Sunday, December 19, 2010


"I heard the bells on Christmas Day
their old familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good will to men"

The great poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow lived during the Civil War.  On Christmas Day, 1863, he felt no joy for his dearly loved son had been wounded in the battle.

"Why must there be this awful war to tear families apart and bring pain?" Longfellow noted.
(Sounds familiar, doesn't it?)  

In one of his darkest moments, Longfellow heard the chime of Christmas Bells and immediately wrote down his experience.  He told how the bells rolled an unbroken song of peace and good will to all men~

  He also shared how he cried in deep despair when he felt the peace he was searching for might never come.

But then, from the depths of his broken heart he penned the following...

"Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
"God is not dead, nor doth he sleep;
The wrong shall fail,
The right prevail,
With peace on earth, 
Good will to men."

Today I've finally slowed down.  After nearly eight non-stop weeks of creating, sewing, painting and crafting, I'm resting.   I'm content to know I've done my best.

It feels good this morning to stop and listen to the chiming of the bells.
And, it feels good to say 'enough'.  

  It's taken me years to get to the place where I can truthfully say if my Christmas Tree was barren of all gifts and if our home was stripped of every light, bauble, bangle and bead that He alone would be 'enough'.


What a peaceful, freeing, and simply glorious thought...

Love to you...


Bluebell said...

Hi Rebecca, that was a really uplifting post, the beautiful words and your own serenity shining through, we struggle and want and worry for a long time and then we realise the important things and we are content, it's a nice place to be.
I Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas God Bless.
Love Jillxx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, Rebecca...
somehow you always know how to make
my heart sing......thank you for sharing the story of the song by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.. a long
time favorite poet of mine...I did not know the reason behind that wonderful song!!
Rest, relax and know of a job WELL's time to just sit back and enjoy the coming week and be with your family....
Love to one of the most thoughtful
young ladies I have ever had the pleasure to call "friend"..Francy

Theresa said...

Peaceful Sunday Morning dear Rebecca! Loved this sweet post! Enjoy your week! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful to know the joy of contentment. These are still my most desired and appreciated fractions of my life. All the pretty stuff is just blush and shadow. What's deep within me, that's the good stuff. Hugs.Tammy

mo said...

Hi Rebecca, I love this post where you say if your house was stripped of all the baubles, "He would be enough". Just wonderful and inspirational. *hugs*

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I have learned to love the week or so before Christmas. I am done and can sit and enjoy the joys, music, trees, and thinking of my Jesus. Perfect post!

Sonya Badgley said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you sharing about this song. And especially the importance of resting and knowing that the Lord really IS enough for us. Experiencing that peace is attainable...just go to HIM.
Merry Christmas to you,

Denise said...

Hello my Dear, Merry Christmas to you.Thank you for a wonderful post this Sunday morning.I haven't stopped by for a visit as often as I should.I think you write like the poet you qoute.I agree with you,and it does take awhile in life to get to that point but it's so true HE is enough.Please drop by and say hello anytime.Denise

Unknown said...

I love this post Rebecca, it is so beautiful. You always write such inspiring things and it always makes me stop and reflect. Thank you. I am so happy you are able to sit and enjoy the rest of the season now. It is a very different Christmas for me as I feel I dont have enough to do, lol!
Love ya sweet friend,

Victorian1885 said...

Happy Holidays Rebecca! As usual your Shop and Blog are beautiful. May your Christmas Holidays be filled with Love!


Cindy Adkins said...

Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!
Sending hugs and blessings your way,

CalamityJr said...

Your post should help many of us slow down and be content with "enough". Thank you for sharing. (and I backtracked to your Friday post, and trust me, 52 shouldn't bother you one bit! If you didn't tell, we'd never know.)

Kim B said...

So beautiful and oh how true.. I dont know why I havent been by...I hope your Christmas is wonderful. Congrats to the winner of that beautiful pillow and I love that picture of you from 1965..too cute and happy belated birthday. Happy Holidays. Hugs, Kim

Mary Albrethsen said...


Maria said...

Hi Rebecca!
Yes, I do remember well the days when I sewed and sewed just before holidays. I made baby bibs that were sold at a few local restaurants. They sold many before the major holidays...which meant I was busy! My kids still tell me that the whir of the sewing machine lulled them to sleep at night {which is the only time I could get much of it done!}

I'm glad you're looking back now on a job well done and will look forward to rest and the JOY of celebrating HIS presence in our lives!
Merry Christmas,

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What a beautiful post. I had no knowledge of the origin of Longfellow's poetic words. It does seem that sadness and weariness does often bring inspirational peace.

Dorthe said...

Dear Rebecca,-
Thankyou for this beautifull post-
that poem touches my heart,too.
Rebecca, I have enjoyed many beautifull houers,here with you, this year-thankyou,for them all,dear.
I wish you a most happy christmas, and a wonderfull and piecefull new year.

manu said...

Hi rebecca, i'm Emanuela an italian crosstitchingaddict!
i'm fall in love for your xmas pillow!!! wow, it's gorgeouse! and i'm not in time for the giveaway!!! :-(((((((
Sorry can i ask you who is the designer of the chart that you have stitched??? it's a wonderul charts, the colours, the design..ohhh my God !!
I wish you and to your family merry xmas and happy new year!

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