Thursday, March 25, 2010

~FROM DRAB to FAB...Vainty Chair Makeover~


I know I keep saying it over and over much so I'm sure you are sick of it! :(  But, I've been in my studio working non-stop for days and days!  The line between my daytime and nighttime hours is beginning to blur and I'm really starting to think I  should be fairly skinny by now! 

So why is it I'm not?

For once in my life I'd like to be called 'rail-thin'...:) Just ONCE! :)

Anyway...I LOVE working and it's been super fun finishing up some projects that have languished half completed for too long!

Remember the Vanity Bench/Chair I showed you a couple weeks ago?  She's be P-P'd  (hahhah Primed and Painted) and her seat has been recovered with that gorgeous vintage reproduction Barkcloth from Susan at Urban Gardens (why was it discontinued anyway???).  I LOVE this fabric with it's creamy white ground lovely pink roses...yum!  (*Don't forget...Behr Cottage White Paint and ZINSSER PRIMER!)

And...just in CASE you are WILL be offered FOR SALE when I reopen my website in just a little while.  And...if you are local you can see it in person at my booth space at French Quarter Antiques in Oklahoma City (it's being offered there as well!).

Glad you could pop in today...

Blessings to you as you enjoy these first awesome days of spring...


Unknown said...

Very, very pretty, I love it.
You make such pretty things, I admire your talent. Lovely blog.
glenda xoxo

Nancy's Notes said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! Okay, I worry about you, I think you need to get some rest, you are working way too hard. Take care new friend! You have a wonderful blog, glad I stopped in!

Dolores said...

It's hard to believe that's the same bench. What a difference you've made with the fabric and colors. It looks so beautiful!!!

Nanbon44 said...

Rebecca, You make me tired just reading your post. Where do you get all your energy to do all these large projects. You never cease to amaze me... you are wonderful.

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Oh Rebecca, that chair turned out FABULOUS!! I can't believe you aren't keeping it for yourself! I could not part with it. I would find some place to squeeze it into my home :) Terrific job as always!

I did a post today showing how I've displayed some of my pillows I have in my home, and 3 of the photos are of pillows that I have purchased from you :)

Now go get yourself some much needed rest :) Warmest, Brenda

Laura said...

I LOVE that chair-
We need to see a review when you finish!


Doni said...

Oh it's lovely! I love the fabric you chose. So pretty!!

Rita said...

The chair is gorgeous! It is amazing what a little paint and new fabric will do for a piece of furniture.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Lovely chair, Rebecca! Don't work too hard; you need to play a little too! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.


Mari said...


Paula said...

Dear Rebecca,

Oh, you make me laugh!!! I am sure you are quite thin, you are a beautiful lady!!!! I hope you can get some rest!

I LOVE what you did with the chair. The makeover is amazing. I love the white paint and the reproduction barkcloth. I have a little of that left! :( Susan is such a sweetie, I just received some beautiful fabric I ordered from her. I would have a hard time parting with that chair. You did a beautiful job!!!! Thank you for sharing! I loved seeing your lovely home in the background!

Much love,

Unknown said...

HOW CUTE!! It turned out great!


Connie said...

Yeah, chick, I know exactly what you mean. For once in my life I'd love to hear "you really need to eat more and put on some weight"! Just once for heaven's sake!!! Is that too much to ask? Probably on my death bed I'll jerk up into a sitting position and squeeeeeal, "Am I thin enough yet?"

And yessssss, there are wrinkles in this old face, sugar. Everyone keeps saying you don't look "THAT" old?! Just what is that supposed to mean, huh????

Connie :-) <-------Me smiling at ya!

Tanza said...

Hi my sweet adorable ~r~,
OKAY girlie !!! LoVe this beautiful chair .. It's EvEr soo dainty, and I can just imagine it in front of a beautiful vanity !! Almost to pretty to really sit upon !!LoVe all your make-overs .. I just get soo excited !! It truly is gorgeous !! I just can't wait another day for your site to open ... mmmmmmm .. you're killin' me my friend .. chat real soon ~
huggers ~tea~xo

Deanna said...

Rebecca, You do such lovely work!
Luv the sweet!

I don't understand why I'm not stick thin with all the running around I do with chasing after a 3 year old!!! Hahahaha. My genetics is giggling at my thought life.
Have a great spring,

Miss Gracie's House said...

Doesn't it feel so good to finish projects...I'm glad you're being so focused and getting *lots* done...I'm just wandering from project to project...I've never really figured out glazing ...I don't like the milkiness of paint glazes so I use oil-base stain but have to be so careful so it doesn't go too dark...didn't I read here once that you use gel-stain?

June said...

L-O-V-E it, Rebecca!!! I know that you could make anything more beautiful than it already is, and this is gorgeous!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Rebecca: I love what you did with the chair. I have a china cabinet my mother gave me and I would love to do that to it. I am just a little afraid. The story of my life I guess. You are the best. Say a little prayer for me, I need it. Thanks and lots of love, Martha

Unknown said...

Rebecca, the vanity chair is perfection! Love the pillow shown in the photo! Beautiful job!


