Thursday, July 1, 2010


I KNOW I can't be the only person out there who is choking back a bit over today being the first of July!  Where has the year gone?  My daddy use to say the days of one's life fly by after the age of thirty!

Tis true!  TIS TRUE!

~Lovely Gifts From Cindy~

I have several things for you today but first I will start with saying a great big ol' THANK YOU to Cindy of Whimsical Musings!  I won a recent Give-A-Way she was having a was excited when a sweet little package arrived at my doorstep yesterday afternoon!  Can anything be sweeter than this? 

 I hope you will stop in and say hello to Cindy!  This girl is talented!  She is a Mixed Media Artist and creates the most beautiful treasures.  I won the darling Robin's Egg Blue Clips you see above, but she sent me a precious hand embellished Tin and a 2die4 Box that includes my name.  And...that CARD!  Just darling!  These sweet little beauties are going to find a new home in my office.  Thank you, Cindy!  Blessings to you~

Next...I'd love it if one of you (or many!) could point me in the direction of a Tutorial on just WHAT to do with the darling Baby Shoes you see below.
~Early 1900's Baby Shoes~

I know I've seen some great ideas out there!  Do any of you have a favorite Tutorial?  How about Dawn from The Feathered Nest?  Maureen from A Rose Without A Thorn?  Barbara from Treasures From the Heart? Lori from Katie's Rose Cottage?  

Both of these darling shoes are has tiny little buttons and the other one has the original ribbon lace.  I purchased them at an Estate Sale (you know they are my favorite places to shop!) sometime last year and I would LOVE to do something special with them!  Since I only have two left shoes I'm not sure what to do!  I can't help but wonder where the RIGHT shoes ended up!  :)

~Precious in Pink Christmas Stocking~

I want to give you a heads-up about the Christmas in July Sale over at my A Gathering Place Website.  It will begin this weekend and last through the end of the month.  There will be Pillows and sweet little Christmas Stockings and maybe even some pink rose Ornaments offered up for your buying pleasure!  My goal is to offer up a new Christmas related item every day for the month and there will be special pricing, too! 
 ~Pink Rose Santa Christmas Stocking~

Over the years I've rarely participated in July Sales, but I've found I'm sooo busy with family, parties and worship during the Holidays that I NEVER EVER finish everything on my 2-Do-List.  So...this year I'm trying something new...and starting early!  I hope you'll visit.  Above is a sampling of what's coming up!

Before I go...

Thank you for the kind thoughts, words and prayers regarding my sister and her accident.  I spared you the graphic details of her injuries but I can assure your prayers are being heard (an answered) by The Most High.  I'm off to give her a call...
 then I will visit as many of you as I can.  Don't forget to send me ideas for those sweet old baby shoes...

Blessings for a lovely Summer day...

Love to you~


Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Those shoes are just darling Rebecca and if it were me I would just put them in a shadow box with a few posies, a couple of lovely antique pictures behind them of children and maybe the addition of some miniature toys appropriate to the era!
Whatever you do with them I am sure it will be lovely and I can hardly wait to see the final outcome!
Tina xo

Mosaic Magpie said...

Thanks for the links to the other blogs. Those baby shoes in the oval frame, really cute idea. How about a Christmas ornament made something like a tussie-mussie but use the shoe instead of the cone. Whatever you come up with will be beautiful.

Cherished Treasures said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca,
The first thing that came to mind for the baby shoes was your lovely hand painting.
One blue and one pink for babys first Christmas ornaments 2010.
You could fill the inside with lavender or fiber fill topped off with a sweet shabby fabric and vintage lace trim on the cuff, and paint the "Baby's First Christmas 2010" on the bottom of the shoe, topped off with a vintage ribbon hanging loop.
You are so creative, I know you will come up with something really special.
Happy 4th !!!
Hugs, Carol

Unknown said...

I like the Tussie Mussie idea or perhaps a Victorian pincushion? Anything you do will be lovely I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca... the first thing I thought of when I saw your sweet little shoes is Dawn from the Feathered Nest would know exectly what to do with them...So very sweet!! I think they would make the sweetest little pin cushions perhaps? As alway's thankyou for your sweet posts and Blessings to you and your family... Shannon

Julie Marie said...

Hello dear Rebecca... first off, I am so thankful to hear your sister is doing alright this morning... I will keep her in my prayers... your little gifts from Cindy are beautiful! I will visit her blog... like you, I can hardly BELIEVE it is July! Where has the year gone... but I am going to treasure each and every day of summer... (even though you are talking about Christmas, tee hee hee!) I know with your shop you must think of Christmas now...your stockings are so pretty... as for the little baby shoes... I am betting Celeste will have a beautiful idea on how to fufu them up... thanks for visiting me this morning... I am still in Seventh Heaven with my gifts and cards from you and little Miss K... she is precious! I will quote her now and say "Love you most"! xoxo Julie Marie

Lisa said...

Glad to hear your Sis is doing better! Rebecca, I have no idea what to do with the shoes, but I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are so creative and are such an inspiration to us all.:)

Theresa said...

Well, those are the cutest little baby shoes and I know that Dawn has made sweet things out of tiny shoes!

