Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I've been working in my studio this week and trust me when I tell you I've torn everything up.  Vintage lace and fabric are all over the place...  It's everywhere except for where it's supposed to be I'm afraid!  But...that's OK!  I actually work better sometimes when things are a tad bit messy!  Lots of trims and old fabric finds have been removed from their respective hiding places and are now out into the open so I can see what I'm looking for.

It's been organized chaos!
I'm also in the middle of painting an old maple chest of drawers that I hope will be lovely once it's finished.  My Mr. AGP Man and I snagged some great deals at an estate sale we went to last Saturday in Oklahoma City.  Most of the offerings were out of my price range, but a few were a good fit and so we hauled them home.  Will share some photos with you soon!  All of the vintage chairs (4) we found were crying out for a makeover!
Oh...and have you tried the Chalky Paint from Lowe's?  I know I'm late for the party here...everyone seems to be offering up chalk paint these days.  I actually love Lowe's brand.  I'ved used it on several pieces for my own home, but nothing for sale yet!  I don't think it's as good as Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, but it's better than a few of the other brands I've tried.  I still make my own chalk paint and I've tried several methods and they all work great.  I only use the real stuff if a customer requests a specific brand or color...

My favorite go-to paint is FLAT PAINT in a soft white.  I use it for almost everything!

All the pillows shown I finished this week and have been uploaded to my website (

I work slower than usual these days and I hate that! 
 Summer heat has Oklahoma feeling the burn.  The cool Spring days are over for now.

Oh...and one other thing.
We only have 194 days until Christmas!
Thought you might want to know that in case you're falling behind in your shopping.
:) :) :)



Deanna said...

A hundred and what days till Christmas.....ouch. I think I will enjoy decorating this year, but had better start now thinking about the holidays. Love your pillows. Would like to order. Will go over to look at them if you have any left. They are gorgeous!

Deanna said...

Rebecca, I know that someone else may have spoke for the SG5015 pillow for $46.94 as I am a paypal idiot and don't use it. If the pillow is still available would you allow me to mail you a check? I'd like to purchase this one if still available.
Thank you,

Rose L said...

Sounds like you will be busy on a few projects! I am sure it all will come out beautifully.

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Hi Rebecca and what a lovely "mess" you have!!! I have always wroked in total chaos so I have no idea if my work would go better if all was neat and tidy. I hope you and yours have been well? I have been missing in action for awhile so I do hope you remember me? Take care and enjoy your day!
Tina xo

Rebecca Nelson said...

I absolutely remember you Tina! I've been in and out for at least a couple of years. But, I'm doing a lot better now even though I still have a ways to go. Bless you friend. I hope you are well. Would love to see where you work! Messy or not! <3 R

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