Sunday, June 25, 2017


God is always on time.

And He sends the most unbelievable blessings my way just in case I tend to forget it.
 Last week was a super BUSY week for me and I had no time at all to jot down any thoughts or visit some of my favorite decorating and inspirational blogs.  Painting walls and planning some new, updated decor projects really had me feeling overwhelmed.
I keep telling myself:
"Rebecca~you are NOT 30 anymore!"

Anyway, a few days ago one of my LONGTIME artisan friends contacted me via Facebook and said she was sending something my way.  Knowing Carolyn as I do, and her incredible talent, I knew that whatever was coming my way would be something wonderful...  Carolyn owns and is the creator of 
and her darling Bears are the BEST I've ever seen!
Over the years of buying/selling online I have GREATLY admired her creative gifts and have truly been in awe of the beautiful things she fashions by hand.
 Well, nothing could have prepared me for what was inside the little brown box sitting on my table when my Mr. AGP Man and I returned from being away a couple of days...
 Our daughter brought the package in for us when she came to water our flowers and garden over the weekend.
Along with a PRECIOUS BEAR Carolyn named "Rachelle", she included this charming little keepsake book with all these dainty handmade tags and papers, tiny lavender sachets and a beautiful sachet pillow.
 I am still speechless over Carolyn's generosity.  As a shoppe owner I rarely buy things for myself and so I feel especially blessed by this talented lady...
Aside from absolutely loving "Rachelle", the little keepsake book includes the music to one of my favorite old hymns, "In The Garden."  
It's like Carolyn just knew everything I would love even though we have never met each other in person...
She even sent me a packet of my favorite tea...Earl Grey.  Yummmm...
Now...this is the truly "extra special" part of my Bear, "Rachelle".  Carolyn didn't know it, but RACHELLE is my daughter's middle name.  Isn't that just the neatest thing evahhhhh????

To visit Carolyn Robbin's Website called
Warm Heart Bears
just click HERE!

Thank you, Carolyn, for being such a loving, caring friend.  You will never know how much your thoughtfulness means to me!  I will keep Rachelle forevahh and evahhh...


I'm thinking it's my turn to pay it foreward.




ShirleyC said...

How sweet!
I know what you mean about not having time to do the things you love. We've been so busy helping transport grandkids this summer to their activities, but then we're just happy we can still help.
Your pictures on your blog are always so relaxing to me.

racheld said...

What a VERY Heart-Warming gift!! And what precious memories-in-the-making piled atop the memories already surrounding some of those delightful things.

It's just a wondersome moment when someone just drops such a lovely bit of lagniappe into your life, isn't it? And all the items are such useful-to-the heart things; even a simple cup of tea is a memorable bonus in life, and you'll remember the brewing and the cup chosen, and maybe the way the rain was coursing down the window beside the table (in that magnificent kitchen, I hope).

I love all your posts---mostly inspirational of late, and not simply news, but GOOD news of recovery and faith and the energy and spirit to take up your enjoyable pursuits again. And the photos---each is etched in the colour and lens of another time to me, in a sepia light that renders even ordinary things rare and serene. Something about all that lace, and flowers worn on a special hat by a lady now long at her rest simply calls to me of other lives, other times lived gently and well.

Such graceful reminders are a luminous presence in your blog, and it always BRIGHTS me.


Minnie In NYC said...

What a blessing! Carolyn is truly talented and such a lovely gift box. Carolyn if you are reading this I have had the privilege of meeting sweet Rebecca and she is the sweetest and most beautiful lady you will be thrilled as we were to meet her. My dear husband and I took a day trip on our vacation to her shop and wow I saw her unloading her car. I couldn't believe we would meet her inside. A lovely visit and one I will cherish. Love, Robin in NYC :)

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