Sunday, November 21, 2010


Another year has nearly come and gone and before long I will begin my third year of blogging.  It hardly seems possible as it feels almost like yesterday that I began sharing with you the very things I love most about life...
My faith
My family
a deep, yet simple, belief that God has a purpose 
and a plan for our lives...

When I was a bitty girl Sundays were jammed-packed full of activity.  Being the daughter of a preacher-man you can probably understand that we were always on the go.  My father seemed to always be speaking, preaching or teaching somewhere and for us 'Elliott Kids'  Sunday(at least for me!) never felt like a day of rest.  More like a day of work if you want to know the truth.  I'd much rather have been outside playing jump-rope, riding my two-wheeler bike or coloring in the latest, greatest coloring-book known to man children than listening for the gazillionth time how Moses built the Ark and how Noah was given The Ten Commandments!

(I jest!!!!  I KNOW, I KNOW it's the other way around!) :)

Still...our Sunday Worship Gatherings ultimately served a greater purpose for somewhere between my parent's tough scoldings  loving instructions and their promises of a bootay whoopin'  just punishment if I didn't start mindin'
(that usually started out with
"Becky Sue! Stop coloring and put on your Sunday socks?!"
or the
"You've were given a full week to memorize your Bible verse not a week to color every page in your color-book!?"
to the
"Take that coloring book BACK inside the house!"
or the
"Rebecca Suzanne!  If I have to tell you ONE MORE TIME to put that colorbook down you're gonna get....!")
I learned about a big God who lived in heaven and how, if I wanted Him to, He could shrink down small enough to live inside my heart...

Pretty awesome thought.

Big enough.
Small enough.


Below are the lyrics to the first song playing today on my Playlist.  
Simply put...He's everything to me!

"Everything To Me"

I grew up in Sunday school
I memorized the Golden rule
And how Jesus came to set the sinner free
I know the story inside out
I can tell you all about
The path that led Him up to Calvary
But ask me why He loves me
And I don't know what to say
But I'll never be the same
Because he changed my life when He became...

Everything to me

He's more than a story
more than words on a page of history
He's the air that I breath
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath my feet
He's everything, everything to me

We're living in uncertain times

And more and more I find that I'm aware
Of just how fragile life can be
I want to tell the world I found
A love that turned my life around
They need to know that they can taste and see
Now everyday I'm praying
Just to give my heart away
I want live for Jesus
So that someone else might see that He is...

Everything to me

He's more than a story
more than words on a page of history
He's the air that I breath
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath my feet
He's everything
And looking back over my life at the end
I'll go to meet you saying you've been...

You're everything to me

You're more than a story
More than words on a page of history
You're everything to me
You're more than a story
More than words on a page of history
You're the air that I breath
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath my feet
You're everything to me
Lord, you're everything to me

Blessings today as you give thanks for...

Love to you...


The Green Pea said...

Good morning, it's 3am and I can't sleep. I am reading some blogs and yours is so beautiful. You are a blessed lady. What a wonderful childhood you had. Parents that loved and raised you in God's word. Thank you for sharing your post today
it is a blessing for me this Sunday.
Have a wonderful Sunday. sandi

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a sweet, wonderful and uplifting post! EXACTLY what I needed!
Rebecca, my precious decorations arrived a couple of days ago and once again I am just amazed at how lovely they are and the extent of your God given talent! Just exquisite! And...the added gift of the gift tag which I will be keeping. :) At least until a daughter spys it and tries to claim it! Thank you SO much. Honestly, the most precious thing of all was your note to me! I love you for that! I do!

Anything made by you is a TREASURE!
Love and blessing and again...thank you!

Julie Marie said...

Love your Sunday posts my friend, always so inspiring, and what a beautiful Hymn... xoxo Julie Marie PS Now go put that coloring book back in the house! tee hee hee

Theresa said...

Oh Rebecca, BIG and SMALL... love it! I grew up in Church too and we spent the entire day on Sunday running! Missing Church wasn't an option and it carried over into my adult life! I am thankful for that! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Sue said...

What a beautiful way to start my day on this glorious Lord's Day. I savored every word.
This beautiful song was the icing on the cake.

