Monday, March 15, 2010

~BACK IN THE STUDIO and a Visit With My Sister~

***Loved Pink Even Then***

I'm back in the studio today working once again in my Bone-Zone.  You may not see a whole lot of me this week because most of my time will be focused on finishing up merchandise for my soon-to-be-reopened website.  More about this soon!  I'm more excited than I can say...


In exactly two weeks my Mr. AGPMan and I will head east for a visit with my sister, Linda and her hubby, Greg.  Because my Sis will be out of school for Spring Break we decided the best time for a little trip would be in April.  Along with being a Principle at a private Christian school, Lin is also an accomplished antique dealer.  She has a fabulous booth at a local antique mall and I'm so looking forward to seeing it for the first time.  

No worries...I'll have my camera strapped to my hip and I promise to take lots of pictures while I'm away.  The two of us are looking forward to fun days of shopping and junking while my Mr. AGPMan finishes up some renovation work on their home.  He will also be spending time with my brother-in-law who is presently still recovering from a stroke from last June.

With Linda on my mind I couldn't resist showing you my very favorite picture of the two of us snapped many moons ago.  The year was 1976 and I was a Senior in High School.  We were on our way to have a family picture taken and our daddy took this photo of us all decked out in frothy pink dresses.  I'm soo lovin' the cameo pins at our neck...

Ahh...those were the days.



Anonymous said...

Two very pretty young ladies!! I hope you have a marvelous trip to see your sister & junkin'!! Oh boy! That sounds like a lot of fun!!
Have a Wonderful Week!

Anonymous said...

Hello!! I love the photo of you and Linda in your dreamy pink dresses
I always have liked PINK, too!
I have met your sister, you know, at her fabulous booth in the antique shop out of Nashville. We stopped by to pick up a chair I had won on one of her auctions and I walked out with so much more than the chair!!
She had some great finds...and she is also sweet, like you!! It was such a pleasure to meet her...
Wishing you a sunny Monday...Hugs, Francy

Terra said...

I love this photo and adore the lacy dresses and cameos. Have a great trip.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

How cute you look, both of you!! I was a senior in '75!!! Hope you have a nice visit and take a lot of pics!

Crystal Escobar said...

What a beautiful blog you have here!
I'm new here, and just became a follower :)

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Rebecca, your sister and you look so similar in this lovely picture you could be twins. I am looking forward to your trip pics...have a safe trip. :-)

Tristan Robin said...

you both look gorgeous - what a sweet photo

Connie said...

Bec, if you don't stop saying "many moons ago" I'm going to march out there and knee-cap ya, sugar!! I'm old enough to be yer MOOOOOTHERRRRRR! I don't wanna hear "many moons ago"; it's just "a few years ago", chick, so let me hear you say it over and over: a few moons ago. Hmmmmm???? ;-)

karen said...

Great picture. You two are so pretty in pink.

Deanna said...

You both look lovely! A very seet photo of the two of you.

I was a senior in 73. We're almost twins...grins.

I loved pink then and I am head over heels in love with it now!
Went through a very long earthy tones phase and have finally come back to my senses! Ha

Ok moving right along...may you have a safe and wonderful time with your sis.
They are much loved.
God Bless,

Dolores said...

Have a wonderful trip and visit with your sister. Beautiful picture, ya'll look so much alike, both so pretty.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

You two are so darn cute. Love the dresses and the cameos.
I'm so glad that you are going for a visit. I just had a visit with my sister last week and I miss her already.
We love to shop together, eat out and laugh.

Have a wonderful time.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Have a safe trip and a fun time with your sister!

stefanie said...

how much are going to find some great treasures, what a super picture of you two!!! I think I had that made me laugh about having your blog name for so long before starting, me too, I was such a ninny, so scared, but like you an soooo happy I did!

Ginger said...

How fun to get to travel to see your sister and shop!!!! Can't wait to see your pictures. I posted the pretty COTTAGE sign you made me. I just love it.

