Monday, June 15, 2015


Yesterday and today I worked really hard at my booth located in Serendipity Market in Edmond, OK!  These days it's always challenging to come up with something new and different as there is so much retail competition out there.  Temporary shows are springing up everywhere and that makes having a great looking booth more important than ever!  It's also easy for me to get bored with my booth decor if big pieces (like furniture) don't sell sooner than later.  So changing things up is both good for my customers and for my own peace of mind!

Vintage Head-boards/foot-boards are always difficult for me to display because my booth isn't all that large and setting up a bed with a mattress is out of the question...  So, my Mr. AGPMan fashioned a "short bed" by crafting shortened rails for display and then added a "top" made of plywood to look like a mattress.  The bed is actually about 1/3 the length as a standard full sized bed...

I thought you'd like to see what it looks like.  The bed is painted a very, very muted pink and finished with a dark wax...  It's perfect for my space and great for displaying soft and squishy feather pillows! The vintage/antique gentleman's chest next to it is painted out in the same lovely shade!  I love it!

It's hard for me to believe we are already halfway through June!  In just a few weeks we'll all be putting out our Fall decor and that just seems impossible.  

It's been fun getting back to blogging again.  Thank you all so much for peeking in and being so kind.  In somewhat of a small way I feel like I'm getting my life back again.

Blessings and love to you~


Donatella said...

Sono contenta che sei tornata a scrivere il blog... hai ragione i cambiamenti fanno bene. Non vedo l'ora di vedere. Un abbraccio Rebecca

La De Da said...

Hey Rebecca,
Your booth is beautiful, I love the gentleman's chest. It's so nice to check your blog and find new and exciting posts from you. Welcome back, we are so glad you are blogging again. I was thinking yesterday how fast this year has gone. Christmas in July is only a couple of weeks away...WOW, how time flies.

Have a great week!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Dear Rebecca;
First I want to thank you for the lovely comment you left for me, it was so appreciated! My goodness your booth looks fabulous! In my town there isn't a place like you have there but once a year they have a craft and art show at the local college and I get a small booth but nothing to compare with what you have accomplished in your space. Wow! I am impressed with your design skill and the painted furniture is to die for. I can see I will need to get cracking with my furniture painting (and that is just the furniture here in my home). Do you use chalk paint to get that vintage finish or regular latex paint? Take care and have a lovely day Rebecca!

Tina xo

Unknown said...

Beautiful and so well set up! I bet people ooh and aww over your booth. I wish people put as much thought into the ones here.

20 North Ora said...

I love that idea!! What a cute way to display the bed and all of your lovely pillows. That husband is a smart one!!


Barb said...


Your booth is lovely. Aren't we both extremely blessed to have handy husbands?! I am so thankful for my hubby everyday.

Lovely things!


racheld said...

Oh, My Dear!

I think of you every day, say a prayer for us both, and try to LIKE living in this town of FIASCO, Indiana. I just keep thinking, "Rebecca is going and buying her OWN stuff, and KNOWS when it will be delivered, and who and when will be the installation." Comforting, in a zany, silly way.

And this wonderful BOOTH does, like Ole Time Rock 'n' Roll, "soothe my soul." I imagine the life with those wonderful pieces, sleeping in that charming bed, and living in that pale pinkish Sepia moment---restful and cozy.

We're promised installation of countertops early next week, and who knows when on the sink and plumbing, but after all the calls and store visits and didn't comes and so sorries and can't do it til THAT'S dones, nothing else is gonna take the sparkle off my pretty pink kitchen.

Hope you're well and enjoying your progress---what a project and what an accomplishment! (and words like ordeal, travail, trial and tribulation come to mind, and you PERSEVERE!)

Here's to Keepin' on Keepin' on!


La Petite Gallery said...

If I were out shopping, your booth would draw me in.
It is so very well done and lovely items.
Wishing you totally sell all the items.

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