Jan M said...

Big and small. So amazing. So true. Blessings to you on this Sunday!

Mari said...




Sonya Badgley said...

Good morning friend,
Thank you for sharing your sweet memories.And the song from is truly one of my favorites. I sing that song almost everyday to my Lord! No, I don't sound like Avalon but I know my Lord loves it because it is from my heart.
Thanking my God for you today.

Jan's Blog said...


NanaDiana said...

Good Morning Sweet Rebecca- Well, you might come to my blog for your morning smile but I come here when I want to feel hugged...when I want to feel connected to a power that is greater than my own. I grew up going between 3 churches so got a good dose of religion myself. I have come to believe that God is in us and as long as we believe His word the building doesn't really matter...he is in our hearts.

I have never heard this song before but you can believe that I will ITune it now. Hugs to my sweet, softly beautiful friend- xxoo Diana

Dolores said...

Such sweet memories and beautiful words to the song....Very inspiring!
Big enough.
Small enough. Beautiful!!!!
Hugs and Blessings to you!

Rita said...

What a blessing to have godly parents that cared whether you were in church or not. So many never have that privilage. I'm thankful that I did.

Sandra said...

Oh Rebecca, what a sweet post! We are so blessed, aren't we? I am so thankful that I was taught about God and his magnificient ways of blessing us all. I am so thankful that I found your blog back when I did. Sometimes I don't leave comments on all of my favorite blogs but please know that I love love visiting and reading your sweet posts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. God Bless!

Maria said...

Hi Rebecca!
Wonderful post Rebecca! I'm smiling though... You haven't stopped being creative ~ it's always been inside of you trying to be expressed in arts / crafts and in your writing as well.
You honored God with praise, worship and your time ~
He never stopped honoring the precious artistic gifts He gave you ~ they are stronger than ever!

Bless you always,

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca!
Thanks for such a sweet heart-felt post. You always send blessings my way.


Ruth said...

Hi Rebecca.. this is such a sweet sweet post.. what a beautiful family you grew up in...

thank you so much for the song lyrics.. He truly is Everything!!


Cora said...

I love that song...I was singing it as I read the words!! The crayons bring back some special memories of going to my Grannie's church when I was very little. There were always crayons in the Sunday school room and it always smelled of crayons...I can still smell that smell in my mind.
I have these words post at the end of all my e-mails: God is so big He can cover the whole world with his Love and so small He can curl up inside your heart.
Have a blessed week~

The Polka Dot Closet said...

We find out specks of information on our blogging friends as time goes on...The daughter of a preacher man, that is a tough role to live up to, I am sure your preacher man dad is so proud of you! Congratulations on three years and your love of our lord!


Miss Rhea said...

That is a great song :) I haven't heard it before. I love the verse about Him being the Air I Breathe, Hubby and had that song played at our wedding, when we took Communion :) Do you know that song ? I think it must have been awesome to have grown up in the Church. My mom wouldn't let me go, and I begged her, till one day our neighbors asked if they could take me to their Baptist Church and she relented. I LOVED it !! Sadly they moved away not long after, But I really treasure that time in Sunday School :) Thanks for bringing back such happy memories :)

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of fond memories of Sundays way back when, too. Daddy wasn't a preacher, but we spent a lot of time at church! Where would I be today without God? And how on Earth can people deny Him and live without Him?!


Kathy said...

Goodmorning! I know what you mean about Sundays - my husband is a preacher and we have a very small congregation. Here they call the Preacher's wives 'first lady'. I jokingly say, 'yeah, the first here to make coffee and clean toilets'.
But, I feel so blessed watching my children grow as Preacher's kids and seeing my daughter marry a wonderful man from a Godly home. What can be better than that here on earth?!
Hope you have a blessed week and Thanksgiving,
oh, I hadn't heard that song in a long while - I am forwarding the words to my husband - he has a beautiful voice - I have our church website on my sidebar - you can hear his sermons if you ever have the time.

Rose said...

what a fantastic memory of childhood. parents can be good teachers and help mold children into the faith. take care rose

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

What beautiful words I would love to hear the song but for some reason it is telling me it will not play in my country....

Lyn xxx

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