Don't work too hard!!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca... you and your sister are just beautiful! And I too love your cameo pins at your neck, I still love cameos! Have a wonderful time when you go to see her, how fun that she has an antique shop! And I am sure Mr. AGP and your brother~in~law will have lots of "guy" things to do... xoxo Julie Marie

June said...

You darling girls! I love this picture! You two are still just as beautiful as you were then. Have a wonderful time sweetie.

Terri Smith said...

Love the "bone-zone" reference. Know precisely what you mean. Me too. Today's been a day.

Ah..prettiest young faces from what seems like yesterday, huh? As I'm writing this, I'm looking at your photo in the sidebar by your bio, and Rebecca,I think you've grown even more beautiful.

Have fun on your upcoming journey! Blessings, Joy and Monday Sunshine, Terri

Rita said...

Oh aren't sisters wonderful? I wouldn't trade mine for the world. She is the greatest sister ever! I know you probably feel that way about yours too. Have a wonderful trip to see her!

Daz Girls said...

I love the photo of you and your sister. Your are both beautiful.
One of my favorite colors is pink. I hope you can find the time to stop over to my NEW BLOG...I have my first post on. I would love to hear your comments. Only if you can.
I wish you much success with your website. I an opening an Etsy store soon with my antique and vintage jewels. Hope you can pop in.

Unknown said...

G'morn, Rebecca ~ May your trip be safe & full of enjoyment. I know that Greg has had a long recovery ... hoping that things are on the uphill for him. It will be fun for you & Linda to have 'girly' time once again.

Love the pic of you two pink frilled beauties ... awwwww! Cameos! love them.

Anxious to see all your new creations ... don't overwork yourself, tho.

Hugs of love, Marydon
PS Connie is right ... a 'couple of years' will suffice ... chuckle!

Unknown said...

Just look at you gorgeous girls!! I love that picture Rebecca! I hope you and your sister have the best time together. I cant wait to see pictures :):)
I am also looking very forward to seeing what you are creating!! You always have the most beautiful things!! I love my bunny so much that I bought from you last year :) She stays out all year!
Big Hugs,

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Have a wonderful time with your sister in April. I remember your blog about your brother in law. I know you will all have a wonderful time, roll on April, Maureen

Carol said...

I was so thrilled to hear that you are going to Tennessee. I know your suitcase will be filled with alot of LOVE & emotions, It is a journey that I am sure Our Lord has guided you to make and be in the presence of your sister's family to offer your gentle comfort.
Wishing you a safe trip and prayers from The Woodlands TX

Linda said...

Sweet picture of you and your sis. Such girlie girls you are. (:>)

Have a fun visit with her and do take lots of pictures to share of your time with her, and of her booth at the antigue mall.

Looking forward also to the things you are creating now. You have such good taste and such an eye for beauty.

So glad to have you as a blog friend.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Paula said...

Dear sweet Rebecca,

I hope all is going well in your studio. I am excited about your website!

I love the photo of you and your sister. You are both so beautiful, and look so much alike!!! I love the pretty pink dresses and the lovely cameos! I love pink!!! It is wonderful you have so many happy childhood memories!!!

I hope you and Mr. AGPMan have a wonderful trip to see your sister and her hubby! I know you all will have lots of fun! I am sorry to hear about your brother-in-laws stroke. I know he will enjoy your husband's company.

Love and blessings,

My Vintage Studio said...

Enjoy your visit with yoru sister!

I really enjoyed meeting her at a Bartlett antique mall ~ tea room. They were on their way to your daughter's wedding.

Rick said...

Wow! We know each other for sure. Faith and Greg have an interesting connections with Marylynn and I. We were married on the same night they were, June 9th. Only Faith got pregnant on the honeymoon. We, thank the Lord, did not. We lived in Chapman dorms for a while at the same time, but having a child there was something SNU didn't allow, so they moved out. We've prayed for Greg and his health. You on Facebook? I'm guessing, if you are, you're listed with Faith's friends. It's a small world.

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