Tuesday, June 20, 2017


 After months of procrastinating I decided last week that my Monday project would be to paint our mini den from a very drab beige color (it used to be my Mr. AGP Man's office!!!) to a softer, lighter shade called Anthem Cream.  I had everything in place and I was so excited.  I've wanted to paint this room for a long time!

But, then last year's chaos happened and things got put on hold. 
Bright and early yesterday morning I started in like everything I do...with gunz-a-blazin!  But, with each swipe of the roller I kept thinking...

"Something's not right!  This color looks off!"

I paid no mind to the nagging thoughts inside my brain and kept painting because I was the one who had chosen the paint and stood patiently waiting while it was being mixed.  Besides, paint needs to dry for a bit before the actual color is right...  Right?  Right!

Well...after about 2/3 of the room was done (and lots of whining that I wasn't lovin' what I saw) I happened to look down at the lid and I realized that I'd had the wrong color of paint mixed up at the paint store.  It was supposed to be Drifting Dune!

Are you kidding me?


So...my Monday project has now turned into a Monday and early Tuesday morning project.  UGH!  

Sometimes I just hate being a Do-It-Yourselfer!  Those TV SHOWS always make everything look soooo easy!
 Or maybe I just need new glasses contacts!




Terra said...

Oh dear, what a waste of your precious time and energy with the wrong shade of paint. It sounds like you are going to buy the intended shade and paint over?

La De Da said...

Hey Rebecca,
Things like that happen. I wouldn't be able to sleep until I had corrected the color. I'm sure it's going to look great. Glad you are feeling better. Happy Repainting!!


Jean Bee said...

I hope they replaced the paint free! I love that wreat...what is it made of? Kind of looks like Jimgle bells.

Jean Bee said...

Oops...just left a comment about your wreath...I thought it was jingle bells.....but I went back and enlarged the pic and see its flowers! Time for new glasses!

Rose L said...

That would be frustrating. I had a friend pick paint and have a couple rooms painted prior to having her cataract surgery. Afterwards she saw the room and was shocked that it was pink! She was not expecting that!

Deanna said...

May it all go well. Sorry for the hiccup. Not so long ago, my husband and I pulled an all nighter painting a room before the carpet was to be installed the next day. I guess I thought I was younger than what I was as I grew really tired and had to go to bed. We were done with the walls. Hubby said he'd stay awake to paint the ceiling. He was over tired and began to freak out when the ceiling started to look like the color was pinkish. After it dried it did dry the correct shade of white. Still have to laugh. It's times like these that give me a laugh years gone by. I know your room will be lovely.
d on the prairie

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Good grief, what a waste of energy and time before finding that out.
BUT, it could be a lot worse... Guess you already managed to have it look the way you intended it to look.
Hugs and happy weekend.

Theresa said...

Still pretty to me:) Hope you get it fixed to your liking! HUGS!

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