My Vintage Studio said...

Good morning Rebecca.
Your chair looks beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your photos with the pillow!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Sharon

Edie Marie's Attic said...


Anonymous said...

So, so pretty, Rebecca! Take it from someone who was rail thin most of her life-it's not all it's cracked up to be! I'm glad I have some "meat on my bones" now! ♥

Ginger said...

I am so excited, I will get to see the chair in person today, (EEEEEEEEK)
Can't wait to get there and absorb in all your beauty!! Great job, Miss R.

Hugs & love

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Awsome chair-that's a WOW EE TOO. That fabric and the bones of that chair is great. You did sooooo good girl.
Hugs, Pat

GwendolynKay said...

You've done a beautiful job on the chair. Love it! You don't really want to be rail thin I hope. Those stick girls look unhealthy. You are beautiful just the way you are I am sure!

Cherished Treasures said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca,
Just Lovely!!!
I have a question --- You have mentioned before that you use an aging finish on some of your items. Could you share which brand, Gel or stain, and what color you prefer with the cottage white paint. I have a 1930 ish Bedroom suite that belonged to my inlaws that I would like to try this technique on. It is a veneer, do you recommend lightly sanding of just cleaning good with a degreaser. I believe I will start small with just the dressing table seat to begin with.
Can't wait to see more of your pretties !!! ;-)

Unknown said...

G'morn, sweet Rebecca ~ Another fantastic re-creation beauty ... love that chair!, gorgeous fabric!

You silly girl, RAIL THIN?!, I don't think so ... you are lovely the way you are.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs, Marydon

Anonymous said...

oh I'm glad I popped in today too!
there is a lot of refurbishing and making over going on in blog land today, and I'm totally pumped and inspired to do something myself....

your chair is wonderful, great job!

ciao bella

A Southern Rose said...

Your vanity chair turned out beautiful...just like I knew it would. Can't wait to see your new website!

Lee Laurie

RosesMarijke said...

Very beautiful....I love your chair!!


Rebecca Nelson said...

For Carol...

My favorite gel stain is from MINWAX (Gel Stain) and I use the color WALNUT. I love this gel BUT...I do cut it down with more gel (1 part gel stain to 2 parts gel) because it can give a very heavy and dark look if you are not careful.

When painting veneer you have to be SURE to use a bonding primer. Bonding primer bonds to the surface and this makes gentle destressing possible. Otherwise you get big chunks of paint chipping off. I use Zinsser Primer but there is another one I'm wanting to try. The name escapes me but I'm going to hunt it down and I will share about it once I have more details. do need to thoroughly clean a piece before you paint it. Degrease it and I ALWAYS lightly sand the old surface (shelac) off...or at the very least rough it up. Zinsser says you don't have to but I still do it just to be safe!

I hope this helps. I plan on showing another piece later this year from start to finish...


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a great chair!! You did a lovely job on it as always!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Chair!! I am working on some embroidery to later be used on a pillow.....
Not great word from Dr. yesterday....have Breast Cancer & more surgery in the near future.
You know what they say...."After 50it is just patch, patch, patch!!"
Happy Spring!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca,
Ooh-la-la how I love this little chair and that sweet little pillow sittin there Call purdy.

It won't last long that's for sure.

You asked about my kitchen. Yes, the cabinets were partially custom made and the floors are wood. I love the looks but they are a pain to keep clean. Always, always, vacuming and sweeping. Probably wouldn't do it again.


Lynn said...

I would buy this in a minute if you lived in my area of Canada, I just wish I could find someone who does create such beautiful pieces as you do where I live.
I suppose I could do it myself, I have done before but I can't manage the sanding, I have a bum arm :(
This would be perfect in my new home too.
Have a great weekend,

God's Little People said...

What a STUNNING make over. Love that chair and pillow!

Colleen's Blog Long Island NY said...

Beautiful job on the chair.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Dear,dear Rebecca!-)*

Be careful,you working to much!!!

But tgese chare is a really charming and just romantic beauty!

LOVE these creation of you,my talented,beautiful friend!!!

Wish you sunny,lovely weekend,take a deep breath,darling!-)))*

Much Love,


Cottage Rose said...

Hi Rebecca; Wow it looks like a different chair.... It is so gorgeous,,, oh my my,,you did an amazing job on it... I love that fabric,,, did you make that gorgeous pillow? just beautiful,. bet you had lots of fun redoing it..... have a great weekend.


karen said...

the Chair is so pretty. You did a great job.

Lynn B said...

Another fabulous creation, I just love the chair and the matching little pillow, very pretty!


Simply Debbie said...

happy pink saturday precious rebecca
the chair makes me want to squeal and jump, it is so beautiful. when i redid some of the chairs in my guest room, i felt like i had given is so time consuming but so worth it in the end.
i need to get directions to the french quarters because i can't wait to see the shop but it will only be more heavenly than i could dream it.
hugs and love
simply debbie

Lou said...

What a truly beautiful transformation! I too love barkcloth very much!
Lou xx

Lovey said...

Beautiful! I love your work! Loving this Blog sweetie!

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