Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"LOVE IS..." and Other Things That Matter


It's Wednesday again and time for my weekly "LOVE IS..." Post!!!

I guess you'll have to read my POST from a couple of days ago to understand the meaning behind this latest "LOVE IS..." comic~

I'll just tell you upfront that if I see even one more spider, have to deal with another flooded French Drain/Driveway, witness the passing of anymore tiny creatures (like the birdie who fell to her death from my flower box) or endure one more Cicada Bug flying stupid-crazy into my face...well...I'll......... I'll............

I'll do something serious!

Maybe eat an entire gallon of ice cream or down a few Swiss-Mint Chocolate Bars~

Sunday can't get here fast enough. Even though I have sweet family staying over to keep me company, NOTHING is as wonderful as having my Mr. AGPMan close by my side.

Come back Shane Steve, Come back!

Blessings to you who are missings the ones you love...Rebecca


blushing rose said...

Oh, Rebecca, you make this morning cup of tea so delightful every day.

Damsel in distress ~ hide the cookies & ice cream! Isn't it the truth that when a DH goes out of town is when everything goes awry & we truly need them most.

Your snuggle bunny will be home shortly, my friend. Hope all is going as planned at your sister's.

Hugs of love, TTFN ~Marydon

Jocelyn said...

I have to agree with Marydon. Life just isn't the same when my DH is out of town :-(

Barb said...

Rebecca, I have been keeping you in my prayers. I understand how you feel completely. I am like a fish out of water when Ron is gone. My girlfriends used to tease me about it. It is like part of me is missing!

Sending you hugs this day. You hang in there.

Love, Barb

June said...

Hi sweet Rebecca,
I love how you make me laugh! What a sweet post, dear heart.
I got my treasure today and you will never know how truely delighted I am to have such a gift from you. It is absolutely beautiful. Now that I've seen it in person, I can't decide where to put it. I want to see it all the time. So let's see where it ends up. I am so excited to have this piece of artwork done by your own hand. I am going to post about it in a few days, if that's cool with you.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Rebecca honey, check your email. I sent you Debbie's cell number and mine. You can call and check with Debbie. Moma has already gone home. She left to meet Daddy this morning at the VA for his appointment and they were heading home after that. Talk to you later. I love you, Sherry

Joyce said...

Oh my spiders! Ice cream while waiting seems to calm me down a bit:)
I prefer a pint of Cherry Garcia!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Love to read your post, they make me smile. I don't like spiders either, but I'll take chocolate ice cream with mine.
Your DH will be home soon and every thing with be lovely again.

Unknown said...

Hang in there sweetie! Reunions are suuuuweeeet!

I just love the Ann of Green Gables music I recognized! I am a FAN, FAN, FAN of Miss Ann. I must sit down and watch them again sometime soon! I love them so.


Elenka said...

You made me smile. Too bad you're not sure about his name....oh well....that will come eventually.

crash-n-smash said...

Hello Rebecca,What a wonderful thing for your Sweet Hubby to do for your Sister. Sometimes we need to remember how important our family is to us. Hubby wanting to do this just proves what a wonderful and loving man he is:)I would just have some chocolate ice cream and plan something special for his return:) Prayers for your Sister's Hubby. Love and Hugs, Mary:)

Tara said...

It sounds like the critters have gone wild while Mr. AGP man is out of town. They must miss him too, LOL! I hope he makes it home to you soon, safely and bless your heart for taking Amy and her family muffins. I'm sure they greatly appreciated your care and concern. I continue to pray for them every day.

A Southern Rose said...

I can feel the love that you have for him in this post. So sweet...

Lee Laurie

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Ok kinda know where your coming from regards the spider thing they terrify me & as for the bird dropping dead well wont even go there. Know you will be better now that Mr AGP is home safe...

Lyn xxx

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