Wednesday, March 24, 2010



I'm not related to Johnny Cash, Elvis, John Denver, Dan Fogelberg, Conway Twitty, John Lennon or Buddy Holly!

Two people guessed Woody Guthrie and by 30 minutes or so the winner is TINA from Enchanted Rose Studo (sorry Jeannie B!).

I'm publishing the comments so you can see for yourself...

Here is the connection:

My paternal Grandmother's Mother (or my Great-Grandmother) was the sister of Woody Guthrie's father.  Making her Woody's Aunt and my grandmother his first cousin!This makes my father his 2nd cousin and me his 3rd cousin! :)

Now...the STORY goes...
Woody Guthrie wrote the famous song "This Land is Your Land" on the back porch of my Great Grandmother's Oklahoma Home!"

Thanks for playing was fun and CONGRATS to Tina!  Send me your address Tina and I'll get your Cards off to you this week!

(Below is the Post)

It's going to be a SLOW Blog Day for me today because I'm back in my studio again working on product for my website!  I have something sooo sweet to share with you but it will have to wait one more day...

~CAN YOU GUESS???~ keep you from being TOTALLY BORED with me today I've decided to have a little contest...

Here it is:

I'm related to somebody famous!  I am!  And for the FIRST PERSON who can correctly GUESS who it is I will send out a set of six of my A Gathering Place Greeting Cards and matching Hang Tags!  (NO FAIR IF YOU KNOW ME PERSONALLY and ALREADY KNOW WHO IT IS!)

Are you ready?


Here are some clues:

1.  It's a male
2.  He's a Singer-Songwriter
3.  He is dead (sorry!)
4.  He penned a VERY famous song
5.  He played the guitar

ONE GUESS per comment, OK?  I'll keep your guesses hidden until someone wins and then I'll publish them all! :) :) :)

If I don't respond to your GUESS it is because it was WRONG! :) :) :) Tee Hee :) :)

Happy Guessing.  I'll reveal the winner sometime on Friday and share how we are related.  If you are all wrong you have to send me something!  hahahahhahaha (KIDDING!)


Tara said...

How fun! My guess is Johnny Cash, I don't know why. It looks like you have been a busty bee. I can't wait to see your site when it's up and running again, I also love the little purple purse you received in the mail, it's beautiful!
I will await the results of your relative with great anticipation!
Have a Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca do you know how many singers are out there, male that play the guitar are are now dead???? Lots! My guess since I am in Colorado now is going to be John Denver-

I think it is going to be a slow day for us- only 12:30 and we have 8-10 inches of snow on ground and more coming our way = think this is the first blizzard I have been in and am wondering if DH has enough firewood to last the season!

bee blessed

Unknown said...

Becky Sue, you are incorrigible...
how am I ever guess someone so vague...Conway Twitty. There.
Oh, I know it's not him, just wanted to say Hi...

Rebecca Nelson said...

OK Peeps...So far I've had three really really REALLY good guesses but they are all wrong! :)

Sorry Sares, Glenda and Mary! :(

Pink Princess said...

Dan Fogelberg ???

jordiegirl said...

What a great idea.

My guess is John Lennon.

Anonymous said...

"If you are all wrong, you have to send me something." Ha-ha! That cracked me up!

Okay- was it Elvis? ☺

Unknown said...

Might it be Woody Guthrie?

*crossing fingers* ;)


Karen said...

Buddy Holly?

Jeannie B. said...

Hi Rebecca, I guess Woody Guthrie

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Elvis or Bob Denver is all I can think of.

The French Bear said...

Hi Rebecca, is it John Denver?
I'll keep trying until I win, I love those notecards!!!
Margaret B

Dolores said...

What a clever idea for a give away! My guess was Elvis, but I see someone already guessed him....

Paula said...

Dear Rebecca,

What fun! That was an interesting story! Congratulations to the winner of your beautiful cards!!!
I can hardly wait to see what you are working on. I loved what you said, "If you are all wrong you have to send me something!" That was so funny!

Have a lovely day sweet friend!
Love, Paula

Tristan Robin said...


He wrote a very famous song. That qualifying "a" must be a clue.

Eric Clapton?

COngrats to the lucky winner with Woody Guthrie!

Unknown said...

Elvis ... Ricky Nelson ...?

G'morn, Rebecca ~
Congrats! to that lucky winner ... I KNOW how thrilled she will be to receive these breathtaking note cards.

Re my gorgeous pink mouse ... I never gave it a thought that the little thingy on top would move something ... nope, not once did I even think about trying that ... chuckle! But IT WORKS! So you can stop laughing now ....

Hugs of love, Marydon

Tara said...

I NEVER would have guessed that! I have heard the name, but don't really know who he is! This was fun, congrats to the winners!

Terra said...

How cool to be related to Woody Guthrie. I used to have an album by him (yeah, one of those black vinyl things) and he wrote and sang a lot of great songs.
Congratulations to the winner.
Oh, does this mean Arlo Guthrie is your 2d cousin?

Rebecca Nelson said...

Terra...Yes...that means I'm related to Arlo Guthrie as well. Yes, I think we are second cousins. My sister, Jen, has met Arlo...Woody Guthrie is big here in Oklahoma and we have a festival here each year. I hope to meet him someday.

My great grandmother's maiden name was Guthrie. My dad tracked down a lot of his ancestry and it is sooo wonderful to read of the connection.

This was fun! Too bad I'm not related to anyone else famous. If I was this could be addicting! hahahah


Unknown said...

You are too cute, Rebecca! WOW! What fun that is to be related to WG. I should have known with all the Okie relatives we have & spend time out there ... shame on me.

Congrats to Tina, she's absolutely a sweetie. I know she's going to be thrilled to receive these exquisite cards.

Have a beautiful day ... anxiously awaiting that beautiful mystery creation ...

Hugs of love, Marydon

Terri Smith said...

Rebecca this post was so darn cute! I probably would of tried pulling your leg and said: Waylon Jennings....Ha ha ha ah...

So happy for the winner! I was in the studio all day and missed all the fun!

I just can hardly wait to see your website. I want one so badly. Stay close...

Blessings, Love and Thursday Sunshine, Terri

Diane said...

Congratulations to the winner!

After I watched Bound For Glory way back in....(the 70's? ) Woody Guthrie has been one of my hero's. My grandma's sister lived in Oklahoma and I think her husband's name was Guthrie. I'll let you know. Happy night!! Diane

chicroses said...

Hi, I started to guess Johny Cash and dont know mind was blank..but didnt get it finished..anyway I love Woody and Arlo Guthrie. I had a chance to see Arlo here in Richland washington and I loved the show. He has wrote a childrens book and I have his autograph. Woody wrote the song Roll on Columbia which I live on the Columbia River. Of course this talent runs in your family with your are famous also. Sally

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha! I don't know why I guessed Elvis! :)

Mollye said...

oh lordy bee. 'tis true when ya snooze ya lose and what a loser I am because I was truly snoozing during this contest. Boohoo now I'm pouting like a big fat baby! But wow I know Woddie's cousin, Rebecca: you know the one who does amazing creative things. Now who was he again???????????? :)

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