Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Ever have one of those days when you finally make a decision about something and then after you make it you wonder, even if for a second or two, if it was the right one?

That is how I felt today.  For months and months I knew this day was coming.

I fretted over it.
Prayed about it.
Chatted with my Mr. AGP Man about it.
Whined about it.
Cried about it.
And then made peace with it.
In the end I came to this one conclusion.

Change is almost always hard.
Even good changes.

Although I can't speak of the specifics just yet, I can tell you this...

I'm headed in the right direction.

That means having more time to do what I love most while being completely faithful and focused on my calling.

We all have one.

You know that, right?

And we are most at peace when following the very thing that God knitted into our hearts.
At least I am!
(Daughter-in-Love & Me Last Sunday) 

I can't help but thank God today for the assurance of His presence.

When I stumble or fall-
Lose my way-
Or even forget His promises-

He gently reminds me that I am never alone and in all that life brings
He is there.

Love to you...

(Have I told you lately how GRATEFUL I am for my health?  XO)


Deanna said...

All the best and God bless,

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Oh our journey on this earth is not always a smooth one but we do overcome obstacles that come our way and yes, BELIEVING is what helps us most!

Rose L said...

It is so difficult to make decisions when have not done it much. I had my husband to do that during our 37 years of marriage and the suddenness of having to decide everything after he passed was scary.

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