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Our Miss K started 1st Grade today! Because her Momma is a 1st Grade Teacher herself and her Daddy is away on business in Southern Cali, I had the privilege of taking her to her first day of school again this year! She is growing so tall! She's going to be a lot taller her Nana! She has those long, thin, gorgeous legs on her... I knew by the time I was 8 years old that I was NEVER going to have legs like that! :(

After saying "good-bye" to my only grandchild, I decided to drive to Bethany, Oklahoma, for a visit to a junky little Antique Mall. This isn't my favorite place to shop...but have to admit that SOMETIMES I find really neat stuff there. Their prices are usually pretty good, too!

Apple Tree Antiques is housed in an aging strip mall. It's a tad-bit pitiful! The building was once the home to a TG&Y (Five and Dime). It was right across the street from the College where I met my Mr. AGPMan. I use to buy cheap dorm Towels and Cover Girl make-up there! :0 It was ALL my Pizza Hut Waitress salary would allow ($2.00 per hour!). Argh...

Now, Apple Tree Antiques is NO ORANGE CIRCLE (in Orange, California - my sweet friend Tea's favorite haunt)! But...it is interesting. And, like I said...sometimes you stumble upon some amazing finds!

You definitely have to SCAN ALL THE BOOTHS. Something wonderful can be hiding and if you're not careful YOU'LL MISS IT! "DIG" is my motto!

There wasn't one thing in this booth I wanted to spend my money on! So...I kept walking...and looking...

On to the next row of booths I found this fabulous old spice rack. Since I sold Tea-Girl my last REALLY GOOD ONE, I decided to get this one for ME! The wood will be painted and so will the lids of those amazing Milk Glass jars!

OK...see this neat old China Hutch? Well...I didn't buy it...but I'm going to! I think! I actually snapped this picture so I could show my hubby what he needed to go back and pick up for me! :) Perfect for a little nook in my formal dining room. Don't gasp...if I do end up getting the pretty little thing IT WILL BE PAINTED...(Cottage White, of course!).

Another darling old find! This delightfully sweet pair of vintage shoe forms and/or supports are 2die4. I'm going to paint them creamy white and then hand paint pink roses on the top... I'm LOVIN' them!!!

I'm always on the hunt for vintage hats. I love to display them in my La Chaumerie de Briarwood! The really good ones are getting terribly difficult to find. Today I snagged THREE! Whoo Hoo! The best of the lot is COVERED with over a dozen vintage off-white roses! Heaven!

Now...this little mirrored piece is a bit strange! But...it was only $10.00 so I just had to bring it home. It is not old old...not sure HOW NEW though! I love the chippy peeling paint. Perfect for my hubby's nightstand. He'll hate it being crowded up I'm sure...but he won't say a word. That's just his way!

OK...the finale! For those of you who don't craft or sew, well...this might APPEAR to be a boring find! They aren't to me!!! After leaving the Antique Mall I stopped on my way back home at a local Thrift Shoppe (neat Second Hand Store). I found Two FULL BOLTS of tassel fringe for $2.99. One is taupe, one is cream. They were tied up together in a plastic bag just waiting for me on a Bric-a-Brac shelf! Be still my heart!

Blessings to you as you find joy and happiness in each beautiful day...Rebecca


Debra@CommonGround said...

Good eye, Rebecca. It does take some digging at times. I had a china cabinet very similar to the one you are looking at, and yes I painted it cottage white. It was wonderful, and it sold immediately!
How wonderful that you get to be such a memorable part of your sweet grand-daughter's life!

DeeDee said...

I seen plenty of things I want in there....and the first day brings tears to my eyes,,,

Sandra said...

Wow, what a beautiful hutch! I can't wait to see updates on it after it is painted! Now hurry and go buy it before someone else does. :D

Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca, I love your treasures! I have been doing alot of "thrift store" shopping this week and have found some wonderful bargains as well...I actually prefer the crowded shops that you get to "dig" in... I find so many beautiful things others miss simply because they won't "dig"... I also found my copy from last summer of "Bedrooms and Baths" and looked at your daughter's beautiful bedroom on page 57...so dreamy!

Tanza said...

