Friday, June 2, 2017


Signs are everywhere.  

Have you noticed that in almost every store you go into reproduced artwork has, for the most part, disappeared?  It's pretty much been replaced with signage and you can find it in all different colors and forms.
The most popular by far, at least for me, are simple wooden shapes painted out in flat white paint with black lettering added in different fonts.
All of the signs you see above were made from the remnants of an old corner cabinet.  Not old as in vintage...nope.  Old as in 1980's old when furniture manufacturers were just starting to really cheapen-down their offerings.
 Last weekend while out JUNKIN' my Mr. AGP Man and I found a chunky looking corner cabinet for a pretty great price and so we hauled it home. 
 The old thing wasn't worth redoing or repairing as it was pretty far gone, but the wood backing and doors were fabulous.  We knew ahead of time we would be purchasing it only for the wood and in no time the entire thing as dismantled and stored in our workshop for later use.
The back panel was in great shape and it was cut up into different sizes of rectangles to make the signs you see above.

I use flat white paint when making my signs, but I use a chalk paint brush to apply it.  This kind of brush gives the BEST coverage with minimal streaks and lines.  They are kind of pricey, but well worth the investment.  Just keep it clean and wash it often...especially if it starts to gunk up!



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