Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yesterday evening heavy storms pounded down upon my town.  I awoke this morning only to the find the garden I had tended to the day before had been pelted with torrential rain and hail.  Every small plant and tiny flower I had carefully placed within the ground had been uprooted and tossed about.

I felt heartsick.

It was less about the $100 spent on annuals and more about the amount of time and labor I wasted spent to beautify our lawn. 

As I stared out the window I could see the Blue Jays and Red Birds dancing about underneath the still drizzling sky.  They were, in every sense of the word, singing in the rain!  In spite of the storms they were off doing whatever it is birds do after bad weather doubt tending to their young, rebuilding theirs nests, seeking out fresh food.

All the while enjoying a brand new sunrise...
...Consider the sparrow they don’t plant or sow
But they’re fed by the Master who watches them grow.
~from Consider the Lilies (Joe Hemphill)


On the wings of angels He carries me.  When I'm too tired and broken to walk on my own He leads and guides me through the valley of darkness, walking ahead, lighting may way so as I might not stumble and fall.

In the midst of the storm He calms the sea of my life so my ship can safely reach the shoreline up ahead. He has a plan for me and the cargo entrusted to my care..

Help me, Father, to not lose sight that even when little things disrupt my daily life and discourage me, You hold my heart within your mighty hands.  Shadow me with your endless love and help me cast aside my stubborn and selfish will and look to You,
my Guide
and North Star,
for everything.

Tomorrow I will plant anew.


Blessings for a lovely day spent in His presence.

Love to you...


White Lace and Promises said...

Love your analogies of life. Perfect reminders of God's promise to take care of us.

Julie Marie said...

Sorry about your storm uprooting your plants Rebecca... But I am happy to hear you say you will plant again... "hope" is what keeps us gardeners going...just like the little Blue Jays and red Birds you have dancing about, so will you... xoxo Julie Marie

Denise @English Purple Ribbon said...

Dear Rebecca~Thank-you for the beautiful, encouraging words this morning. Denise from

Maryellen said...

Rebecca - such a great lesson - thank you for sharing.

It's the hard times that make us grow - yet we always want to "live" in the sunshine don't we.

Thankful God knows what is best.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

That is so frustrating the storm took out your plants! I am glad you are having a good attitude:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for encouraging us in the midst of your loss and frustration.

It may seem a trifle in comparison to the world's large issues and daily tragedies, but it is still a disappointment, nonetheless, and one that is hard.

Linda said...

That a girl! Hang in there and hold tightly to the Lord in ever situation. You sweet thing you!

You are so right...The birds are definitely in His care...and so are we!

May our Lord bring blessings to you... and cheer your heart...just as richly as you always bring cheer to ours!

Love, Linda

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, This reminds me of our first spring here-I spent oodles on plants and pots and fluff and then a tornado ripped through our town and so much was destroyed, but we were safe. I too spent lots of time working to bring it back; now I don't plant too much before the end of May in case of frost or snow.
Have a blessed day tomorrow my friend.

NanaDiana said...

Somedays it is just the struggle to find that which is good and perfect in life...and we never do that here on Earth, do we? is sad to lose your plants...but you have a happy heart and tomorrow is another day! xo Diana

Unknown said...

It is never easy when these things happen! But you have gone through worse. I know what you mean though as I love each plant I plant. ( It is so hard to understand how God designed each one...they are all so facinating)! I hope tomorrow is better. Hugs, Teresa

Michele said...

Words so beautifully spoken ~

May God Bless You Today & Always


Michele said...

thank you for thesebeautiful reflections. i wish you blessings as you go back to tackle the garden again. xo

EllenaElizabeth said...

A terrible blow to your garden and all our time spent lovinly planting and tending. At least you are fit and able to do it again, that is a blessing. Love your posts. Thanks for sharing.

Theresa said...

Oh dear Rebecca, I am sorry about your plants and the HARD work that you put into them! I am happy that you can see past this to plant MORE:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you are wanting Jesus' attitude even in hail and storms!

I just read last week of a woman visiting a very poor country and how impressed she was with a mother she met there. She had planted a garden and it did not do well.Instead of complaining she said "We shared our garden this year with the grasshoppers". O I want to think more like that!

bee blessed

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