Ooohh my sweet ~r~,
You did good my friend !! What a wonderful day you had !! Taking sweet girl to her first day of school, and than wonderful finds, found in your digging madness !! I think these stores look fun !! Bet I could of taken a few things home as well !!LoVe your sweet spice jars !! Let me know when you get the wooden shoe stays done, cuz..mmm.. I really like these !! And, when you really want to go shopping, come see me, Orange Circle is a waiting you, and I still want to take you to Temecula!! You would LoVe it as well !! We have lots to do girlie,so don't stay away too long !! Thanks for sharing your fun day..How wonderful it was !!
Big huggies to you

Tara said...

WOW! You certainly scored. You must have done some serious digging. I LOVE the hutch. Tell Mr.APG that you are so needing it! We all want to see the makeover. Hope your week is going well and that the little one has a great year!

Anonymous said...

O.K..... Let's go back to the cabinet!! Definitely Art Deco.. Painted Cottage white??? Devine!! I can't wait to see it after Hubs goes to get it!!
Love the hat & trims....
Great Post!!
Hugs & Smiles,

Terri said...

I love all of your fab finds...Looking forward to the post of these again all painted in the cottage white. The trim is delicious by the way.

Laura said...

What a wonderful first day of school memory being made for you and for her!

She is a precious baby girl!


A Southern Rose said...

That hutch is going to be beautiful after you add your special touch to it. It will be perfect for your dining room. The spice set is going to be pretty too. I think that you had a great day of finding things! That trim is awesome too. Just think how many pillows,etc. you will get do with that!
Have a great day!

Lee Laurie
P.S. She was adorable on her first day of school. Its so good that you got this picture of you two together on her first day. She will remember it always!

blushing rose said...

G'morn, Rebecca ~ You & Miss K looked darling going to school ... bet she was excited to get there. Did you need kleenex? I always do with our kid-lings every year.

Love the 'finds' ... curious ... how much more can you fit in the 'castle'? Anxious to see everything painted, love LOVE the mirror ... did you find any FEEDSACKS (the kind with colorful florals, prints & juvenile designs)? Keep your eye open for me, I'll cover the cost ... we did find a few when we were out your way.

Today is another bright day ... the Lord has blessed us once again.
Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Well I would say that you hit a pretty good jackpot of goodies! I have some of those milk glass jars, but not a whole set. Love that big lot of trim too and the millinery and those old shoe stretchers....Well....I love it all!!

blushing rose said...

I should have recognized that shade of ribbon ... I LOVE that shade of peachy color, all my little piggies & teddies are kind of that shade.

TY for sharing, she looks darling ... AND, what a profile that wee one has, Rebecca ... gorgeous!!

I'll check on Amy now & get back to you.

Hugs, Marydon

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Hi Rebecca...I have been meaning to stop by! Your little Miss K is adorable! I have my grandson home with me this week and he will start Kindergarten next Monday...boo hoo!! They do grow so fast! Loved going through your blog. It is so pretty. Oh and I love all your finds! I too would have grabbed those tassles!! Lots of things I could have used them on! Take care!! Well I'm off! Need to visit a couple of "Micky's" (our family word for Thrift Stores!!)

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the hutch. That reminds me of something that would have been in our family home. I love the size and the shape. It is a keeper.
First grade is so exciting for everyone. I miss those times. I missed being at both my granddaughters first days in the 1st grade. (My two Little J's.) Mom and Dad kept the "J" thing going. Probably because dad's name starts with a "J". LOL

Barb said...

Rebecca, K is just beautiful....so dear and sweet looking.

Your post is lovely.....I used to do more of this sort of thing and this made me realize it is time to 'get back to it.'

Always a treat to visit you.


Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca, I came back to look over your dreamy blog again... Miss K is adorable, but where is the picture of you with her? You looked so pretty standing there beside her on her first day...

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca,
What a great shopping day and some really good prices. My grand-daughter starts back to school on Monday and my little grandson will start pre-school. You little Miss K. is just a cute as can be. I love the little ones.
Take care and enjoy your day,

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca,
Do you remember Judy's Antiques in Bethany, the place looks like it is in the same shopping center...
Anyway, it brought back a lot of memories...we sold Judy tons of wood crafts...when we had our wholesale business..
happy thoughts,

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Why, why, whyyyyyy.....can't we have glorious shopping spots like that close to me? I'm telling 'ya...you'd be sadly disappointed here. There just is NOT much. I so wish I lived in a power packed thrifty area. :-)

Wonderful buys sweet Rebecca....I'm green.

Huggies and lovies,

Deanna said...

Hello Rebecca. It's years down the road, but clicked on this post. I sure enjoy your blog. All the very nice things you have made and share about them. Your beautiful family and home.
God bless and all the best,

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