I just did a post about where has the time gone a few days ago, I can't believe it is July 1st already. Time is really flying by, slow it down:)

Have a blessed day and I hope your Sister is healing quickly! I'll keep praying!


Terra said...

I am amazed as you are, at how it can be July already. My Christmas book's blog will have new posts beginning July 5 so I put myself in the Christmas spirit when writing them.
The Christmas pillows on your website are lovely.
I hope your sis is recovering quickly.

Angela said...

Oh I'm loving the song that is playing right now on the play list...'you alone are my one desire, you alone are my heart's desire. '...sigh..amen amen amen

I have to share..I was busy commenting on someone's blog and wrote the above statement...than I realize it wasn't her blog but yours that had this beautiful music

Pink Paper Rose said...

Hi Rebecca...I'm a newbie blogger in blogger-world, Pink Paper Rose, but have followed your wonderful and inspiring site for awhile now. Your sister is in my thoughts and prayers, may she heal quickly. Hmmm,those booties perhaps, may be mine...I've been told I have two left feet!( : I agree with the ornament ideas, would look so sweet painted pink, dainty handpainted roses at the toes, sparkled with glass glitter and hung from a pink ribbon. I've sold vintage crochet booties that I made into ornaments last year, grandmoms loved them, makes a perfect 1st Christmas gift!
Take care, Karen

Patti said...

It's not just those over age 30 that think the year is flying by at an alarming rate. My 18 year old son made the same comment this morning. He said it seemed like it was just New Years Eve.

anyhow, I am one of the uncreative types, so I could never have any suggestions for you on the baby shoes. While all you gals make such gorgeous pillows, stockings, sachets, and other items, I just drool over them and can often have tears in my eyes, as I have no ability in that way. I always have to buy things...and my budget doesn't always allow for that.

I'm glad your sister is doing better. Thank you, Lord.


Mari said...




The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hope your sister is feeling better today and that you got some rest, too, Rebecca.

I love those pink shoes! How darling they are. I always love to see dried flowers or even pretty silk ones in baby shoes. And I like to place them on top of little children's books from the period. I have mine from when I was little, and that's what I used to do with them. I have them put away now, but they were always a lot of fun. Maybe you could lightly glue one to the top of a book, and then use that as a paper weight. But I do like the idea of adding some dried flowers... maybe baby's breath or some dried lavender. Or some sort of sweet nosegay.


Sheila :-)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, Oh how dear to win the sweet giveaway. You sure got some lovelies from a talent gal.

Those baby shoes are darling. You know I have painted dozens of sets.They are getting harder to find but I sure see them painted in your soft light pink with roses, added lace around the ankle top, ribbon shoe laces and perhaps a pretty fabric inside the boot top for a pin cushion. I know you will design something sensational with your ever talents.

I too am working on Christmas in July with MMP and Etsy. I never get it all done at Christmas so maybe the early start will help. Love your gorgeous stockings. So so pretty!! Have fun!!

It's been a rainy week here and gloomy. We need the rain tho.

Blessings always,
Love, Celestina Marie


Barb at Treasures from the Heart did one about baby shoes.
I'll pray for complete healing for your sister...God is Great!
Christmas in July...hmmm :) Your stockings are lovely...just can't think Christmas today.
Deb :)

Ginger said...

First let me say I am so sorry your sister had a wreck but so relieved she is ok. How scary!!!

When I see baby shoes, I think pin cushions, and with your embellishing savy I am sure you would make beautiful pin cushion booties. I'm loving your Christmas stockings. I think you have the right idea, EARLY!!!!



Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Rebecca,
I just came on to see how your sister is doing and tell you that she is on my prayer list...and to my surprise, the little goodies were on your blog--that is so sweet of you!!!
I couldn't wait for you to be surprised!
Your sister in the Lord...
Whimsical Musings

Unknown said...

I am soooo sorry to learn of your sisters accident, Rebecca ... we are travelling. Know that we shall continue to lift them all in prayer! He will protect & heal them ... may He touch you with serenity.

Congrats on your giveaway ... lovely gifts they are. And the baby shoes are as precious as can be ... we've not found the pair we want yet, but will ... keep on looking.

I'm here for you ...

Happy 4th to all ~
Hugs, Marydon

Deanna said...

Dear Rebecca, So very sorry about your sister and this accident. Said a prayer for her.

About the little shoes...little miniature teddy bears in them will be darling or a miniature doll.

God bless and may you have a sparling 4th,

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Hi Rebecca ~
Those are just absolutely wonderful baby shoes ~ Oh my goodness !!
I am almost thinking since that style is pretty much impossible to find ~ I would probably fill them with a lace rose and some pretty ribbon and just use them in a vignette ~

Thank you for the blog link too :)


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Rebecca, I hope your sister is on the mend and feeling better by now.

What darling shoes! I can see tiny teddies or pincushions.
I am swooning over your Christmas stockings; so beautiful!
Hope you have a lovely July 4th weekend.


Dolores said...

It's good to hear that your sister is mending.

The little old baby shoes are so precious. I betcha you'll come up with an adorable finished product!

Your Christmas stockings are so beautiful and delicate looking....

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