooster? He was kinda brown/taupe before. Heheheh

Love your beautiful yard!

Hugs, Barb

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca...I just love your post. Listening to rain against my window panes with a touch of thunder and lightning is something I often welcome....there's something perfectly soothing about it. Your post reminds me of a post I shared in early spring about welcoming dandelions instead of getting rid of them...these are all gifts from God that I've learned to appreciate as I get older. Thanks so much for your daily doses of life's simple pleasures....Abby:)

Martha's Favorites said...

Thank for being there for me and for all your prayers. Martha

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